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Dirty Dozen for January

I really did poorly with my December Dirty Dozen UFO challenge…really poorly.  I did finish these quilts…

These were considered two projects.  Some of you might think that was great but the truth is, they were finished in November except for the binding.  In December all I did was bind them and write a blog post about them.

It seems that most of you liked the one on the far left best.  I’m so happy as that is the one that I sent off to my niece’s new little baby girl.  I just didn’t know which to send.  You can read the full post about the quilts HERE.  You can get the free pattern to make this baby quilt HERE.

The other two quilts are here on reserve for the next time I need a baby quilt.  I really wish I had a couple of boy ones done and on reserve too…but that will wait.

I also finished this…
This #4.  I need to stitch the stems and make this into a pincushion.  That wouldn’t take long at all…and I actually did it!!

Here it is all finished…  All I had to do was the stem stitch and make it into a pillow.

As for the new number for the Dirty Dozen Challenge, it’s number 12.

I have two #12s.  This… Continue reading

Quilt Finish and Tutorial: Churn Dash in Plaids

I told you Rosie was tired of the quilting room.  She is.  Here’s proof.

No worries though Rosie…we have another quilt finish and that means we’re one step closer to tackling all of these.  Today Rosie and I are sharing Churn Dash in Plaids….what do you think?

Me, I’m in love!!

I showed this to Kalissa and she said, “Mom, when you make big boy quilts for the boys, please make them like this.”

Yes, yes I will.  I love working with shirts.  Yes, all of this was made with 100% cotton recycled shirts.

If you’re new to shirts and would like to know how I destruct them and make them into fabric, you can read more about that HERE.  The link can always be found in the right-hand column here on the blog in the tutorial section.

I took a ton of pictures of this quilt as I wanted you to get an idea of all of the different quirky ways I made the blocks.  I did somewhat of an anything goes type feel when constructing them.

The pattern alternate between a churn dash block and a regular block.

For the quilting motif, I used my Hook and Point…see??
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Dirty Dozen…

I didn’t do the best last month with my Dirty Dozen UFO Challenge.  I didn’t fully finish a single quilt.  That is not how I want to be doing with this challenge.  So last week, I told you about a big push I did…

I finished this…

The top picture is from when I was quilting it on the frame and below is when I finished it.

…and here is when it was completely finished.  I talked about that in THIS POST.

I absolutely love this quilt…I am so happy to add this one to the finished list.  Just having this finished was totally worth doing the Dirty Dozen UFO challenge.

This was the #3 project which was the August number.

The September number was #11.  I didn’t get that one done in September.  It’s still covering my sewing area.  I need to just apply myself and finish it!!

But…October rolled around and my Civil War Tribute top is a #6.  It only needs to be quilted. I’m so glad I put it on the list.  I thought I’d do it without needing to put it on the list…but I hadn’t and I was SUPER happy to tackle it as I didn’t need to sew a thing.  All of my other projects have been almost start to finish projects.  It’s so nice to have an easy one.

I put this one on the machine and bound it last week.  I finally got around to taking pictures and plan to show it to you all finished on Friday.  I’m so thrilled to have this finished!!

So what are my other Dirty Dozen UFOs? Continue reading

September Dirty Dozen Report

I told you that I didn’t finish a Dirty Dozen quilt for August…I’m a little sad about that.  Then I decided to do an assessment of how I’ve done for the year.

This was a #9
It’s a Crooked Courthouse Steps quilt with Mickey in the middle of the blocks.

I jumped this project ahead and pulled this as I needed to finish it for Scotty’s birthday.  It’s done and gifted.

These were started last fall….I have since passed these on to the Cresco ladies to finish up for charity.

They had since completed a top with them…

Here are a couple projects I was putzing with. There are two projects here so I’ll count them a #2 and #3….they are just baby quilts.
I sent one of these on to the Cresco ladies too.

I really don’t care how some of the UFOs get finished, I just want to feel the load lightened.

Scrappy Bargello in Plaids…that got finished.

This got finished…it will soon be a pattern for download on the blog.

Now for Augusts #3s

Hawk’s Nest

The finished quilt looks like this…

It’s a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  I’m using up a BUNCH of bonus triangle to make this.  All I really have is bonus triangles…nothing else is started so I wonder if that even counts as a UFO.

I’m doing pretty good considering when I started all I really had was the bonus triangles and I found I really didn’t have all I needed.  At the time I’m writing this I have 27 of the 42 blocks finished.  I have all the rest cut out and started.  I think I’m finally to the point that if I have a couple of afternoons to sew, I could almost have the center finished.

The other #3-I have this wool project…I’d love to get this done.  I have the frame for it already..I just need to finish the inside.

I am going to take this one downstairs and put it in the laundry room.  I think over the course of the month when I have the grandkids and it’s nap time, I can get the pieces adhered to the fabric.  I really would like this finished and I really don’t want to put it back in the cabinet.

Now for the September Dirty Dozen Projects…. Continue reading