Where We’re Published: Perfect Match

The latest issue of Quilts and More is hitting the newsstands.  The issue is Fall 2022.

We have a quilt in the magazine!!  YAHOO!!

I think you all might remember this one.  This is the one I tried to sew, and failed, while I was recovering from my thyroid cancer treatment back in January.  It was a mess!!

Here are the images from the magazine (used with permission from Meredith Corporation).

This time around I did something that I’ve always wanted to do…Make a quilt for a little girl and then make a matching doll quilt.  SO FUN!

Here is the doll quilt…

…and here is the larger quilt… …

Where We Are Published: From Extra to Extraordinary

Have you seen the latest issue of Quilter’s World?  It’s the fall 2022 issue.  Can you believe a fall issue is coming out already?  I’m here in Iowa trying everything I can do to hold on to summer.

The cover quilt really speaks fall…complete with pumpkins.  Isn’t it a pretty quilt?

Here the quilt is hanging outside at my house.

Just inside the cover is a sneak peek of our quilt Extra to Extraordinary.  In the editor’s letter, Carolyn told the story of the quilt…for a few of you, this is really our quilt as some of these pieces in this quilt were sewn by you!!  This quilt was made with leftovers from my Frolic quilt and the leftovers of a few blog readers who sent me their leftovers too.

No worries…my quilt looks nothing like the original quilt these leftovers were from.  There are no copyright issues with it.  HERE is a blog post I wrote regarding that.

I teamed up with Carla at longarm quilting inspirations and asked her to do the machine quilting.

Boy…did Carla ever do an amazing job.  Carla and I have a barter system relationship.  When our quilts go into magazines, we take turns keeping them.  One time Carla gets the quilts…the other time I do.  This one is … …

Where We’re Published: American Patchwork and Quilting

If you’re a subscriber, have you gotten the new issue of American Patchwork and Quilting??  It would be the April 2022 issue and the cover looks like this…

Look closely at your issue.  Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations and I teamed up (with a little help from Kayla) to make this amazing tulip quilt.  If you’re not a subscriber, this will be on the newsstand on February 4th.

I’m super excited about it.  This one has been on my radar for years to make…and it FINALLY happened.

You know me…every quilt has a back story and this one is no different.  Grab some coffee or your favorite beverage and let me tell you the story.

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