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What I’m Working On…

I had a busy week.  Our family took up a lot of the time and that was awesome.  I’ll tell you more about that in another post.

I gave up cross-stitching one night in favor of sewing.  I ended up getting the quilt top done for Karl…

But I hated that bottom blue square. It’s too blue.

I ended up ripping it out and replacing it.

After that, it was time to… Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I had a busy week in the sewing room.  I told you all last week after my “Sew with Jo” while I was working on the quilt in the photo below, I gave up my plan to sew on one row a week and just tackled the quilt.  You can read about that HERE if you missed it.

Well from there I spent the next morning putting on the red inner border.  That day over naptime I pinned on the pieced border and that night I sewed it on.

The original quilt had one more red border on it, but I decided to skip it.  The quilt is big already and it’s hard for me to machine quilt any quilt that is about 100″ and this one is pushing that.

The quilt is a mystery, Old World Fantasy, from Quilted Twins.

Tuesday we woke to snow.  At about 6 am I got a message from a childcare mom.  Big sister was throwing up.  Did I want the baby?  Um…No.  That meant I had a snow day and wouldn’t have childcare until the afternoon bus dropped the kids off.  YAHOO!!

Well then school was two hours late as the snow was bad enough to warrant it, so I had my two big kids in the morning until 9:50 am as the school had a two-hour delay.  Then I had the day to myself until 3:30 pm.  I decided to make the most of it.

I debated a lot about what to work on.  The Halloween quilt needs attention but I was sure I could do that over the weekend.  This was a free day.  It was an unexpected time.  Surely I could finish quilting the mystery quilt.

I made a backing for the mystery quilt and loaded it on the frame.  My thought was that I could get it finished but I had a lot of interruptions.  Kayla called.  She had a no school day.  She is a health teacher at a school about two hours from here and the snow was worse that way.  Kelli called…Kalissa called…it wasn’t a day to get as much done as I anticipated.  That’s totally okay.  Being mom and grandma is more important.  This quilt top was MUCH further along than I ever thought it would be at this time last week.

Then about an hour before the bus came I decided to stop the quilting machine and get the backing together for the Halloween quilt.  I thought that would make me feel better about not working on the Halloween quilt.

I was careful and tried my best to match the print when I sewed the pieces together.  It took a little longer but I think it was totally worth it.  Close up you can see where the splice is but further away I don’t think you can.   It was actually a fairly easy print to match.

Saturday I finished up the machine quilting on the mystery quilt and bound it.

Sunday was my day to tackle the Halloween quilt.  I have loaded it on the frame on Saturday.  I picked my quilting motif, loaded my bobbins, and did one pass.  I left it determined to tackle in on Sunday…and… Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I had a busy week and in the end, I was surprised with as much as I accomplished.

I finished the machine quilting on my Holy Toledo quilt.  Oh, I love this quilt!!

I even tackled the binding.

I’m hoping to get pictures taken and a blog post written so I can show the quilt off the quilt later this week.

I am ahead on… Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

The last time I updated you on what I was working on I was talking lots about the Halloween quilt that has a deadline.  I had showed you that I had one finished block as a test block and was working on more.

I’m happy to say the quilt is top.

I more or less started the Saturday before and finished it up this Saturday.  Admittedly due to covid scares, I had most of Tuesday off from childcare.  I had kids Tuesday afternoon and the other days.  I was up early each of the days and sewed for a half-hour before starting childcare.

This Saturday I told myself I was staying in the sewing room until it was finished.  I was in a power sewing mood so it worked out well.

Rosie was so bored with the whole process.  She wanted to be on the couch snuggling and cross-stitching instead.  She’s gotten so she really loves cross-stitch time.

Here the quilt is only a center.   Doesn’t it look great?!  I added the outer borders after this.  I don’t think I’m going to show you it finished.  Let’s wait and have a little anticipation.

I didn’t cut the quilt out all at once as I wanted to sneak as much different fabric from all of you into the quilt as I could.

All week long packages still came.  I had anywhere from 5-12 all week long.  I can’t thank you all enough.  You are all so sweet to me.

I think I have enough to make about 10 more quilts.  No joke!!  Trust me, this won’t be the last Halloween quilt I make!!  Thank you, thank you.

You would think with all of that sewing that I wouldn’t have gotten anything else done…wrong.  I got some cross-stitch done but I’ll save that show another day…and I got made some progress on this… Continue reading