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A Busy Week with the Kramers

We’ve had a busy week around here.  You might remember that I had my grandkids over the weekend.  Monday rolled around and I was back to childcare…or so I thought.  My childcare kiddos were sick so the parents kept them home.  Gannon and Georgia were still here on Monday but no extra kids.

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday the kiddos were still sick so I sewed my days away all the while worrying about this guy.

Kayla’s boy Jasper landed himself back in the hospital.  He was having breathing issues.

This picture makes it look like he didn’t mind the whole ordeal.  That would be incorrect.  He was pretty miserable there.  Kayla happened to catch a happy picture.

On Friday we got this picture.  He was being discharged.  YAHOO!!

He stayed over three nights.  Kayla is taking it well…Spencer too but Kayla is a teacher.  This was finals week.  It was not a good week to miss school but what’s a mom to do?  Between Jasper getting tubes, his last hospital visit, and now this visit, she’s burned through all of her time off.

Being I was off from childcare I offered to go stay but she said if she went to work, she’d just be worried anyway.  I totally understand but I wish there was more I could do.

Thursday was Georgia’s birthday.  She’s TWO now.  We all had a video call to sing her Happy Birthday on Thursday.  She was crabby and wasn’t into it.

Kelli is having trouble sleeping already.  UGH.  I know typically those last few weeks are hard but Kelli is only at 29 weeks.  It’s too soon for her to not be sleeping.

Buck’s kids ended up with colds when they got home from the weekend here.  The kids are all feeling better but now Buck and Lora are both not feeling the best.  Buck sounded terrible Thursday night.

Karl is finally pulling the last bits and pieces together to sign the final papers on his house.  This week was a lot of finishing up estimates, checking into changing electric and internet…all of the fun stuff.  We’re hoping next week will be time to sign closing paperwork.  WHEW…

I got lots done while I was off especially being Kalissa’s family was on vacation in Wisconsin Dells.  It’s easy for them to go being they’ve already had Covid.

Kalissa ended up coming home sick.  She’s had a cold for the last few weeks but hasn’t been able to completely kick it.  While they were gone, it really flared up again.  They left Tuesday morning and came home Thursday afternoon.  She had to work overnight Thursday night.  I went on a walk with her and the boys Thursday afternoon.  She was debating on calling in sick.  I told her to go early and see if she could be seen at Urgent Care.  She said no.  She went to work.

Friday morning I called her as she was driving home and asked how she was.  She said, “Terrible”.

I told her I was pretty sure she had a sinus infection and should go in.  She started in on not being able to go and she’d go to Urgent Care over the weekend if she needed to.  I said no she needed to call for an appointment.  I would drive her to it.  I worried about her driving.  She didn’t get out of work until half an hour late, then the 70-minute drive home all while not feeling good, and then drive the opposite direction to the doctor once she got home, all on top of just working a 12-hour shift.  I pushed her and she finally gave in to go to the doctor.

I ended up taking her…Guess what?? Continue reading

Hooray a Thrift Store Day!!

On Wednesday I snuck away and went to get a blood draw.  I have a doctor’s appointment coming up and I like to have the blood work done in advance.  So Wednesday was my day to do that.  Kalissa watched the childcare kids for the last half an hour and I was able to go.

Being I was in town I made the decision to stop at the thrift store and at Walmart.  I don’t hate not going to town.  I love staying home for the most part but…it sure was nice to actually look in the store vs ordering grocery pickup.

My main excitement…hitting up the thrift store.  It’s been so long since I’ve gone and happily I had time to look.  I ended up having THE BEST DAY!!  I took some pictures so I could show you my haul.

I got a cash register for the kiddos.  It’s a nice one.  I need to find some money for it coins though as they are a choking hazard.  The cash register was $2.  I remember looking at them and they were something like $40.  Oh my.

I have play food that is a sub sandwich shop.  Having the cash register will let them play restaurant with that set now…also great for when they play pet shop or whatever else they come up with.

I found a John Deere tool belt.  Carver will love me for sure.  It was 75 cents.

I found a play tape measure and wrench to add to the toolset.  25 cents each.  The circular saw I had to pay 75 cents for.

Check out this cute little bus.  $2.

There is a flap on the back that lifts.  I am going to put the people in my puppet box as they are finger puppets and I’m going to make laminated picture cards for the inside of the bus and will make this a circle time game.  The kids will love this too!!

