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What I’m Working On…

I’ve been busy in the sewing room still.  A lot of quilt folding and more sorting has happened.

On Saturday I felt like sitting and doing nothing…I didn’t though.  I really want to get as far as I can on the sewing room this month.  I’ve promised myself I need to accomplish something every single day this month.  I’ve discovered, it doesn’t happen on it’s own so whether I want to do it or not, I do something.

I told myself if I didn’t feel ambitious, that was okay.  I could sit and watch television but then I’d have to sit at the sewing machine to do it.  So, I looked around the room for something I could get done to clean the sewing room and that could sit at the sewing machine to do so I could still laze a bit and watch TV.

There was a project I’ve been putting off for some time…napping mats.  Some time ago before Covid I was at the thrift store and bought a rainbow striped quilt that was quilted with a big stitch.  I ended up buying it with the intention of cutting it into fours, adding a pillow to them-then adding a binding to the two cut sides to make a napping mat with attached pillow.  I thought it would be quick and then I would have four mats that were all the same…less fighting.

I had gotten this far.  The quilt was cut into fours and I had purchased the fabric.

Then it sat.  Well Saturday was the day to tackle them.

I cut 18″ width of fabric for each pillow.  I sewed around the edge on three sides, trimmed, turned right side out and stuffed them.  Then I sewed the opening shut.

I pinned to the mat
Then I sewed the binding down with my machine just like I do for quilt binding making sure to catch the pillow in the seam as I bound.

This is what they look like all finished…. Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I hosting an auction here on the blog.  If you missed it, you can find it HERE.  It ends today at noon central time.  If you’re looking for sewing machine attachments for your vintage machines, this is the sale you’ve been looking for.

I wasn’t at the sewing machine very much this week at all.  I did manage to get the Unity Quilt Along blocks sewn.  Being there was so many, I guess that really wasn’t a small feat.

I’m writing this post on Sunday night so the plan is, after I’m done writing this, to head upstairs and get them sewn onto the quilt.  I am so happy this quilt is coming to a close.  I’ve really enjoyed making it and the round robin style is appealing to me.  I’m ready for the mess of it to get cleaned up and put away though.  I’ll be happy to have another quilt finished.  I’m hoping by next Monday I’ll have a finish to show.  That’s an advantage to having my own longarm.

I did work on the Quilted Twins mystery for just a bit.  Not much at all really.  I thought I had all the first blocks done but soon discovered that I was short two blocks and finished them but that’s all I did on that.  

When Kelli was home she started cutting out this…. Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I had a busy week.  I started walking with a friend of mine again.  It’s all completely done in a social distance manner.  Waucoma, where I like is a small town with little traffic on the roads.  She walks in one lane of the road, Rosie and I walk in the other.  That’s been taking up an hour or so of my days during the week.  I’m SO happy to be doing it.  I need the fresh air.  Rosie needs the fresh air and I need adult conversation with someone who isn’t my kid!!  Trust me, I love my kids but hearing about life outside of my bubble is awesome.  My friend that I walk with has very limited people in her life as well so I feel comfortable with our walking.

Buck and his kids came home for the weekend.  It was WONDERFUL.  I’ll tell you more about that coming up.  That means I didn’t sew over the weekend but enjoyed family time instead.  PERFECT!!

While the kids were playing on Sunday I did a little counting.  Two blog readers sent me their mystery leftovers that they did in batiks.  Between mine and theirs, I had 131 triangles already made.  I quickly cut out the rest that I needed.

I’ll finish them up this week and move on with the new release.  It was great to be able to use up the extras in a quilt.

I’m getting excited to that we’re getting closer and closer to an end on the quilts I started sewing during covid.  I’m ready to pick my own project to sew.

Did you see that the Old World Fantasy quilt from Quilted Twins was revealed?  If you missed it, here it is…. Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I had a busy weekend.  On Sunday I didn’t do anything in the sewing room.  That rarely happens anymore.  I have time on my hands nowadays.  I am actually starting to really like it.

We moved into this house in January of 2015.  Everything was always full speed ahead.  I am feeling really spoiled and wondering if I’m not completely okay with the change that the coronavirus has brought my way.

Saturday I loaded one of Kelli’s quilts on the frame.  My goal is a minimum of one flimsy quilt top to get quilt each week.  I really want to do more but one is the minimum.  I’ve been doing okay with that goal so far….

I’m about half done with this one.  This is a Quilted Twins free pattern called Show Off (Find free pattern HERE)  Kelli did hers in blue 100% cotton shirts.

The Temecula stay at home sampler is done.  They had a couple options for finishing.  I haven’t decided what I want to do with mine.  A pillow as one option and I’ve been thinking I might do that, we’ll see.

I have the fifth row on my Unity Sew Along quilt.  I’m ready for the next clue.  Here’s mine…. Continue reading