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What I’m Reading: Stone Fox

One of the girls that comes after school and I were chatting. She’s in 3rd grade and her teacher reads to them each day. It’s just a chapter or two…not a lot but that adds up. I asked her what they were reading. She said they just finished up a book about a dog and it was sad in the end.

I immediately guessed Old Yeller. She said no but that they were going to read that one soon. I guessed a few other dog books…
The Incredible Journey- No
Marley and Me- No
Big Red- No
Shiloh- No-they had read that one already
Because of Winn Dixies- No
Sounder- No
White Fang- No
Call of the Wind- No

Then I was sure I had it…Where the Red Fern Grows- No

Well I was completely at a loss. I couldn’t think of a single other classic dog book. Well maybe it’s a more modern book.

She started telling me there was an Indian and a Grandpa. Well…Tom Sawyer. No that was an Aunt. Boy. I just could not come up with a book. I ended up going on Google and typed in dog books for elementary kids.

That’s when we finally figured out the book. It was called Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner. Odd. I hadn’t heard of that book.

I thought that was really odd. I took children’s literature classes in college and we read TONS of books. We would be assigned books like this and have to have them read the next day and be ready to discuss them. Odd I hadn’t heard of this one. Then I looked at the cover. It says 30th anniversary edition. Oh my. 30 years ago I was a mom with four kids and pregnant with my fifth. Of course I hadn’t heard of it. HA!

My time flies when you’re having kids…and grandkids.

My after school girl said to me, “Oh Jo, are you going to read it? The books is sooo good.” Well what’s a girl to do but read the book. So I went on Hoopla my online library and they had the book in audio book format. I downloaded it and listened to it in just over a hour or so.

What did I think?? I liked it. I can see why she liked it.

Being I listened to audio format I do want to say this…I wish the reader would have been more animated. Someone in the book is sick…when he talks, the narrators voice doesn’t sound sick. In kids books, I really like a more animated voice.

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