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What I’m Working On…

Before I get into today’s post, I have two things I’d like to share with you. First, a blog reader, Adele, said there was a place called “Hello Cottons”.  You can find their website HERE.  They are collecting quilts for Ukraine and plan to do it all year long.  So, if you didn’t get time to get a quilt sent to Quilted Twins, you might want to send one to Hello Cottons.  You can read all about what they are looking for and where to send quilts on their site.  Again, THIS is the link.  I really appreciate anyone letting me know about efforts like this.  I want to be helpful if I can and sometimes one of the biggest helps is to get getting information out.  I can for sure do that!!  Thanks, Adele for sharing that with us all.

Next up from Ellen of The Quilt Keeper…Ellen wrote to inform me that sadly she is going to have to raise the prices on her Quilt Keepers.  Between higher manufacturer costs and increases in postage, she has no choice.  You might remember I told you about the wonderful Quilt Keepers in THIS BLOG POST.  If you remember I was flitting around the house trying to figure out on what door I wanted to put my Quilt Keeper.  It ended up landing here on the sewing room door.  I keep all of my quilt tops that need to be quilted on it.  Oh my, it’s perfect for that..AND it forces me to see the quilt tops and not let them pile up.

Can you see my double wedding ring quilt on it?  My hope is to get that loaded on longarm this week.

But…back to the Quilt Keeper.  Ellen talked to me and asked if I wanted to pass along the news of the upcoming price hike to you and let you know she is going to offer a sale before the price hike hits.  She is offering a code for the $5 off a single Quilt Keeper and that code is the word:   WELCOME.   You would need to put that in at checkout.  She is also offering a deal for anyone who buys three of them.  You don’t need a code for that.  The deal is 3 for $99.  That would automatically be calculated for you.  So if you were thinking of buying one before and didn’t or if you loved the one you bought and want another…or if you are gift buying for a friend, the time to get one is now before the price hike goes into effect.  Here is the link to The Quilt Keeper website. That is where you need to go to order.

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What I’m Working On…

You remember that I was sick last weekend.  It ended up leaking into Monday so even though I was scheduled to have Kalissa and Kelli’s kiddos here, I ended up having Monday off.

I had spent too much time on the couch and was out of patience for couch time so I decided to head to the sewing room, under the weather or not.

I started out doing some simple things…Making a backing for my Red Diamond Crumb Quilt was on the top of the list.

I’ve had this orange and teal fabric forever.  I bought it some time ago thinking the orange was red.  I bought it online and the coloring in the photo was bad.  I couldn’t use it on the intended quilt.  I never make orange quilts so when would I use it??

Happily one of the advantages of making a quilt like this…

is that anything can work for a backing.  I thought this quilt was my best chance to use up that orange and teal fabric.  Sadly I only had six yards so I have to do some piecing. I had some leftovers from the top so they made their way into the backing too.  I’ll show it all to you once the quilt is finished.

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What I’m Working On…

I didn’t do the best in the sewing room this week.  I had more Grandma duty than I usually get and I ended up getting sick.  The sick part was no fun and lasted for longer than most flu bugs.

I started with a headache on Friday and an all over not feeling overly energetic.  At that point, I had worked all day and even did yard word that evening.  On top of that, I walked Rosie for two miles.  If someone told me that I just overdid it, I could have believed them.  Then overnight, I knew I was sick.  It was the hot sweats and cold flashes and extended trips to the bathroom.

I was supposed to have Kalissa and Kelli’s kids on Saturday as they both worked the overnight shift…but I called off.  I didn’t want this spreading.  Saturday I sat on the couch ALL DAY LONG.  I never do that.  I was so hoping if I was a good girl and rested, I could kick it.

No luck.  Saturday overnight was the same as the previous night.

Sunday I started the morning on the couch but decided even if I didn’t feel well, I could load the dishwasher and write a blog post…so I did.  Before long, I was back on the couch.

Here is what I did get done this week.  Kramer’s niece contacted me and asked if I would do a repair on a quilt for her.  It was a tied quilt made by her boyfriend’s mom.  It was wearing on the edges to the point that it needed to be fixed or there was no fixing it.  I didn’t want to but had no choice in my method of fixing it.  I had to cut off a couple of inches all the way around it and then bound it.

The rest of my time I worked on my red diamond crumb quilt with the help of my assistant Rosie.

I got the center done during the weekdays…here it is… Continue reading