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What I’m Working On…

Kayla has me doing a lot of behind the scenes work for the blog.  Besides that, I’ve also been working to get a few quilts submitted for future publication….so, I’ve not been getting as much sewing done as I’d like.  It happens…

You might remember I was working on this…

It’s my #5 UFO for the Dirty Dozen Challenge.  Last week I had 11 rows together.  This week I have more….last count was 28 with a couple more to attach yet.  I need to keep going if this is going to be a finish yet this month.

I’ve only been working on that very casually.  So I’m happy with that progress.

Rosie…well she’s bored with the project…see??

I was also working on a quilt with the new fabric line from Moda called Cider.  I have 32 blocks done and 24 more to go.  It’s all cut out so that’s awesome.  Little by little it’s getting done.

With any luck, it will be a top next week.

I do have lots of behind the scenes work that I’m doing…I swear time at the computer just flies by and I don’t seem like I accomplish much.

On the cross stitch front.  I changed gears.  I was so frustrated with this…. Continue reading

Community Quilts from Ronda

Ronda has been a busy quilter.  She finished two amazing quilts that will go on and be used in the community to help others.

Ronda writes:

I have two more quilts to share with you today.  Both of them were sent to me from Kathy M. of Westerly, Rhode Island.  The first one is a beautiful quilt made from a kit from JoAnn Fabrics called Nature’s Garden.”

Kathy pieced and appliqued the top and sent it on to me along with the backing and binding fabric.  This quilt finished at 78″ square.

I will hang on to this for the next fundraiser ~ most likely the Humane Society Annual Quilt Auction” ~

“…if they are able to have it this year.”

“The second quilt was also pieced by Kathy… Continue reading

Thursday Storms

Thursday was quite the day around here.  I was running around trying to play catch up when a message came from Kalissa:  “Are you still planning on taking Gannon to the dentist?”

Crap.  We had talked about this a few weeks ago.  I had offered to take him.  Poor Gannon has had three appointments (two trips) already this week to Iowa City which has meant 2 hour drives each way.  Kalissa has taken all of her days off to take him.  I had offered to take him to this appointment as it was close and do-able for me.

It was a 2:30 in the afternoon appointment…the dentist was a half hour away.  I was going to go pick him up from the babysitter at Kalissa’s house at 1:45pm.  At 1pm storm clouds rolled in and the skies started to look like they were going to open up anytime.  I decided I would drive to Kalissa’s get the car seat installed in my truck and see where the weather was by then.

I did that and ended up loading him up and thinking I’d get to the appointment and if I was really early we’d just wait in the car a bit as the storm looked worse and worse and I was hoping to beat it.  That didn’t happen.

It was one of those torrential rains…the kind that you don’t know if you should pull over or just keep driving really slow.  The entire drive was that way.  Thankfully the dentist is only 30 miles away…but at the pace we were going, I was glad that I had left early….then I got stuck here at the railway crossing with no train in site.

The dentist office was a whole event that I won’t even get into.  Covid and me bringing Gannon vs his parents bringing Gannon was a mess.  The worst, while I was sitting waiting for the dentist trying to keep Gannon from touching everything, my phone rang.  I answered it.  It was Jamie the local fire chief telling me was in the fire truck in my driveway dealing with the downed tree.  WHAT??  On my house?  No.  He assured me it the the neighbors tree at the neighbors house…Ah…thank goodness.

As I was driving Gannon back home I started noticing more and more storm damage…check out this flattened corn field.

The picture doesn’t do it justice.  It’s terrible for area farmers.

As I drove I decided that I’d pick Carver up and bring him to my house rather than just drop Gannon off.  I was sure Carver would love seeing the downed tree and watch the excitement…and he did.

This is what we saw…. Continue reading

What I’m Reading: The Lost Orphan

I found a book that looked interesting…The Lost Orphan by Stacey Halls.

I love historical fiction and honestly have a little trouble finding books that are good that all aren’t WWII related.  I think that the WWII era is the “in vogue” time period to write about now.  I know 25 years ago it was more of the pioneering and Civil War times that many historical fiction books were written about…now, it seems WWII.

This one wasn’t about WWII and was a treat to get to read about a different time.  This was London 1754.

The Lost Orphan: A Novel by [Stacey Halls]
I have to say I was a little disappointed not really believing the date of 1754 that the book was supposedly set in.  Really it read more like a  late 1800’s of early 1900 piece.  The book is really strong in the beginning and finished okay.  I was so excited to be reading it but then for some reason, I didn’t know it at the time, my enthusiasm for it waned.  All in all a good story and so wish more custody cases came to a happier ending as this did.

Here’s what Amazon had to say: Continue reading