Cement Update

The cement workers came again last week.  They did their last work…cutting the cement and taking the frames off.  Last week with the rain it was on and off and on and off for them.  They finished pouring Monday.

The part I really wanted done is the back patio.  I can so see my kiddos out there playing and soaking up some sun.  Right now, except for our walks to the park, we’ve had little outside time.  The patio is nice because we can see the river from our house…close but not too close.

Best yet, I can plant my planter boxes once the cement is done because I’ll have a place to put them.  I am really looking forward to that.  I’m also excited because we have water really close so no dragging out hoses half way around the house for the flowers.  With the outside looking so dumpy I’m just really ready for something to be looking nice.

The kids had the best time watching them.


This time they guys worked with just a door between them and the kids…

The kids begged me to let them just sit there.   I let them….when are they ever going to see the exact work a cement worker does?

I’m off to grab some pictures of the cement all finished and dried and will be back with a blog post to show you how it looks.  Remember we had debated on making the deck higher or lower…I’ll show you what we ended up with.

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  1. Wow! Another exciting project completed for your new home, Jo!! Just in time for summer! I love seeing that little audience with their front row seats!! Enjoy!!

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