Celebrating Halloween with a “Ghostly” Surprise

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If you didn’t know, I became an aunt this past April.  Jason’s brother Brent and his wife Rachel had a beautiful little baby boy and I have really loved being an auntie.  Because Rachel is a photographer, I’ve even gotten a few chances to sneak over and babysit while she has a photography session.  When Rachel told me she was going to be taking Mr. Joshua trick or treating, I knew that I needed to find him a halloween goodie of some kind!

After a little bit of thinking and bouncing ideas off of mom, I came up with this:

ghosts (180x300)Last week when I was in town, I picked up a couple containers of the little baby puffs, a cute halloween bucket, and some candy.  When I got home, I cut 2 approximately 24″ squares from an old sheet and a few strips about 12″ long and an inch or two wide.

Ghosts 2 (300x181)

I wadded up some extra stuffing into a ball shape and held it on the top of the bottle.  I found the middle of the 24″ square and placed it on the top of the bottle, pulling it down tight.  I used the 12″ long strip to tie it around the bottle.

Ghosts 3 (181x300)I finished off the little ghosts with a pair of permanent marker eyes and an oval mouth.  I added them into the bucket with some candy treats for Rachel and Brent and Waalaa!  Halloween treats for everyone!



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  1. That’s a really cute idea! I know when my oldest was too little for trick or treat or candy, I really really wanted to do Halloween stuff with her. That would have been just perfect.

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