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What I’ve Been Watching…

I haven’t had much television or stitching time, but when I did, I hit a couple of awesome shows I have to tell you about.

Are you a PBS fan?  Are you a WWII fan?  If you are, you must watch Atlantic Crossing.

Atlantic Crossing | PBS

The show starts as WWII is erupting.  It focuses on the royal family from Norway.  Here is the synopsis:
A princess steals the heart of the president of the United States in an epic drama based on the World War II relationship of Franklin Roosevelt and Norwegian Crown Princess Martha. Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks, Sex and the City) stars as Roosevelt, opposite Swedish star Sofia Helin (The Bridge) as the beautiful Martha, who flees the Nazis with her three young children and lives under Roosevelt’s protection. The eight-part series co-stars Tobias Santelmann as Crown Prince Olav and Harriet Sansom Harris as First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.”

If you go to PBS’s website they do a Fact/Fiction page for each episode and I’ve been enjoying that.  I’ve found myself looking up history online too.  I know that once I do that, I’ve found a show that has me hooked.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  It is currently playing on PBS.

I rented a movie.  I rarely do that but am so glad I did.  I streamed it through Amazon.  You can find the movie HERE.  I saw a preview of the movie and knew immediatly, if I were going to the theatre I would have like to see this so, I rented it.  The movie is Six Minutes to Midnight.  Judi Dench is in it so I had to give it a try.


The story is based on real events.  I found the movie very interesting and it was a big treat for me to rent a movie.

Here is the synopsis:
Summer 1939. Influential families in Nazi Germany have sent their daughters to a finishing school in an English seaside town to learn the language and be ambassadors for a future looking National Socialist. A teacher there sees what is coming and is trying to raise the alarm. But the authorities believe he is the problem.”

Here is the trailer…

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What I’m Watching

I didn’t use to ever watch television but now I do.  It all came about as I started cross-stitching again.  I can say that about 5 of the seven nights a week, I end up watching at least an hour’s worth.

Most of what I watch comes from Netflix lately but I did branch out and get PBS and I’m so glad I did.  One of the reasons is that I really wanted to see the movie Elizabeth is Missing.

Elizabeth Is Missing | PBSThe show is based on a book of the same name by Emma Healey.  I had read the book some time ago and reviewed it on the blog.  Find that review HERE.  I really enjoyed the book and wanted to see the movie.  I figured if it was a Masterpiece selection and I liked the book, it was bound to be good, and it was.

Here is what Masterpiece said about the show:

Returning to television for the first time in nearly three decades, two-time Academy Award®–winner Glenda Jackson stars as a woman desperately trying to solve two mysteries as she declines ever deeper into dementia, in Elizabeth Is Missing, an adaptation of Emma Healey’s acclaimed novel.

Playing feisty grandmother Maud Horsham, who lives alone despite early-stage Alzheimer’s, Jackson is joined by Maggie Steed as Maud’s only friend, Elizabeth, who ominously goes missing, leading to one of the mysteries at the heart of the drama. Helen Behan plays Maud’s dutiful daughter, Helen, and Nell Williams is Maud’s doting granddaughter, Katy.”

Here is the trailer.

You can find the book HERE on Amazon.

GOOD NEWS!!  I just discovered that you can watch the whole movie on Youtube.  You can follow THIS LINK to watch.  ENJOY!!

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What I’m Watching…

I’ve been cross-stitching and doing some handwork in the evenings so I’ve gotten in some television time.  I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve enjoyed.

1st up…THE CROWN.

Oh my word, I love this show.  I can’t help but feel sorry for anyone born into a life like that though.  From time to time I look at my own life and remember to be thankful for all I was giving simply because I was born to a farmer in Southern Minnesota.  I know some wish they could be born to a family such as the Windsor’s in England, me, no way.  I could never stand keeping my mouth shut and not giving my opinion…I could not stand being demanded to live a certain lifestyle or not being able to love who I love.

Oops.  I got off on a tangent, didn’t I?  Anyway, I do love the show and I have watched every season to date.  I’m thrilled there will be another season.

Here is the trailer for season 4.  If you haven’t watched the other seasons, you will want to.

You can find The Crown on Netflix.

After that, I saw that they offer the show, Diana in Her Own Words.

Diana: In Her Own Words (TV Movie 2017) - IMDb
It was sad to listen to her struggles but was also happy that she did get a chance to speak out.

I’ve been on a Netflix roll.  A movie I watched from there is…

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What I’m Watching…

I’ve been watching a lot of television recently.  It’s because I have cross-stitch goals…not necessarily that I’m in love with television.  For the most part, it’s noise in the background as I’m stitching along.

Kalissa recommended that I watch The Last Czar.  It was on Netflix.

The Last Czars (TV Mini-Series 2019– ) - IMDb
I loved the show.  It was a great balance between actors showing what was happening and historians and actual historical clips.  I think this would be a great show to watch with a partner…one who liked the story and one who liked the history aspect.  I know when Kramer was living we often found it hard to find shows we both liked.  This one, I think, we both would have liked.

This is what Wikipedia said, “The Last Czars is a six-part English-language docudrama TV-series that premiered on Netflix on July 3, 2019. The plot revolves around the Romanov family, the last royal family of Russia, which ruled until the Russian Revolution finally deposed the last czar, Nicholas II, in 1917. It is part documentary, part drama that starts with Nicholas II’s accession to the throne, the outbreak of the Russian revolution and ends with Nicholas II’s eventual ejection from the throne”.

I really liked it.  Kalissa and Craig were obsessed.

Here is the trailer…

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