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Quilting Motif: Poinsettias and Ribbons

When I was busy working on the quilts for the school kids, I did slow down long enough to shoot a new video on the quilting motif I was using.  I’m calling it Poinsettias and Ribbons.

I used it when I did this quilt from Jean in WI.

Here is the quilt while it was on the frame…

When I did the machine quilting, I used red thread on both the top and the bottom.

You can see the design has two elements, the flower or poinsettia, and the ribbons.  Both are relatively easy to do and both are very forgiving.

I did four petals on these poinsettias but I think I might want to mix it up next time and sometimes make four petals and sometimes five petals.  It’s all up to you and your personal preference as to how you would want to do it.

I’ve heard from many of you saying that watching my quilting videos have helped you get a little braver to do some free motion edge to edge quilting.  That makes me so happy to hear.

I had one reader write to me and told me that she only did pantographs at her machine and hated it.  She said watching one of my videos, got her to try free motion, and now wh is loving her machine.

I had another reader say that they were so afraid to try free motion but they think they are getting closer and closer to trying after they watched my video.

That makes me so happy to hear.  I am no expert at any of this nor do I claim to be.  I only want to be the cheerleader in the background helping you and cheering you to do some machine quilting that you might feel more and more confident about.

I will forever remember a conversation Kramer and I had several years ago.  The story goes like this…
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