A Little Jealous

Ruby is just like an older sibling when it comes to Kalissa’s puppy Betsy.  She can’t wait for her to grow up.  She can’t figure out why she sleeps all the time…and she’s jealous. I was holding Betsy and Kalissa was snapping a picture….where was Ruby?? Ruby was at my feet wanting her picture taken. …

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Water-Water Everywhere!!

For the last few weeks we’ve had water in our basement.  UGH.  It’s smelly and inconvenient.  Luckily it didn’t ruin anything but it’s still not necessary.  Finally on Sunday, Hubby went to town and got the sump pump from there and brought it here and pumped it out. The drain that takes the gray water …

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The New Dog on the Block

Remember me saying it’s been a crazy week for me??  Well about a week ago Craig, Kalissa’s boyfriend, got a job!!  Hooray!!   Kalissa had been very worried about this as Craig is a year older than Kalissa and he is graduating from the local college in May with a John Deere Mechanics degree.  Kalissa …

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