Kayla’s First Antique Fair

From Kayla:

I’m so glad that my mom blogs so I can keep up on all of her awesome auction finds. I wish I could get home more often to actually visit auctions with her! Awhile ago we made plans for me to sell a few of her things at an antique fair in our area, but I backed out.  I am just too busy with too many projects right now! Then my friend Liz, who makes purses and leather cuffs, asked if she could sell some of my things at the show so she could fill a booth.

I can’t stay the weekend to be at the sale but I had a fun time setting up this morning.

Some “instant collection” books, grouped by cover color
Books arranged on a Cosco stool
Hankies, vintage sheet fat quarters, pillowcases, and milk glass
Sewing notions, crochet leaflets, and buttons
Beanies crocheted from recycled sweater yarn

The “Born in a Barn” event and adjacent antique show is very popular in my area and Mom would have loved it. At least I get to see her for Palm Sunday and Easter!

Stash Report

I have new fabric in…

Kelli went over to Forest Mills Quilt Shop near Postville last week to deliver our cover quilt from American Patchwork and Quilting.  They are the shop that is carrying the kit.  You can check it out here if you missed it.  The gals wanted the quilt to display in the shop with the kits and being Kelli lives closer to them than I do, she handled that job.

When she got there the gals were tidying up and reorganizing getting ready for a shop hop.  In the process, they ended up giving Kelli this box of fabric….


and the remainder of these bolts for us to use as charity quilt.


How sweet was that??  The girls are always so helpful and kind…honestly, they run one of the friendliest shops I’ve even been to.

Thanks gals…

I did use a yard of fabric this week on Kelli’s little brown quilt for the backing and binding.  If you missed that, it’s here.

Used this Week:   1 yard

Used year to Date:  53 yards store bought +  23 Moda fabric + 5 yards of recycled fabric…

Last Week’s House Hunt

Wherever we go and who ever we talk to the house remodel always comes up in conversation.  We are always quick to tell people that we want the house to look as least added onto as possible.  We explain that we are looking for old doors..old flooring and the like.   That typically leads to someone knowing someone who might know someone who might have it.  That has lead us down some good roads but it’s more likely that it leads us down some duds.

Last week, we struck out on a finding trip.  We went to Sharkey’s, which is NW of Durango, Iowa…or real close to Dubuque.

WOW..that’s about all I can say.  It was an overwhelming experience.

Pulling into the place it looks like a junk yard..and I guess, that’s what it is.  I’ve never “shopped” at a junk yard though.  The shed was HUGE!!  The lighting was awful.  We each had to carry our own flash light.  This is the aisle down the middle..then every 20 feet or so there were paths off in both directions.


Retro looking sinks is on our list of things we want…  High on the shelves on both sides are bathroom sinks.


Oh..and here’s another row of sinks.


It was hard to find a price on things and the owner wasn’t there.  His adult daughter was and she was reluctant to price anything.  It was a little frustrating.  She told us they should be marked but with the poor lighting it was hard.

Did you need a door.  This was only one of several aisles of them…there were windows and stair cases and chairs…


and electrical…We were looking for push button light switches but didn’t find any.


After we were inside, we went outside…More and more and more sinks.  It was so overwhelming and pricing was difficult to find…We might be back though.  If we do, we are coming Saturday morning when the owner is actually there.


We did go home with something…two old ladders that will someday hold quilts once Hubby gets them all looking good.


So the search continues…we keep getting closer but aren’t quite there yet.

Allergies- Yep, I have them!

As a kid, I don’t remember having allergies. I know my mom had them but not me. A couple of years ago I went to the doctor having back-to-back ear infections. After talking to the doctor, he suggested trying some over the counter allergy medicine as well as my antibiotic. I said allergy meds?… he said yep. He informed me that I likely have some allergies. I explained that I didn’t have have allergies… then he started listing some symptoms and I found yes, I do have allergies. Thankfully I don’t have serious allergies… some itching, sore throat, sneezing and the like, but nothing that prevents me from being outside or active. I have found that taking one 24-hour allergy pill really helps me stave off most of my problems. I do however get into a little trouble when we spent days at the house in town working on the remodeling project, mowing the lawn or gardening. sat-house-jo The dust gets to me when we are working at the house. I end up with a scratchy throat and my nose is just a mess. I know I should be wearing a mask and many of you will leave a comment here telling me to, but I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work for me. My glasses fog up and I get a little claustrophobic. Honest… I’ve tried. So instead, I suffer with the allergy symptoms. Recently HALLS® contacted me wanting to know if I wanted to try their cough drops for allergies. Now that surprised me. I had never thought of that. After thinking about it, cough drops for allergies makes a lot sense. I could get relief for my throat and breathe just a little easier just like I do in the winter when I have a cold. So I tried two varieties and like the lemon the best. Cough Drops My throat felt better and my nose cleared a bit too. I can see that I’ll be using them for just an extra boost once I overdo it with the house remodeling projects. Some of the upcoming things we have to do at the house is remove more plaster, remove the back 1/3 of the house, sanding floors, and sheet rocking. All of it includes some type of dust. All of that, coupled with the regular spring allergens make me sure I’ll be keeping some HALLS on hand for me. My next plan is get Hubby to try them. He too has found, now that he is older, that he has allergies. Some things on the farm really get to him now. Bedding the cattle, working in the silo, being around corn and oats dust, are some of the worst things for him. I am guessing he’ll like HALLS too. Who knew that HALLS helps allergies too?

HALLS Drops for Allergy Season
When you have a cold, HALLS is the #1 cough drop that most people choose for effective relief. Did you know that the same HALLS you trust is also effective for allergy-related coughs and sore throats? Don’t let allergies get the best of you. Grab your allergy cough by the throat and try HALLS Cough drops or HALLS Breezers throat drops as a complement to your primary allergy medication regimen.

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