More Duplos…always a good buy.

Check out the new felt board I got.  It’s a perfect size. It is in mint condition.  $1.50.  I have a big awkward felt board that is icky.  That is going in the garbage!

See the outside of the felt board…I love it!  Felt pieces can do in the side pocket.  PERFECT!

I found fabric… Continue reading

The Ironing Station….

I knew Kayla was coming…I knew Karl would be here.  I thought the dresser that is destined to be my ironing station would go up the stairs so I quickly painted it and tried to have it ready so when the stars aligned, the kids would help me get it upstairs.

If you remember, it looked like this…

…and my illustration for it was this…

Here it is painted with no top yet.

Thankfully with a little pushing, prodding, and heavy lifting, it went up the stairs.

This is my previous ironing station… Continue reading

The Stars Aligned

Do you ever have one of those days that the stars seem to align and magically many good things happened all at once.  That was my Thursday.

I’m still on my diet.  I’m doing better with it this time around.  I think previous times when I’ve done it I’m been doing childcare at the same time.  Often I just didn’t eat because it was so much work to figure out what I could eat.  With the childcare kids not here, I’m taking a little bit better care of myself.

Well I was running low on fruits and veggies.  I needed to make a grocery run.  I’m still being very careful about going out, always wearing my mask and using proper hygiene.  I don’t stop as often either.  For example it I needed toilet paper, I would get it at the grocery store vs making the extra trip to WalMart.  I do not want to feel complete deprived either so my happy medium to mental and physical health was a trip to the grocery that included a stop at my thrift store….again, masking up and being careful.

I’m so glad I stopped and some of you will be too.  I found vintage quilt tops.  I think 4.  I’m so excited to share them with you.  That will happen coming soon.  I debated trying to decide if I should buy them but I knew you would love them.  I’ll be offering them up on auction here on the blog with proceeds going to my postage fund for sending out charity quilt tops.

I adopted this old hardanger doily.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it.  It has some holes and it’s in the best shape…I just love it though.  My Aunt Agnes was a master hardanger…I’m told my grandma Johnson was too.  I never met her.

I bought a couple frames, 50 cents each with the hope that it would work for my cross stitch piece I am working.  Ugly now I know but I’ll paint the frames black.  I only needed one but Kelli has the same chart.  This way she’d have a frame too.  For 50 cents it was worth the risk.  Think black paint!!

I also found this…it’s fabric.  It was in the curtain section.  Someone had used fabric to make curtains and must not have liked them.  The fabric is crisp and nice just like it came from the quilt shop.  There is over 4 yards of it so at some point, it will likely be a quilt backing…just $2 for that.

I found myself a pair of Maurices jeans too.  $2.  I have such trouble with pants.  As Craig says, “You Kramers are all gutt and no butt”.  (Yes he says that!!)  We take it in stride as it is true.  We don’t have hips.  Well that makes it hard to find pants.  They are typically too tight in the waist and too roomy in the hips/thighs.  These were perfect.  We aren’t allowed to try on clothes so it was a wild guess as if they would fit.

I was so happy as I was leaving the store.  What a great day.

Well the greatness didn’t end there.  As I was driving to the grocery store, there was a garage sale.  Not any garage sale.  It was at the house that host my FAVORITE garage sales.  With covid I debated about stopping but decide if I was careful and followed the same protocol, I’d be okay.  Also, the sale is outside and easy to social distance.

As I pulled up I realized that the sale really wasn’t open.  They were just setting up.  I asked if I could look.  They were perfectly fine with that.

I am so glad I stopped.  I can’t begin to tell you how glad.  On my want list has been a stroller.  I want a double, side by side, jogging stroller.  Kalissa has been looking on sale groups for one.  She sends me links all the time and they are $250 for a used one.  I pass on them every single time.  I told Kalissa I was confident I could get one for $100.  She laughed and told me no.  But guess what I did???

….and it’s nice.  It even has speakers for my phone. YAHOO!!  Yep…a stroller tripped out with speakers is mine!!

I found just what I wanted for $100.  I’m thrilled!!

I also found a carseat for my car to transport the grandkids….a bike that is Carver’s size for $5.

Fabric was 50 cents each.  The pink is SEVEN yards worth..the other 4 yards!!  Would you have left it behind?? Continue reading