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Thrifty Finds

I thought I would share some thrifty find that have come my way.  I didn’t find all of these on one trip.  They’ve happened over the last few trips.

I have this set of salt and pepper shakers.  People comment about them all of the time when I post a picture of my sampler wall.  People comment and say, “My grandma had those” and other similar things.

I bought these new in vintage packaging some time ago at the thrift store for 50 cents.  I was happy to have found them as I love vintage and love wood.  I thought they would be cute for decorating with my antique things.

Imagine my surprise when I hit the thrift store and found the set you see below.  I have never seen them….oh, so cute on their little shelf plus there are friends now too.  Cinnamon, paprika, cloves, and nutmeg were there!!

Oh, my word…So cute.  Of course, it had to go home with me.  I spent $3 for the set.  It was my find of the day.  I don’t have it hung up yet.  I’m waiting for one of my girls to me home so they can help me find a good spot for it.

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My Thrifty Life

You all know that I’m a thrift store shopper and garage sale junkie at heart.  I have great trouble passing by a garage sale sign.  I plan all of my appointments around times that the thrift store in the town I’m going to will be open.  It’s my entertainment…what can I say??

When I took Rosie to dog obedience class, I stopped at a garage sale.  I ended up with this load of goodies.  I got a 25 cent cord to my waffle maker.  Mine was broken.

I got a buck of sewing goodies too.

The red is velvet fabric.  You might remember that I enjoyed using that for the backing for my “Blessed” pillow.  There were some other goodies too.

I remember these embroidery patterns from when I was a kid.

There were more goodies too.  I kept some and passed some on.  I needed Fray-check so was happy to find this.

I bought a basket of embroidery floss.  I picked out a few but will pass them on.  I really wanted the round suitcase.  I had one as a kid and kept all of my doll clothes in it.  I thought I’d put the doll clothes here in it.

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Thrifting My Time Away

I just love thrift store shopping.  My mom took me as a kid.  I loved it then and I still love it now.  Thankfully I have some really great stores in my area.  for the most part, each of the towns, no matter what direction I go, has thrift stores and my going to town always means I’m stopping at one of them.

So many people tell me that the reason they don’t like thrift shopping is that they don’t find anything.  For me, that’s not a problem.  For the most part, I shop with everyone in my family in mind.  Carver could use a few pairs of jeans for when school starts in the fall.  I love all things crafty.  Buck was looking for a Dutch oven.  So with all of that in mind, it’s easy to find things.

Here are some of my finds over the last few weeks…There has been a lot of fabric at the thrift store lately and I love it.  These were all 1 1/2 yard pieces.  I love grabbing these.

There were also these three panels.

They are the same panel only different in color.  Two were $1 each and the other was $2.  I can never figure out their pricing.  I bought them all.  I kept one and passed others on and hopefully, they will be charity quilts one day.

I picked up these pieces.  On the right are all flannel pieces or sweatshirt pieces.  They will go for layettes.  I kept the $5 batik and that was already used as a part of the quilt back for my Garlic Knots quilt.

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Thrifting Adventures

I have two thrifting adventures to share with you in one post.

On my first thrifting adventure, this little girl, my granddaughter Georgia came with me.  She was a terror in the store and had to come out to the car, get a little talking to, and then went back into the store.

I keep telling her that her Grandma Joey is a meaner and she has to toe the line when she is with me.  She’s learning that.  When we went back into the store, she was an angel.

Check out the amazing antique mirror I found…It was $15.  It’s going to go in my guest bedroom.  Craig said he’d hang it for me next time he comes.

Check out the pretty details.

I found some other goodies too including lots of fabric.

I picked up these things for possible cross-stitch finishes.

I got a Magna Doodle and a fishing set.  Sadly, the fishing set doesn’t have a magnet in the end.  I’m trying to figure out if I can fix it.

I got a pile of fabric that I will send to Carolyn.  She knows to get surprise packages from me now.  Carolyn makes all the great goodies for Lutheran World Relief Baby Care Kits.

I got all of these fabrics too.  I had counted at one point but now I don’t remember but I think there were about 45 yards of fabric altogether.

Some items were priced.  Here are the tags below.  The rest of the pieces were 50 cents each.  I am keeping some of these and passing on a bunch to the Cresco Ladies.

I also bought this wooden trunk.  I am going to use it as my coffee table in my living room.  I paid too much for this, $100.  It was actually overpriced but I wanted it…Plus, all the profits from the store go back into the community.

I’m keeping all of the blankets and pillows for the kiddos in it.

I really do love it.  You all know I like all things WOOD.
My new rug will go under here.  I can’t wait until it comes!!

I’m considering the trunk a purchase plus a donation and I’m totally okay with it.

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