That Flimsy Pile

One of the things that I told you I wanted to work on and get caught up on is my flimsy pile.  I told you that WAY back at the beginning of the year…before cancer…before my husband died.  I had so hoped that I would catch that pile up and have no quilts in the stack by now.  That didn’t happen.

This is where quilt tops go to live until I get to quilting them.  I still want to get them caught up.

I started out okay this year.  I had two tops that were done that went straight to the quilting machine and one that was done from the pile. But then January 24th came and we found out Kramer had cancer.  From there…everything stopped in the quilting room except for Gannon’s baby quilt.

So this is what is there that needs attention….There are two here….both are for charity.  I made them both.  One is baby sized and one is lap sized.  Both are simple and only squares sewn together.

Next is Kelli’s “Show Off” quilt.  The pattern for this can be found at Quilted Twins.  It’s one of Becky’s MANY free patterns.

I have one of these cut out and in my UFO cabinet.  See?

Next up is Bricks in the Barnyard…I’ve started to try to match backings with tops…this might end up working together.

Then I have Texas Braids.  This one has stalled out as I am afraid to quilt it as I feel like it needs feathers.  After the  seven months I’ve had, I’ve kind of lost the fear.  It’s just a quilt after all.  If I hate it, I can rip it out or I can make a whole other quilt.  There are so many more things in life that deserve worry rather than the quilting motif on a quilt!

Here are the two blocks of the month that Kelli and I did.  Each has a backing prepped.

I figured if I could at least get backings made, I’d be one step closer to finished.  It’s MUCH easier to grab and go if a top had a backing already prepared.

This is a string star quilt I made sometime back.  I know I’m not keeping it for me but an occasion to gift it hasn’t arrived so it’s sat.  I think I have a purple fabric for the backing somewhere.  Hmmm.  I should round that up.

This is Kelli’s Cheddar Bow Tie quilt.  I love it.  I found fabric for the backing the other day.  It needs to be seamed up so is sitting next to the machine for when I have a moment.

If I counted right, that makes NINE quilts that need attention.  I don’t know when I’ll get to them all but I have made a commitment to try to not add to that number over the next year.  I’d love to get completely caught up but I’m okay if I don’t.  Not adding to the pile is enough of a goal.

I have two here that are charity tops here that I need to do and as I write this, I just remembered my Double Wedding Ring quilt is finished too.  I guess that number is 12.  Oh I wish it were at least under 10.  For now, I’ll get the backing made.  Every step is one step closer to a finish!

Where are you with finished quilt tops?  Do you have a stack?  How many are in it?  Inquiring minds want to know.

What I’m Working On…

I didn’t get much done last week…well it didn’t feel like I did as I was sick from about Wednesday on.  I caught the summer cold that has been racing through childcare.  I usually miss the summer cold season but this year it got me.

I did get extra stitching time in because of it as I sat on the couch two nights because after childcare I was pretty whipped.

I finished this….

I found the pattern at a thrift store awhile back and paid 25 cents for it.  I grabbed some scrap linen and stitched it up.

I ended up using the expensive floss on the pumpkin.  That’s what gives it the mottled look.  The rest was done with good old DMC floss.

It’s small only 3″ x 3″ or so.  Now I need to come up with a finishing idea.  I’ve been wanting to do a little more decorating in the house…not a lot but some.  Until I figure out what I’m going to do, I don’t know if I’ll finish it.  We’ll see.

I just love making something from virtually nothing…or something at very low cost but big punch for entertainment.  This one was it for sure!

Being that one was finished I started in on this one….

This is the next one of the Sheep Virtues from Little House Needleworks.  This is month 8 and if I want to keep up I need to keep stitching.

I came around the corner as I was stitching the border and ran into some trouble.  I was one thread off.  I decided to fudge it.  I had looked and couldn’t see the problem.  Then about three stitches into the “fudge” I found the problem so I ripped out and redid.  I’m glad I found and fixed the problem even if it meant backtracking a few stitches.  Thankfully the problem was and easy fix and little ripping.

