Clean It Challenge

Oh, my word.  It’s time!!

My garage is a terrible mess.  I’ve tried, but I’m in an all-out attack mode.  It’s going to get clean.

As many of you know I volunteer a lot and my volunteer area to collect things is out of control.  It’s to the point it either gets under control or I quit volunteering.

I have quilt tops in several different totes.  These all need to get out to people but in my wish to get them out of finishers I was out of postage money and as I said in an earlier post, I’ve been footing the bill for that and so they have sat while I do the auction to get money in the postage fund to send them.

This box is full of cross stitch stands I bought at the thrift store but have since decided that I don’t want.  I’m a stitch-in-a-hoop gal.  If I knew someone who would love the stands, they can have them for the price I paid for them…I should probably just take them back to the thrift store.

This is all … …

Pup Update

Before I get to the pup update I want to give you all a big shout-out.  Do you remember some time ago I mentioned that I put together a needs list for our rescue?  The updated list is HERE.  I delivered everything when I picked up my last pups and the rescue coordinator was so impressed by your generosity.  Believe me, I was too!!  She ended up taking this picture and did a write about you all on their Facebook page.  We all want to thank you.  It’s support from others that really keeps up going.  THANK YOU so much!!

Now to today’s post:
You all might remember that last week I got some foster puppies.  I started with three and am down to two.  One of the black ones was only at my house for a day and then he went to another foster.  Before he left, he got lots of loving.  If you missed the story about me getting them, you can find that HERE.

They were vetted on Wednesday.  All three went.  The boys were neutered and shots and the girl the white merle colored was spayed and given shots.  Her name is Mindy.  The boy I’m fostering is Mork from the old television show Mork and Mindy with Robin Williams.  The other dark male is Mahomes.

Here is my after school crew getting some puppy snuggles.

The kids just love… …

Community Quilts from Ray

I have quilts to share with you from Ray today.  He is busy gearing up for the big Airing of the Quilts that his church hosts in March.  So stay tuned as Ray will likely be sending lots of quilts our way.

Ray writes:

I completed a quilt that Arline H. gave to me to finish.

I love all the bright batik prints that she used for the flowers. They really pop against the blues in the background fabric. It is amazing what you can do with snowball and pinwheel blocks. It is like a breath of spring.

I debated on the motif for a long time as my first instinct was the daisy motif. But for some reason that just did not click. Then it hit me, butterflies. I used a dark blue thread so that the quilting would…

Community Quilts from Karin and Patty

Karin, a longarm finisher, has teamed up with Patty, a prolific quilt top maker, to share some awesome quilts with us.

Karin writes
Good morning Jo! Today, we are back on the quilt parade, courtesy of Patty K and friends, in West Palm Beach, Florida.

First up we have this bright and cheery batik patchwork number. Patty called it pastel fence rail and indicated that the fabric originally came from Nancy F, also of West Palm Beach. Well, it’s definitely a fence rail block, and while the colors seem to be pastel, somehow they are still very bright and very cheerful. It has a lot of Florida aquas, teals, yellows, and blues, so I’m sure it will go over well with the recipients.

Being as it was made from scrap bricks from Nancy’s stash, I thought it appropriate to back it with yardage from my own stash. I do not recall ever seeing it before, nor buying it, so I must assume that it was courtesy of my girlfriend who came to visit last summer. I only found it while searching for some kid’s fabric for another quilt.

Lol, who knows what else… …

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