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Community Quilt from Doris

I have had lots of quilts in lately.  I just love it.

Doris is the finisher on all of these.  She writes:

Hi Jo, here are three from the last batch you sent. They were all made by the Cresco ladies.

This was my first time quilting with Minky and I loved it. I did take the buttons off and FM some eyes since it was going to a program serving at-risk moms with babies.

This one was… Continue reading

Crazy Weekend

I have the craziest weekend story to tell you.  Oh my, I’m still trying to catch my breath it was so busy.

I don’t even know where to start with it.  I guess it all started about a week ago.  Buck was going to come home and bring the kids.  Then he had truck trouble mid-week and said -no he wasn’t coming.  We all made different plans.  Then Friday at about 3:30 pm he called and said he was coming home and would be here about 10 am.

I scrambled and called the other kids to tell them Buck was coming home.  Everyone thought they might come home then too.  So I started planning for a houseful.

That caught me completely off guard.  COMPLETELY…so I quickly made a rhubarb dessert and then started doing a little cleaning and blog post writing as I knew I wouldn’t get anything written while they were here.  Then Kalissa came by and I went to help her with things so not much got done at my house.  That was all okay as we had a great time hanging with the boys.

Saturday morning I got up and called Kalissa to see if she wanted to go to the farm store with me or if she needed anything.  I was going to get some straw to cover the grass seed once it was planted.  I was secretly hoping Buck might plant it for me when he was home.

I picked Kalissa and the boys up and off we went to the farm store.  It turns out she needed grass seed as she is working on seeding in a few spots too.
Everyone we knew was in the store and everyone was talkative so we were there longer than expected.  On the way home Kalissa was scrolling on her phone and said, “Oh, I’m going to send this swing set listing to Kelli’s friend Chelsea.  I know she’s looking for a swing set.”  WHAT??  I’m looking for a swing set.  I had picked something up but wasn’t completely happy with it as it wasn’t really big enough.  I really was still looking for a swing set.

I was driving.  I said what does it look like?  Kalissa flashed me a picture on her phone.  All I could see was that it was HUGE.  She said that it had been in a storm and wasn’t assembled anymore.  I sadly lamented that it would be so cool to have one so big.  Kalissa said, “Well let’s buy it.”  It was originally a $4000 swing set.  They were asking $300.  I said I didn’t know how it would get home.  Kalissa assured me if I wanted it, she’d make sure it got home.

Kalissa quickly messaged the man and said we’d take it.  He messaged back and said he’d hold it but he really wanted us to come and look at it to be positive we wanted it.  I was already positive but thought maybe I should.  So off Kalissa and I went in the complete opposite direction we had just driven.

It was about 20 minutes away.  As we drove Kalissa took her phone and showed Carver the picture of the swing set.  Carver said, “Oh my, I’m freaking out.  I’m so excited.  I’m freaking out!”  Kalissa asked if she could take his freaking-out picture.  Here he is…
As we were driving I just bust out laughing.  What a crazy life I live.  I just bought a swing set…a huge swing set and I really have not even stopped the truck to take Kalissa’s phone and really look at the picture.

I had written a blog post some time ago telling you all about wanting a swing set…well actually needing a new swing set.  At the time I hadn’t really wanted a big wooden one but that had started to change this spring once we started getting out and using mine.  Carver had grown enough and a couple of childcare gals had grown enough that the small metal swingsets really weren’t going to cut it.  I could see as the grandkids got older, I’d want something more…so, this was what I likely needed.

We pulled into the place.  I went to the door and the man took us around to show us the swing set.  Keep in mind, I still hadn’t seen the swing set picture from Kalissa’s phone.

Here’s what we saw… Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

Today is the last day for the SewPad free shipping special.

Gary the owner of the company wrote and said, “We’ll be doing a Mother’s Day promo starting on May 7th and running through midnight on May 10th. Free priority shipping. Promo Code is MOMDAY.”

If you didn’t get the goodies you wanted for Mother’s Day, here’s the chance to treat yourself.

I had a great Mother’s Day weekend but I’ll tell you more about that in a post later this week. For now, I’m going to tell you what I’ve been up to in the sewing department.  The short answer is not much.

When I was at Kelli’s house helping her I picked up a quilt top she had finished.

This quilt is from Bonnie Hunter’s Addicted to Scraps book.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.  Happy news for you that don’t own the book.  If you have Kindle Unlimited, the book is free.

Kelli did her version in reproduction fabrics.  I just love it that way.  It’s a scrappy beauty for sure.

I took it home with the intention of quilting it for her then got looking at it.  When she was here I asked her if she wanted a border put on it.  She does so I’ll be doing that before I quilt it.

I also grabbed this box of shirts at Kelli’s.  I’m deboning them and putting them in my stash with the understanding that Kelli can raid my stash anytime.

I worked on them when I could this week.  I planned on three a day.  I kept up until this weekend hit.  Wowza it was too busy to worry about shirts.  I’ll finish them up this week.

Besides that, I worked on my Lori Holt Red Sampler Quilt Along.  Here’s how far I am… Continue reading

Two Quilts-Special in Different Ways

I have two quilts that are special to me to share with you today.  The first one is a quilt made by a reader.

Debra sent me an email along with pictures.  Debra writes:
I made your gorgeous Bands of Color quilt from Spring 2020 Quilts and More magazine.

It is rare that I don’t change one or more things within a pattern but your example was exactly what I wanted to make. The aqua binding was genius.

I call it “Scrappy Rainbow” and it’s going to my granddaughter’s teacher- she went above & beyond, really helped my type 1 diabetic granddaughter to have a wonderful school year.”

See attached this picture.

Oh my, I love it.  Kelli and I designed this and it was originally in our book and later in the Quilts and More magazine.  I actually thought this design up while I was in the shower one day.  It’s amazing where or when inspiration hits.

This is an awesome beginner quilt as no seams need to match!!  Kalissa actually helped by sewing part of this for our book…and Kalissa’s sewing skills are limited.

Few things make a designer happier than seeing others make quilts that are their designs.  It’s truly the highest compliment so, THANK YOU, Debra.

Speaking of thanks I have a HUGE thank you to send out to Christi.  She sent this to me… Continue reading