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What I’m Working On…

Today is the last day for the SewPad free shipping special.

Gary the owner of the company wrote and said, “We’ll be doing a Mother’s Day promo starting on May 7th and running through midnight on May 10th. Free priority shipping. Promo Code is MOMDAY.”

If you didn’t get the goodies you wanted for Mother’s Day, here’s the chance to treat yourself.

I had a great Mother’s Day weekend but I’ll tell you more about that in a post later this week. For now, I’m going to tell you what I’ve been up to in the sewing department.  The short answer is not much.

When I was at Kelli’s house helping her I picked up a quilt top she had finished.

This quilt is from Bonnie Hunter’s Addicted to Scraps book.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.  Happy news for you that don’t own the book.  If you have Kindle Unlimited, the book is free.

Kelli did her version in reproduction fabrics.  I just love it that way.  It’s a scrappy beauty for sure.

I took it home with the intention of quilting it for her then got looking at it.  When she was here I asked her if she wanted a border put on it.  She does so I’ll be doing that before I quilt it.

I also grabbed this box of shirts at Kelli’s.  I’m deboning them and putting them in my stash with the understanding that Kelli can raid my stash anytime.

I worked on them when I could this week.  I planned on three a day.  I kept up until this weekend hit.  Wowza it was too busy to worry about shirts.  I’ll finish them up this week.

Besides that, I worked on my Lori Holt Red Sampler Quilt Along.  Here’s how far I am… Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

No sewing happened here.  ZERO-ZIP-NADA.  That’s okay.  It’s spring and I’m doing spring things.

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog you know that I had Georgia much of last week and then went to Kelli’s another of the days.  Having Georgie here does not allow for sewing at all.  She’s a busy gal.

When I did get some free time I was busy doing other things…I’ve had a ton of mail and post office stuff happening…and most of all…IT IS GARDEN SEASON!

I forgot how much I love gardening.  I so love it!

Tuesday night while Georgia was still here Kalissa watched her long enough to give me a break and let me run to the nursery.  I do to the same place every year.  I’ve been going there for as long as we’ve lived in Iowa.
It isn’t super fancy but it’s nice and I trust the owner.  To me, that’s worth a lot.

How can a heart not be happy at a greenhouse??!!

Last year with covid I didn’t go until later in the season and everything was so picked over.  I think a lot of people were gardening that don’t typically garden so that made sales so unpredictable.  Anyway…this year I went early.

Of all of the days of the year, going to the nursery is likely one of my favorite days of all.  Aren’t these patriotic buckets so cute!!

Picking plants and colors is so fun.

Here is my haul.  It’s a lot.  I got three flats of impatiens.  I need that many for the front of my house.  They are on of my favorite flowers of all.  I think mostly because Kramer’s mom had them and they make me think of her.

I did get some veggie starts.  There’s tomatoes, peppers and basil.  I think I ended up getting a few onions too.

I checked out the trellis’.  Last year at the end of the season I took two of my wooden ones and burned them.  They were so shot.  I promised myself with the coming of spring I could buy new.

Friday night I started the planting process…

I don’t buy premade hanging baskets.  I do my own.  I think it’s cheaper that way.  I started this last year and was super happy with it.

I always… Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I’ve been a busy girl…it hasn’t all been sewing, in fact, much of it hasn’t been sewing.

Being I was done with all of the major projects I have been working on I decided to stop and get the sewing room tidied up.  If you remember I have been pedal to the metal so to speak in the sewing room since the beginning of the year.

Speaking of pedals…I bought a new “Foot Pedal Stay in Place” Pad.  I bought it from Amazon and it looks like this.

With the sewing room remodel I took out a big rug.  My foot pedal to the sewing machine was on the rug and I had no problems.  I took the rug out and now the pedal slips everywhere.  I looked around on Amazon and found this pad.  You can look at it HERE.  The pad has been here a couple of weeks but I finally took the time to get it set up.

It was super easy.

It comes with velcro strips.  I put one on the bottom of the foot pedal.

Then one went on the pad.  Now the foot pedal is velcroed to the pad.  They offer more velcro so that the pad can be velcroed to the floor.  I didn’t do that.  I am trying it as is before I do that and so far, I really like it.

I was so tired of losing the foot pedal and reaching around with my foot to find it.  It’s just a little thing, but I so appreciate it.

I don’t have to worry about this with my Singer 15-91.  It is in a cabinet and the cabinet has an attached foot pedal.

By the way…Yes, yes I did vacuum after this.  It was terrible.

I have been working on Lori Holt’s Red Sampler Quilt Along.  I’ve had her books for a long time and haven’t made a single thing from the books.  When she announced she was going to host a red sampler I was excited but then I remembered I hate sewing samplers.  It’s so tedious sewing only one block at a time.

Well then I was cleaning up the sewing room and my rule is I can only keep as much fabric as will fit in the designated container.  I went to break my rule and put the reds on top of the drawer unit.  The top drawer of this is my designated spot for red fabric.  Look.  There is no room for more reds.

That’s when I decided…either get rid of some reds or make a quilt with red.  I had just heard about Lori Holt’s quilt along so…That’s what made the decision… Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

Oh my word.  The last week threw me for a HUGE loop.  In reality, I pretty much lost a week of life but my life got so much bigger.

On Saturday the 10th I was working on my Makers Market quilt.  I was chasing an April 15th deadline.

I had talked to our kids and said I needed to work on the quilt today, limited interruptions would be appreciated.  I NEVER do that but I wanted to make the deadline and things were really busy the whole week in a way I got nothing done.  I just needed some time and happily, they all honored my request.

When I got to the machine, everything…seriously, everything was going wrong.  I was so frustrated.  It started with my picking the wrong thread color.  AHH!!  I have used this seafoam green thread on lots of quilts in the past.  It has been a great color to use when there is no obvious color to use.  I had stitched about a half of a bobbin’s worth of thread then I really questioned it.  I thought I was overreacting so kept stitching only to find out that, AHHH!!, I hated it.

This quilt is going to be published in American Patchwork and Quilting.  I wanted something I would be happy with.  This, I was not happy with.  So…I spent the next two hours ripping out what it took me 15 minutes to stitch.  AH!!

I was so frustrated.

Then, I have been having a little trouble with thread breakage on the last quilt.  It suddenly got worse and worse.  I was ready to cry.

I played with the top and bottom tension.  WORSE.

I was about ready to call my friend Carla who also has the same machine.  I decided first to got read online and see if I could troubleshoot it myself.  UGH.  I hate doing this.  I feel so inadequate when I try to fix something.

I read through some things and did everything I could sanding edges looking for burrs.  No luck.  I started playing with the tension and slowly it got a little better.  STILL VERY FRUSTRATING!!

I kept at it and had about half of the quilt finished.  I called it quits thinking I’d finish it the next day.

I was… Continue reading