Some of you might remember that these little stitches have been telling my life in words.

Here they are as a set.

Image result for little sheep virtues
I’m so hoping that by the time I get to December and stitch “Joyfulness”, I’ll actually be in a “joyful” mode.  I had stitched these through Kramer’s cancer treatments with the hope that by the time we got to November we’d be grateful that is was over and by December, we’d find more joy.  That plan obviously changed but I am still looking for joy again.  Seriously…stitching these has been therapeutic.

Being I wasn’t feeling good, I wasn’t upstairs much thus not much sewing….I got this done on Georgia’s quilt.  The next side of the quilt border is done.

I really love piecing this but I’m getting ready to just sit next to a machine and piece together 1000 half square triangles…something I don’t need to think about much to do.

While I was sewing that together I worked on this block as a leader and ender. to do with the border.  The lighting was different for this picture.  It’s really as white as the top picture.    Doing these little diagonal blocks are harder than regular blocks but so worth it.

I’m hoping that this week I get more done.  I’m going to have to completely recover from this cold before that happens though.

What I’m Working On….

I had a busy week.  I’ve been working hard to get caught up on writing blog posts.  I’m a gal that blogs ahead meaning I write the blog posts and then schedule them out.  That way I can be gone for a weekend and not have to worry that there won’t be a blog post there for you to read.  Before Kramer got sick I always had many scheduled in advance.  As of late, I’ve not as I used up so many of the scheduled posts when Kramer got sick.  I am finally getting close to being back where I was at and it feels so good.  Thanks to Kelli and to Kayla for writing a couple and helping me out.

But..onto the crafting side of what I got done.  I got LOTS and LOTS of flying geese pieces done and I finished up all of the letters of the alphabet for Georgia’s baby quilt.

I trimmed the letters all up so they are 8″ in height.  I started sewing them together.  So far, I really like them.

Next week’s goal is to get the flying geese together so I can make a big heart with them.  We’ll see.  This is all improv in my head so things don’t always workout as planned.

I’ve had so many people write to me or comment that they bought a wool mat and are loving it.

I’m still loving mine too.  So many have said that they agree that this mat isn’t stinky like some of the others.  I thought I best add the code and instructions to get the 15% discount in case you didn’t order one yet.  The code ends August 15th so if you’re ordering order soon.

Put the mat in your cart
-Once you go to checkout there will be a box to put in a promotion code or coupon.
-When you are there plug in this coupon code:  JOS15OFF

It is for 15% off from July 15th to the end of the day on August 15th.

Now back to my crafting for the week…I also got some to cross stitch a couple nights.  I did more crafting this week than I have in a long time.

Friday night I finished this…
These are the Sheep Virtues from Little House Needleworks.  This is #7 of the series.  I started stitching this at the last couple appointments before Kramer passed away.  I ended up letting it set for awhile and finally came back to it.

Next up in the series is “Wisdom”.  I’ll start that one sometime in the near future.
Saturday night I was determined to cross stitch too.  I only have about 45 minutes and didn’t want to start anything new so I pulled out this project that I started about the time Kramer died.  I stitched and watched Priscilla and Chelsea on Youtube.

As I was watching and stitching they announced their winners…one of the winners was NELL.  My friend and blog reader.  How cool was that?  I had to text her and tell her congrats.  How fun.

Sunday morning I had company.  I sat and visited and stitched.  I ended up getting pretty far on the little project.

So that’s what I was up to this week in the stitching and sewing department.  I think that’s about the biggest amount of time I’ve had as of late.  I’m hoping I can get some time in this week too.  We have a wedding and a family get together this weekend so I’m not too hopeful for stitching time.  We’ll have to see.

Georgia’s Quilt and a New Wool Mat

I had a free weekend with no real commitments besides errands.  It’s been so long since I had a free weekend.  I was so happy!!  I decided I would have a couple hours so I was going to start working on the letters for Georgia’s baby quilt.  I started in on the letter “A” and within a short time was frustrated.

