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The Wedding Quilt is FINISHED!!

I did it…or rather we did it.  This quilt took more extra help than usual.  Hubby even cleaned the kitchen after supper a couple night just so I could make the deadline.  Without Kelli cutting it out and helping me pin the top together I wouldn’t have gotten it done in time.


The quilt is folded in quarters in the upper photo.

Below it’s on the diagonal.


Originally when Kalissa and Craig said they wanted this quilt and in grays, teal and yellow I wasn’t a fan.  In fact, up until about a week ago I wasn’t a fan at all…now, I like it and like the colors together.

The original pattern can be found in this book- From the Cover: 15 Memorable Projects for Quilt Lovers.  Here’s some good news…Amazon has used books that are selling for 64 cents plus the shipping.

Their quilt is featured on the back of the book.

We enlarged it a lot.  The original is only 81 x 81.  Ours is closer to 96 x 96.  That’s why we had so much trouble with having not enough and then too many blocks.

Kalissa really liked the colors as they looked “melted” together.  To keep that look we opted to make the machine quilting VERY simple.  It’s just a plain old stipple.  It’s pretty small though.

All in all they are happy…I’m elated.  I am ready to be sewing something else..hmmmm  I wonder what I was even working on before I dropped everything to make this.

Today we’re sharing our accomplishment at  Confessions of a Fabric AddictCrazy Mom Quilts, and Link a Finish Friday.


The Wedding Decor

If you’re sick of wedding posts, don’t fear.  This is the last one.

Kelli got lots and lots of compliments on the wedding decorations.  It looked really nice and the best thing, she did it so cheaply.

Kelli rented the table cloths.  Then she made all of the burlap and the green table squares from fabric.  The large candle decor we bought off a Facebook group for $50.  Kelli made a “K”, “H”, and and a “J” to go on the candles.


At the tables more table squares.  The large glass vases were free from Kelli’s aunt who got them from someone at work who didn’t want them anymore.  The little reserved signs were picture frames from the thrift store along with printing on burlap like I showed how to do here.


All of the little vases were thrift store goodies.  Many were left overs from Kayla’s wedding but we bought even more.  All were only 25 cents each.  Kelli spruced them all up by adding a little decor to them, ribbons, burlap, etc.  The ribbon was free for the Okoboji quilt retreat we went to last year.


They had a photo booth and it was a real hit!!

Kelli asked me to design a Busy Book for kids.  I did.  It has Kelli’s dog Puppycat with a maze, farmer dot to dot pages, word finds with wedding words, a color by number sewing machine page, a find the matching blocks page with Puppycat too.  All together there were 12 activity pages in the book.  We bought 12 Boxes of Crayons Zoo Animal Box 4 Per Box then we covered them with a white label to match the decor.  This was simple and easy but was a HUGE hit with the kids.


In all the hoopla Kelli forgot to order skirts for the head table.  Renee, Jason’s mom, ended up taking burlap and pinned it to the bottom of the table cloths at the head table.  It ended up looking nice.


The picnic basket I had and came up with as a card box.  The guest book was brand new for $1 from the thrift store.  The “H” Kelli made.


All of the pendent banners Kelli made from a burlap and lace.  She stenciled the letters on tied jute onto them and then tied them together.  Kelli had some lacy sheer fabric that was cheap at Wal-mart that I made the bows from.


This was an extra little table we just added decor to.  The front swag was just lace that I bought at the thrift store plus left over fabric from the table square tied to jute with shank knots.  Very easy.


Each table had a bit of different decor.  These black metal pieces were part of that Facebook purchase.  The votive candles were all bought with coupons from JoAnn’s and the floating candles were all thrift store finds.  I bought boxes of them for cheap…10 for $1 all up opened and new in the box.  Plus a big bag of ones that had been lit for $1.


Adding the little things like the burlap bows and the netting bows really added a lot.

Oh..remember those string balls she made??

They looked great hanging behind the head table.

All in all, it looked wonderful.  I took pictures on Friday as we were decorating.  It looked so much nicer once the lights were dimmed and the candles were glowing.  I never dreamed it could look so nice and cost so cheap.

My Dress…and other wedding fun.

Surprise…my dress came from Goodwill.

January in 2013 while Hubby was attending an overnight beef conference.  I road along.  While he was at the conference,  I went shopping for a dress for Buck and Jen’s wedding.  I found a dress off the clearance rack at Yonker’s for $29.  I was happy with the dress and opted to go with a short dress as it was an August wedding.


On the way home Hubby suggested stopping in at Goodwill in Independence, Iowa.  We did and I saw the dress I’m wearing on the rack there for $14.  I bought it thinking it would do for Kelli’s wedding if they decided to get married.

I coupled it with shoes I had, a scarf from Kayla’s wedding, and jewelry that Buck and Jen had given me.


It was my favorite dress I’ve worn for weddings, it didn’t look bad and it was the most comfortable dress I’ve worn as it was stretchy.  Had someone not saved the day with some Static Guard, I might have been quite so happy with it.

On other wedding notes…Our daughter Kalissa was the maid of honor and had to give a toast at the reception.  We video taped it….you can see it here.  It’s cute as it is a parody to Taylor’s Swift’s Love Story.

That’s the latest…I’ll show you wedding decor tomorrow.  Kelli did such a nice job and it was totally on the cheap.

About those Tuxes

Thursday the guys had an appointment to pick up the tuxes, try them on and check to see how things fit.  Kelli was home at my house and we quickly began to get in reports.  One tux didn’t have a shirt with it.  Two didn’t have pocket squares.  One had a red pocket square and to top it all off, the tuxes were light grey not black.  UGH.  Being the dresses were clover and the reception decor was clover and burlap, we just didn’t think grey would look good so the tuxes went back with the expectation the right ones would arrive on Friday at noon.


As you can see from the pictures all ended well, but it wasn’t a smooth trip.

The tuxes weren’t in at noon…they weren’t in at 3 pm…the weren’t in at 4 pm.  UGH.  At 4:15 we got a call and could we hurry over and try them on.

Well they did but the results we’re all that good.  Hubby’s shirt sleeves were more like 3/4 sleeves.  Someone was missing a pocket square and Karl’s shirt only came to his belly button.


We wouldn’t know about the ring bearer’s until they were present to try them on.


Well that was bad but by the time he arrived at rehearsal, it was too late to change the order.  My little great nephew Matthew’s sizing was really bad.  He’s a short guy and typically wears a size 4…his things were a size 6.  We quickly, with the help of my sister, Matthew’s grandma, moved to plan B.  Judy went to Wal-Mart, bought sewing equipment and started altering without making a cut in the fabric.


At one point she hemmed up 9″ of pants!!  Judy is such a talent!!

Matthew was as cute as ever and no one could tell any problem.

That is the story of the tuxes…At rehearsal the minister said all that really matters is that you come to the church unmarried and leave married.  It is so true.  All the little things, like the tux problem, were just bumps in the road.