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What I’m Working On…

It was a slower week for me.  Typically I have Fridays with Gannon and Georgia but Gannon was at a doctor’s appointment for genetic testing and Georgia was home with Kelli.  Two weeks ago Kelli was unknowingly exposed to a COVID patient and wasn’t in full proper PPE quarantine she went.  She was tested for COVID but her test came back negative and she’s not felt bad at all.  In fact, today as you are reading this, she’s allowed back into the real world.

So…being I didn’t have the kiddos, I had a little more time to work on my stuff which was a treat.

My deadline project became a top.  Here is Rosie showing it off…well just a sneak peek.

Aren’t the colors awesome??  This is the Moda fabric line “A Blooming Bunch” designed by Maureen McCormick of Brady Bunch fame.  Seriously, I love this line.  If you have a little girl in your life, run to the stores and get some come November when the line is in the stores.  Heck if you’re a girl from the 70s run out and get it.  The line is wonderful!!  So often a fabric line has a couple of duds.  This one doesn’t!!

I pieced the backing for this too…

I’d love to get this one on the quilting machine and get it done.  I’m not sure if I’m submitting this for publication or if I’m going to offer it as a free pattern.  I am thinking about whatever is easiest right now.  I feel like I have lots of irons in the fire and would like to one out.

Speaking of irons in the fire, I have this… Continue reading

What I’m Working On….

I had a busy week and didn’t get a lot of stuff done.  Kayla was here for two overnights.  We celebrated Carver’s birthday one night.  I visited a new baby and did errands one day.  I submitted a project for publication.  I got another one sent in and I did a BIG packaging up of charity quilt tops to be sent out.

So…my Hawk’s Nest quilt didn’t get any further.

I did however pull out my Quilted Twins mystery.

Do you remember what that looks like?

I had about three other things I should have been doing but one afternoon I decided I was going to get as far as I could on it.  I ended up this far…. Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

On Labor Day I was a sewing fool.  I was supposed to be watching the “northern contingent” of grandkids.  I call them Kelli’s and Kalissa’s kids the “northern contingent” as we all like in northeast Iowa.  Buck and Kayla both live south of us…about 2 hours south so I call the “southern” contingent.  It’s silly but it’s what I do.

Well, the “northern contingent” was supposed to be here on Labor Day but on Sunday I restained the dining room floor and it wasn’t dry so they couldn’t come.  I was so surprised the floor didn’t dry but it didn’t so the kids couldn’t come.  So..I sewed and sewed and sewed.

I finished all of the Hawk’s Nest blocks….  I got them sewn into rows too!!  Here’s Rosie showing them off-or rather sleeping them off.

I even got the center sewn together.

Then on Wednesday I had a few hours and started sewing more border units.  I had quite a few of them already done but found I needed more.  So more bonus triangles were ironed, and more sewn together.

Then Wednesday evening I sewed and sewed like crazy.  I was a madwoman wanting this to be finished.  I need to pick and clean up a lot of threads as well as trim a few more dog ears…but take a look at that border…. Continue reading

What I’m Working On….

I had a fail this week that took up a lot of my time…

I finished this quilt.  I know that doesn’t seem like a fail as I have a finished quilt.  BUT…here’s the story behind it.  I worked really hard and tried to put together the full long binding video that I promised you all.  I videoed all of the pieces, I sat down to try to edit them and realized that I didn’t have the camera at the right angle in one of the videos that I was going to clip together.  So…that ruined the whole video.

So, I am back at square one needing to make a binding video.  UGH.  Everything I did was a waste.  I was so disappointed.

I was thinking that I needed to make a whole quilt top before I could do a binding and was so bummed.  Then I realized that I could machine quilt one of the charity quilt tops that are here.  YAHOO!!!  That will help me out plus I get a quilt top finished too.  That was a great pick me up.  I’ll use the top and do the retake of the binding video…that sure made me feel better about the whole day and failed binding video.

Thanks to the blog reader who donated the solid colored charm squares for this.

I also finished this…it’s a baby car seat sized Minky blanket.  I am donating it to the Cedar Rapids relief quilts that are here waiting to be delivered.

I worked on two deadline projects as well and I’m happy to say I’m happy with how they are coming along.  Here is a sneak peek at project #2…. Continue reading