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What I’m Working On….

Yesterday I told you what my #5 Dirty Dozen quilts were.  I could chose scrap vortex, scrappy bargello or the black and white rectangle.  The one I grabbed to work on was this…

It’s just a simple all rectangle quilt.  Nothing fancy at all.  I cut it out in January when I was working on Jasper’s baby quilt.  I knew I had a couple weddings coming up this year for people I typically make quilts for so I thought this could be one of the quilts for the wedding gifts I’d need.

I was going to count how many rows I had stitched together and instead decided that I would just start sewing them together instead.

From Rosie’s count, she says I have 11 rows together. I’m thinking now I want 44 rows together if I have that much cut…so I guess I’m about 1/4 done right now.

I shouldn’t have a problem getting that done yet this month and that will mean one UFO off my list.  YAHOO!!

I also worked on this…

This is another UFO it’s not the current number for UFOs but that’s okay.  This was sitting next to the machine so I leader and ended 7 blocks I needed so now all of the blocks are finished.  A blog reader sent me the half square triangles and I made them into these blocks.  I love using scrap pieces that blog readers send and make this into something unexpected.  Remember this…

Our Fun and Games quilt.  (photo courtesy of All People Quilt).  Read the whole blog post HERE.  This was made with leftovers from a blog reader…

Find our Brick House quilt here.  This was made with leftovers from a blog reader…

As were these…Find them HERE.

and this…(Find it HERE)

Remember I said Kayla was here and helped with EQ (Electric Quilt)?  Well I took the block  I showed you that I was working on and drew it up in EQ and then designed a quilt using the block.  I’m so happy with the program and getting that far with it.  I want to see the quilt finished now…so I’m itching to sew on it even though it’s not the current UFO I should be working one.  I’m not keeping myself to a strict discipline on these UFOs.  I’m applauding myself for any work on any UFO….so go me!!  I am going to get the sashing cut and will start working on the border leader/ender style.  Who knows?  This quilt might get done this month too….but, I also have this…. Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I didn’t get any sewing done during the week but totally made up for that over the weekend.

This finally came off of the quilting frame.

I thought I would never get done with it….I am so thankful it is done.  I need to bind it yet but at least the whole project is coming to an end.

From there I moved on to a UFO I had.  Some time back I started some Crooked Courthouse blocks with Mickey Mouse in the center of the blocks.  My Nido Wool Mat really got a work out as I sewed and pressed and sewed until I had the rest of the blocks done.  I did 82 blocks between Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. If you are looking for a mat, Winnie at Nido is still offering the coupon code.  So if you follow THIS LINK and at check out use the code, 15SUNNYDAYS you’ll get 15% off.  How awesome is that.  The code is good from June 22nd until the end of day on July 5th.  I know several people ordered them already.  The Nido mats are already inexpensive compared to others so adding the coupon code really makes it an awesome deal.  I’d be lost without my mats…yes, I actually have three of their mats.  I love them that much.  You can see all of their mats HERE….


Anyway….I kept working on the quilt and even got some rows put together.  What do you think? Continue reading

What I’m Working On….and a Coupon Code!!

It’s been a challenge for me trying to get time in the quilting room.  I’ve been trying to get back to my old schedule of sewing in the morning before I come down for breakfast but that means getting out of bed earlier….and what can I say, I’ve become my father.  He was always a night owl…and night owls aren’t up at 5:30 in the morning like I used to be.

I am working on squeezing some time in on working on these blocks.

I showed you these on Saturday when I listed my Dirty Dozen UFO challenge projects.  ( read about that here )  I decided I might as well start on sewing something and this is a project I really want done, so this is what I picked.  I’m not going to be overly picky when it comes to the Dirty Dozen challenge.  I know Mary at Country Threads, who is hosting the challenge, isn’t a rule follower (except with grammar and spelling) herself so I’ll be okay.  (right Mary??  XO)

These are destined to be a quilt for my grandson Scotty.  Everyone is big Mickey Mouse fans at their house.  I hate to make a quilt that SCREAMS Mickey so this was my compromise…little Mickeys in the center of each block.

I had made this similar quilt for one of my childcare kids last fall…. Continue reading

What I’m Working On….

Well I’ve hardly been in the sewing room.  On the days I get there I do still work on doing something in an effort to get things all finally organized but I’ve been hosting lots of my kids and grands here so I don’t end up in the sewing room and that’s entirely okay.  I’ll get time..and family is first ALWAYS.

So the Texas Braid:  It’s still on the frame.

I’m about half done and I’m not hating it as much as I thought.  I think I had to get in a groove.  It is time consuming though.

Here is how the quilting looks…

I wish I was patient enough to switch to a lighter thread when I’m doing the neutral sections…but I’m lazy and I’m doing it like this….

I did tackle the big cabinet.  It’s all been dusted.  I’d like to arrange the quilts on tops a little better but will wait until Kelli is here and can help me.  It’s a pain going on and off a chair and refolding all myself.  It’s okay for now.

Behind the doors is all straightened and tidied.  As I was going through the cabinet I found a couple projects that were in progress.  I took them out and set them on the cutting table trying to decide where I am going to store them.  I was out of room under the cabinet.

Notice that all of the totes are labeled.  YAHOO!!  This is my UFO cabinet.  I am going to participate in Country Threads’ Dirty Dozen, which is a UFO challenge, (more on it upcoming) so hopefully by this time next year, I’ll not have a need for so much space for UFOs.

Anyway…those two projects sat out…I was out of space.  I could probably make space in the closet…but really?  Was I really going to sew on these?  If I had a list of 20 projects to sew, would these be on the list of 20?

As the projects were sitting on the cutting table for a few days, I asked those questions every single time I was in the room.   The final answer was NO!  No they wouldn’t be on my top 20 list.  So…I packaged them up and put them in the donation basket.  Whew…another good decision.  I’m sure the people I donate them to will love them..and the quilt they make will go on charity…MUCH better than sitting and taking space on my shelves.  I want to be sewing things I love…not sewing out of obligation.

One might think that being I didn’t have quilting time, I didn’t have cross stitch time.  WRONG.  I’ve gotten myself into somewhat of a routine.  Most days I write blog posts in the morning…then afternoons are spent upstairs.  Then supper, I walk with a friend and then am home by 7:30pm.  I tidy the house and then I watch television and stitch.  So stitching has happened.  Not a lot but some.  Also when the kids are here and it’s appropriate, I do stitch some.

The last time I showed you, I was here…. Continue reading