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What I’m Watching….

Before I get to tonight’s post:

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Now onto tonight’s post:

Cross stitch for me, equals watching television…so I’ve been cross stitching so I’ve been television watching.

Here’s what I found that’s kept my interest.

On Amazon Prime…  The Mill.  This is a historical drama and me being a “historical girl” loved it.  This is set in England at cotton mill.  The time period is late 1830-early 1840s when laborers were fighting for better working conditions. The Mill - Series One: Jamie Draven, Kerrie Hayes ...
It was easy for me to fall in love with the characters and be cheering them on from the seat of my 2020 living room couch.  I recommend this tremendously.

There are only two seasons.  I seriously could have watched several more.

As I was writing this post, I see that full episodes are on Youtube.  I don’t know if full episodes of the entire series…but it would be worth checking out if you don’t have Amazon Prime.

I watched Hidden.  I think I told you about this before…I watched season 1 then and season 2 now.  I watched on Acorn but if you don’t have that, I see that season 1 is available on Prime.

This is a Welsh police show.  I really like it.  Cady the main character is good. Watch Hidden - Series 1 | Prime Video

I will warn you that part of the show is spoken in Welsh.  Not a lot.  At first this frustrated me as I wanted to cross stitch and not look up and read the screen.  Well, I got into the show and then I didn’t mind a bit.

Here’s a trailer for it….

The next series I watched was on …

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What I’m Reading/Watching: Defending Jacob

Do you ever read a book and it sticks with you?  Back in 2012 I read a book Defending Jacob: A Novel by William Landy.

It was a really good book.  It’s a courtroom drama and I tend to like them…yep, there’s a twist at the end too.

Andy Barber and his wife Laurie are well respected people in their community.  Andy a District Attorney and Laurie a school teacher are blindsided when their son Jacob is charged with killing a school classmate.  As the trial goes on the book outlines the change in relationships with community members and within the family unit.

The story is told by Andy and through Andy’s eyes.  He wants to believe the best about it his son so sometimes the reader is forced to step back from Andy’s perspective and judge for themselves on how to interpret evidence.  I listened to this as an audiobook and very much enjoyed this.  Some reviewers on Amazon suggest that the book is a little slow as some of the courtroom testimony tells about things the reader already learns from earlier reading.  For me, that was not true and was part of character building….do we believe the testimony of the cop who was Andy’s best friend?  Do we believe the testimony of Jacob’s best friend?  Who is telling the truth…who is distorting it and is anyone lying?  How will these changes in testimony affect the ultimate verdict?  Will the truth ever be told?

The story brings out what they call a “murder gene”.  Are people capable of passing down a “murder gene” to their children through DNA? Certainly we can pass on high blood pressure, cholesterol issues and the like, why not a “murder gene”?  If this “murder gene” can be passed on, then how do you as a parent feel if you are the one who passed it down?  All of this is brought to the reader’s attention for consideration.

Anyway….I loved the book.  The book has over 9000 reviews on Amazon and it’s given 4.3 stars.

Well…I was extra excited when 8 years after reading the book Apple TV decided to do a series on the book.  Well I don’t have Apple TV and had no idea how it works.  But…I was interested enough in seeing this book in television series form to figure it out.

It turns out I can get Apple TV as a subscription channel with my Roku.  You can download the app HERE.  The good news is that I could watch the first two episodes free.  I thought that was awesome.  If I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to pay to subscribe.  But you can guess what happened.  I loved it.  I subscribed.  Apple TV is $4.99 a month.  I cancelled my Acorn TV for a month and will be using Apple TV for the month…then I’ll likely go back to Brit Box for a month.  I really like rotating the subscriptions around.  Then I’m only paying $4.99 for added viewing options.

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What I’m Watching….

I’ve been watching Acorn Television lately.  I really do enjoy my British shows.

The thing with British shows is that they can have anywhere from 3 to 12ish episodes in a series.  Some although they call them a series are more like what us in the states would call a miniseries.

With term “series” used like this it might seems like I watched a crazy amount of television but I really haven’t.  This series, Black Work, was only three episodes.  I found this on Acorn Television.

It was my usual British cop show that I love.  I’ll admit to do doing binge watching and watched all three episodes on one Sunday evening that I decided to cross stitch.  It was good.

Here’s the description:
“This powerful crime thriller written by Matt Charman (Bridge of Spies) dives into the murky depths of undercover police work and tells the story of a woman willing to risk everything to protect her family. Sheridan Smith (Jonathan Creek, Accused) delivers a powerhouse performance as Jo Gillespie, a police constable who embarks on a dangerous investigation of her husband’s death.”

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What I’m Watching: Line of Duty

Oh my word.  I am obsessed.  I’ve finally found a show that I LOVE and have really gotten into.

First let me say crime/cop shows are my favorite.  I also LOVE British or European shows.  The shows are so much more realistic than American shows.  The people aren’t so outrageously beautiful….just everyday looking people.

People often recommend shows that are too cheesy for me….or they are suppose to be funny and to me just aren’t.

So the show I love now??  Line of Duty.

Line of Duty (TV Series 2012– ) - IMDb
There are currently five seasons and all are great.  The show focus around AC (anti-corruption)-12.  They are a group of officers who work to find “bent” or corrupt policeman.  In each season there is a case they are investigating that gets solved but also there is an overriding case that continues season through season.  It really makes it interesting as the shows are multifaceted.  The cops are not perfect and aren’t above reproach which really gives them a humanness about them that American shows don’t always have.

I alway listen with closed caption on.  Sometimes if characters have a thick accent (season 5) I don’t always understand them the best and read what I miss.  It’s all okay and I’ve gotten so that I watch everything in closed caption.  It’s easier to stitch then too…if I miss something because I’m stitching I can quick look up and still read it.

Each season is only 6 episodes and sadly, I’ve watched all five seasons now.  I am eagerly awaiting another season.  A season 6 is in the make but filming was put off due to COVID-19.  Because of that it is unknown when the next season will start.  So..I’m going to have to be patient.

There are a couple scenes that are a little bloody or rough but not terrible….much better than most of American television.  This show is nominated for the Best British Television Drama…and rightly so.

I highly recommend this show if you like police shows…if you like dramas…if you like shows that build on themselves through the season…if you like British shows…I would definitely put this show in my top ten shows I’d recommend to watch….likely even top 4.

I watched this on Acorn Television.  This is a subscription channel.  It is $4.99 a month with the first month free.  You can easily get the free month and watch all five seasons of Line of Duty.  There are lots of other shows I’ve loved that have been on Acorn as well.  I also HIGHLY recommend A Place to Call Home and Shetland (other shows in my top five)…the list goes on and on but seriously, Acorn is by far my personal favorite when it comes to channels to subscribe to.

..and with that, I’m off to find a new series to watch.  I have a couple in mind.  I started looking as soon as I started season 5 of Line of Duty.  I’ll let you know if I end up liking it.