Cathy’s Trip for Two

Do you remember our Trip for Two quilt that was featured in Quiltmaker?  Here it was…

Well recently in my in box I got a wonderful surprise….a note from Cathy.

“I only made one of the “Trips” and I love this pattern. I used two Jelly Rolls that I had in my stash and not all the rows are identical fabrics but they were close enough to make my quilt! I can highly recommend this pattern, you get beautiful results, it’s quick and easy to do! Thank you both so much!”

Isn’t it gorgeous??  I love the colors..what I love even more is that is seems like the colors would make an awesome guy quilt.  So often it’s hard to find good guy quilts.

We love your version..and boy were you fast to get it done so quickly Cathy.  That magazine hasn’t been out for that long.  Thanks for sharing you quilt with us all.

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