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Medical Update from the Kramer Compound

First up…news from the Hanken home.

Do you remember that Eli and Emmett were supposed to get tubes in their ears on the 25th?  Well, that didn’t happen.

Both of the boys started throwing up on the evening of the 24th and that canceled tubes for both of them.  UGH.

Well from there, things went worse.  Eli kept throwing up.  Kelli tried getting food and liquids into him but then he wouldn’t take them…or would take them and then throw it all up.

He went to the doctor on Tuesday and was back in the ER on Wednesday.

Poor guy.

He ended up admitted to the hospital on Wednesday for an overnight and will be there again tonight.

They don’t have any obvious reason why he can’t kick this flu bug.  That kind of bothers us all.  We’d love to be able to put a label on it all.

I feel so terrible that I can’t be a help.  Poor Kelli is so far behind on house things and sleep and just life in general.   She’s spent all of her time off of work holding the boys and dealing with them being sick. In our family, we all readily agree that Kelli is the only one in the family that could handle all of this.  She’s a good mom.

I’m so thankful that Kelli’s mother-in-law has been a help…I just wish I could be a help too.

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Bathroom Remodel

Here is a sight I was happy to see.  My contractor came by last week and was scoping out my bathroom remodel.  I was thrilled. He told me he’d be back in about three weeks.  I told him if he want to come sooner as I wouldn’t have any kids at my house this week.  He said, “We’ll be there Monday!”  YAHOO!!  I was so happy.

Karl and Craig came over on Sunday and moved all the things out of the bathroom.  That meant a whole displacement of everything in the kitchen and dining room.  Not fun…but totally okay.

This was how things looked.

This is what they are doing in the bathroom… Continue reading

We Lost a Good One…

My Aunt Agnes passed away.  She was one great lady.  Our family was so blessed to have her in our lives.

Aunt Agnes wasn’t the front runner, stand-out front kind of lady.  She was the one in the background managing everything…few of us ever knew all she was doing.

She died a few weeks shy of her 104th birthday.  What a legacy she left.  HERE’s the link to her obituary.  She had three children, 8 grandchildren,17 great-grandchildren…and as the obituary said, “numerous nieces and nephews”.  I am one of those nieces.

I am lucky in that my Aunt Agnes was a crafter and quilter like me.  She is one of the reasons I am so supportive of Lutheran World Relief.  In fact, my memorial money for her will go there.  She helped to make easily thousands of quilts for the organization.  My memorial money will go to the fund to help ship quilts.  I know she’d like that.

She was a master Hardanger too.  She did amazing work.  I just love it.  Here is one of the pieces she gave to me…

I was extra lucky.  Aunt Agnes was also my godmother.  When we were driving home from the funeral the kids and I were talking.  She was 47 when I was born…my dad, her brother just 2 years younger, was 45 when I was born.  My kids just couldn’t believe having a kid so “old”.

Here is a picture of Kalissa, Carver, and I with Aunt Agnes…I’m guessing this… Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I had a pretty tough week as far as how I was feeling.  I’m still not myself yet, so I putzed in the sewing room…and online.

I ended up pre-ordering this book.  Of course, I did!  I’m a real Lori Holt fan…and did you read the memo at the bottom of the book in pink?  It says 32 Scrappy Quilts to Love.

Scrappiness is Happiness Quilt Book Reservation | Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet Co. for It's Sew Emma #ISE-950You all know I love scrappy quilts.  The book was $32.98 which is a little spendy…more than I would typically spend BUT…the book has 32 patterns and that’s more than double what a typical quilt book has.  At least that’s my justification.  The only problem.  The book doesn’t come out until June I think.  I decided to use some of the money I get from blog ads and treat myself.

In the sewing room, I got a few things done.  Carla from Longarm Quilting Inspirations teamed up with me and did the longarming on a project I did…Do you remember this??  Push the play button to see the quilt flapping in the wind.  I braved the 0-degree weather to get this video for you.

Carla did AMAZING work!!  She is such a talent.

Here are a couple of other pictures I snapped before I had the binding on… Continue reading