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In the Mail

Two mail posts in one day!!  Can you believe it?  I got flooded with boxes at the end of last week.  I didn’t expect that but it all has been processed and portioned out.

All I have left to do is write the blog post so here goes…

The first box of the bunch came from Florida.  There were orphan blocks, a UFO, and a project bag filled with stickers.  How fun.  The project bag was really neat and I’ll likely use it for cross-stitching. So cute!!

Joyce sent a striped flannel quilt top.

Carolyn sent two boxes of sleepers.  There were 100 in the box.  Carolyn sent a note and said she was counting the sleepers as she packed the boxes.

When all she had made were in the box she realized she had 99 made.  She thought she was so close to 100 that she went to the sewing machine and made one more so she could say she sent an even 100 gowns.  SO FUN!!

Carolyn is so creative and does an AMAZING job at making these.  When I sent fabric to Carolyn, I often think “how is she ever going to make this cute”…but she does every time.  Isn’t this black and red check so cute?? Continue reading

From the Mailbox…

I am changing up how I do mail.  If you missed my update on mail and quilt donations, PLEASE follow the link and read THIS BLOG POST.

I spent the entire weekend and much of the week working through the mail that was here.

With the new way I’m doing the mail, I won’t be taking pictures of everything that is sent.  I’m asking that people try to send donations directly to someone on the donation list and bypass me.   Click THIS LINK to go to the donation page.  If I do get mail, I will only be doing a very short segment.  I am hoping this cuts down on shipping and receiving on my end and that I can spend more time actually making quilts.

Frances sent some goodies…

The cutest card and quilt tops came from Leona.  These are nice tops and they would love to find a home with a finisher.  Is anyone interested in finishing these?

They are all bright colored and I’m sure kids would love them.

I couldn’t find a name with the next package…

Karen sent some goodies.

Another Karen sent goodies too.  This one was from Rochester, MN.

I rarely keep anything that comes if from blog readers.  I have so much already.  I did keep some of these fabrics though.  I got a new quilt book,   and I thought the fabrics would be perfect for quilts from this book, Striking Strip Quilts by Kate Henderson.

This is one of the quilts I thought to make.  I think it would be a perfect charity quilt.

or this quilt…

The fabrics were great for that.  Thanks so much Karen.

The nest package made it here from Corona, CA.

The next package is going to make Jazz happy.  I always send her the embroidery things.  Jazz and her partner are both into embroidery and finish many embroidered quilts and donated them.  What a labor of love.  If you have embroidery-related things you want to pass on, please find Jazz on the donation page HERE.  She is #20.

Patti sent a pretty quilt top.  This one is a perfect scrap buster!!

The next box had lots of goodies including quilt tops.

The next box came from New York.  It was chuck full.

One day the UPS truck backed up to my house, rolled up the back end door, and… Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I sewed very little last week.  I told myself that I really needed a clean slate with the community quilt project.  I worked super hard. I still need to address my email but at least the physical stuff I see here all of the time is under control.  I have two more mail posts coming up this week but all of the stuff is taken care of and in place.  I still have more quilt tops here looking for a home.  So if anyone needs/wants any to finish for charity, drop me a note and I’ll package some up and send them your way.

I missed the sewing machine but it’s okay.  A fresh slate is what I needed.

Under the mess on the dining room table, I unearthed two little doll quilts I made for the childcare kiddos.  I completely forgot about them.  Kelli made these a long time ago with leftovers she had hanging around.  They sat in my sewing room for a long time.  I kept prioritizing things differently and they never made it to the top of the pile.  I’ve had mostly boys at childcare ever since Carver was born.  Even though the dolls are available they don’t play with them very often.  Now Georgie is here and she loves playing with dolls so when I found them, I put them on the long arm and quilted them.

I did a micro stipple on them.

The fabric was a Moda fabric line but I don’t remember the line.  It was leftover from something Kelli had made.

I’m glad I got the dining room table cleaned off enough to unearth them.

As far as sewing, I got little done during the week.  Then over the weekend the boys, Buck and Karl, worked on Karl’s house.  I’ll tell you more about that in another blog post.  That left me with little sewing time.  I was still up early on most of the days and put in a little time at the machine before my day got busy.

You might remember I was working with some Frolic leftovers that some blog readers had sent my way.  There were MANY flying geese parts.  I ended up making this block with them… Continue reading

Cross Stitch Update

I thought I would put a little update here on how our daughter Kayla and her son Jasper are doing after their Covid diagnosis at the end of last week.  They are both about a week out from initially finding out they had Covid.  Kayla is very tired and naps often.  Jasper is acting completely normal.  He’s acting so normal that it’s hard for Kayla to be watching him, thus Spencer has stayed home for the last week.

For those of you who don’t know, Kayla is a health/family consumer sciences teacher.  She teaches at the high school in Epworth, Iowa.  HERE is a link to a news story about her school.  8% of the school population are out with covid.  85 out of 944 students have covid.  Kayla thinks it must have spread during their homecoming week celebrations at the end of September.

I am so thankful they both are making their way through this.  All of us were so paranoid that Jasper would not do well with this with his previous terrible experiences of simple colds turning into pneumonia.

Thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers on their behalf.

I’ll have my pet scan on October 28 but won’t see the doctor until a later date.  They couldn’t get the PET scan and the doctor’s appointment on the same day due to scheduling.  My insurance will cover it and I’m very thankful for that.

Now to today’s post.

Remember my mail saga?  I sure do.  If you missed it, read about HERE.

I spent all of Saturday evening and all of Sunday trying to get it under control.  I had gotten the garage as far as I could and was going to quit.  Then I walked into the kitchen and had forgotten the packages on the dining room table.   Oh my.

Imagine my surprise when I opened this package and found this from Kim.  Oh, my word.  It was exactly the pick me up I needed.  I about cried when I saw it.  I was so tired of working through the mail and all of the boxes.  Here was something totally for me!!  I had mentioned in a blog post that I had seen this and was so tempted to buy it.  Kim was super sweet and got it for me.  That was EXACTLY what I needed after the long day I had.

The picture does not do it justice at all.  Lori Holt is currently stitching this and has talked about it several times on her floss tube.  I just love it.  I plan to go back and watch some of her older floss tube videos when she talks about it.

The funny thing is…I was worried that I had already bought it.  Last week a blog friend sent me a gift card to 123 Stitch.  I had gone to 123 Stitch’s site.  I had put this chart in my cart.  I had added a couple of other things…I tried to put my gift card in, I couldn’t find a spot to do it then the childcare kids woke up from a nap and I didn’t get it done.  The next day I tried again over naptime to buy it.  I found the spot to put in the gift card but then my internet connection died.  I tried again on Friday night…again the internet went down.  (I have a work order in to get it fixed)  So…I never got it ordered.  The whole time the chart was sitting here on my dining room table.  WOW…right?

Kim was extra sweet and sent along with money for floss and linen too.  Oh my.  What a sweetheart!  All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.  I appreciate it so much.  I will for sure be starting this in 2022.  I am super excited.

I am so excited.  Now I can collect thread and find a fabric.  This is on my top five list of projects to start once I get my Anniversaries of the Heart finished.

I didn’t stitch much this week.  I really wanted to concentrate on getting the mail for the community quilt project all taken care of and things settled with that.  Plus I had some obligations this week.  Georgia stayed overnight on Sunday night.  I put her to bed at 9:30 pm and told myself I could stitch for 45 minutes and then to bed I would go.  I got my water bottle, my project bag, the remote and then sat down in my chair.  I opened my project bag to this… Continue reading