Here is my sewing set up…I am doing this quilt on the 15-91 Singer.  I have my awesome lamp.  I have everything handy….or so I thought.  I ended up frustrated.  Making the letters is tedious…I like doing it but sewing them was taking so many up and downs.  Sew a couple seams, hop up, turn around and iron.  AHHH!  I was never going to make any progress!

That’s when I remembered that Winnie at Nido Goods had asked me if I was interested in testing out her new wool ironing mats.  This day was a PERFECT day to give it a try.  I just needed to reconfigure my sewing room a bit.

Here’s what I came up with….
See the little wooden TV tray I have by my sewing machine??  PERFECT for my new Nido Wool Mat.

This one is the 13.5″ x 13.5″ mat.  I have to say I have used other wool mats and liked them.  I wasn’t sure I needed one this size.  Typically I chain piece a bizillion pieces and then iron for hours so I don’t always need this.  For these letters…or for block of the month type projects I am sold on having the mat close and right by my side.

So about the mat….it’s from a new company that is just starting.  The owner is Winnie and she’s been super sweet to work with.  She contacted me about the mat right about the time Kramer passed away.  I said I would review it and then the chaos hit here.  I asked her to be patient with me and she was wonderful–  Seriously wonderful and understanding.

Winnie is a beginning quilter and like many of us quilting at our dining room table.  She was so tired of having to have an ironing board set up and jumping up and down to iron a unit.  Thus came the idea to jump right into sewing and have wool mats manufactured.  Oh my…what a brave gal to jump right into business!!

I am very impressed with the mat.  It is MUCH more pleasant smelling than my original wool mats.  Those smell like wet sheep…seriously.  This one has a faint smell…if you’ve worked with the mats, you know what I mean.

I was skeptical when I got the mat…but the things I’m pressing come up so much nicer….and this size perfect.  I have a different mat from a different company that is 17″ x 24″.  I like that, but for where I am working it’s big, to big.  This one is so handy.  It’s an easy grab and go size.

So how do I rate it?

I’d give it an A+!!

Here’s a little more of the nitty gritty about the mat:

  • NO SLIP GRIP! – Our wool mats are made from the highest quality 100% authentic New Zealand wool. The thick wool texture provides exceptional grip and stability for patchwork and makes pressing a breeze!
  • EFFECTIVE – The dense wool fibers have excellent heat retention, allowing for heat to be delivered from both sides. This makes it quick and easy to achieve those crisp, flat edges! Our mats can also be used to iron clothing! edges!
  • PROTECTION – Our ½ inch thick mat provides ultimate protection, preventing heat transfer to the surface below. Whether its your dining table or anywhere on the go, you can iron on any surface, worry-free!
  • PORTABLE – 13.5 x 13.5 inch is the perfect size to take on the go- to classes, retreats, guilds and more! It’s compact and will fit on any workspace. Plus, its portable enough to tuck away out of sight once you are finished your work.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – Love it or we’ll take it back, no questions asked! We care about our customers and want to make sure you are satisfied with our product.

Did you read that last bullet point?  “Love it or we’ll take it back, no questions asked“.  WOW.  That’s impressive.  Seriously, what business does that anymore?  From the time I’ve worked with Winnie, she’s been so kind, I definitely believe she would take it back just as she says.

Winnie was also so sweet and extended out a coupon code in case any of you are interested in purchasing one.  First off, head over to Amazon:

Put the mat in your cart
-Once you go to checkout there will be a box to put in a promotion code or coupon.
-When you are there plug in this coupon code:  JOS15OFF

It is for 15% off from July 15th to the end of the day on August 15th.

How cool is that?  I bet you’ll love it just as much as I do…and if you don’t, they will take it back, no questions asked.  You won’t get that deal anywhere else!!

I’m so happy I was able to get in the sewing room.  I didn’t get a lot done but I feel so much better that I’m making some progress on this quilt!  Having that little mat is making it go much faster.  Little by little it will get done.