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What I’m Working On…

Last week I got lots accomplished.  This week, not much.  So goes life some weeks.

I was at the doctor’s the 9th and again on the 12th.  That really sucks up a lot of time especially when it’s 2 hours there and 2 back home again.  Then I always feel behind once I’m home.  That’s likely how it will be until we get my health figured out again.

I loved the feeling of having my Sheep Virtue for September finished so I decided to jump right into the October one.

I turned something on television and started stitching.  I got this far and ran out of thread…. Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

It’s a good thing that I had a sick day or I would have gotten NOTHING in the crafty department done with week.  I was gone for Scotty’s adoption.  I had Georgia late and I had some visiting to do.

I told you I accomplished a lot of cross stitch stuff on Wednesday when I sat in the chair the entire day being sick.

First off, I finished this….
I didn’t have a lot of finish so it wasn’t a huge accomplishment.

This is #8 of the Sheep Virtues by Little House Needleworks.  That one was supposed to be done in August…but I had to finish it up in September.  That’s okay.

I had a bugger of time with the sheep body.

I looked and looked at the body but saw no rhyme or reason to the stitches.  So, I ended up frustrated and didn’t really follow the chart.  I just put in alternating colors here or there.  (For those of you who don’t cross stitch, every symbol in a box represents a color.)  I didn’t really follow the chart.

When Kelli came home I showed her what I did.  She looked at me funny and said, “Mom, can’t you see the design in the sheep?  It’s like a quilt block.  There are two see?”

UGH.  There is.  I didn’t see it when I stitched it and honestly, I can’t really see it on the finished example either.

Can you?  I don’t think there is a big enough contrast in the colors.

So Kelli asked it I was going to rip it out.

My “WISEDOM” is telling me no.  Just leave it….and I’m going with that.  If I hadn’t told you, you likely wouldn’t have noticed it….right??

So when I was sick on Wednesday I decided to get a start on the next Sheep Virtue.  That one is “Friendship”….see?? Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I have LOTS of irons in the fire this weekend.  I’ll try to catch you up this week on all the things I was busy with.  This post, I’m going to just focus on the crafting side of things.

I was up early a few mornings this week and got a few blocks done.  This was one mornings accomplishments.  The blocks aren’t anything that goes quickly.  That’s for sure!!

I do enjoy putzing on them though.  You can see that by Friday morning I was this far.  Can you see the flying geese heart starting to take shape in the middle?

My goal was to get this really close to a top by the end of the long weekend.  Do you want to see how I did??  Check it out….. Continue reading

What I’m Working On….

I didn’t do a single thing this week as far as crafting goes.  Not one thing.  NOTHING.

That really didn’t surprise me.  The week before school starts is always craziest at childcare.  The absolute CRAZIEST.  Moms are back to work and need places for the kids who were only part time over the summer.  Families switch or change childcare so it was a lot.  I ended up hiring a helper every day except for Friday as I was loaded with kids.  If I have more than 10 kids, I hire a helper.

Thankfully right now I have two kiddos that are able to help…Neighbor Girl and Sofie.  They are both going into seventh grade and both are so handy to have around.  They both like babies and they both like playing with the kids.  It was wonderful to have them.

So what did I do with any free time I had…
water plants
write blog posts
walk with my friend
had grandkids late
had kids for supper
prep food for the next day of childcare

The other thing I did was submitted a baby quilt for publication.  It was picked up by American Patchwork and Quilting.  To often people think it’s an easy thing but it isn’t…It’s time consuming to get some directions together, get it package, etc.  There always several back and forth communications until finally it can hit the mail.  It’s good to have something going out again.

I joke and say that Kelli and I use this as our “mad” money, “egg” money or whatever you want to call it, but it’s true.  We do.  All of our going out to eat and crafting supply money comes from projects we get published.  The money was running out so we had to get something published.  It’s actually really good motivation.  It’s also good for us to get back in the swing of things.

This week I am going to work really hard on this…

This is #8 of the Sheep Virtues.  I started it at the beginning of the month and then got side tracked with another project.  My reason for wanting to work on it…I’ve NEVER finished an entire 12 month series on time.  I really want to with this.  So…it this is month #8 I need to finish it soon so I can start on month #9 and finish it in September.

Georgia’s quilt is exactly in the same spot it was last week…HERE…. Continue reading