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With my mystery quilt finished I have been busy sewing some things of my own.  Yahoo!!  I like doing the mystery but by the time I get to the end, I start to think of it more as a chore.  UGH.  At the beginning I’m excited to carve out some me time and sew away.  By the end I’m thinking enough already I want to be sewing on something else.  That’s my nature and why I work on several projects at once.  I never get bored.

So I’m been putting LOTS of my time into the blocks I showed you last week.

scrap-3This is totally a scrap buster!  I’ve been sewing through lots of scrap.  It’s been so fun as many of the scraps are ones that were gifted to me by blog readers.  I know I have never made anything with some of these fun fabrics…no Halloween scraps…

…no veggies…. None of these polka dots…. monsters, kitties or Halloween prints. These scraps is exactly what’s making this quilt fun.

There are tons of scraps in here that I know had to be gifted to me.  I rarely sew with black….and I am typically not a novelty print buyer.

I have LOTS of units paired, sewn and cut….no more blocks though.  Once I get all the units made I think these blocks will go together fast.

I have a few more three units to make in black.

The neutrals and oranges are all done.I ended up with some left over pieces that were to small for this quilt but they were big enough to get a 1 1/2″ twosies unit from. I don’t have plans for them yet but I couldn’t let them go to waste.  It’s part of the never ending cycle of scraps “breeding” and making more scraps.  I don’t mind.  They will be fun to play with.I’m hoping by next week to have a stack of blocks finished.

As for my scrap challenge….it was another slow week.  I’ve been working pretty hard on the scrappy quilt so the challenge has been slow.  Here’s what I was up to with that…. …

Mystery and String Challenge

This is typically the title of my morning post but being it’s New Year’s today I did a little “Happy New Year’s” post this morning and am sliding my “What I’m Working On” post into this evening’s slot.

If you’re been following the mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter you know that the clues are coming to a close.   Friday was my “me day”.   I went to the dentist and got a crown put on a tooth, to get a mammogram and then for my annual physical.

When I got home I was chomping at the bit to get some mystery sewing done….I got the pieces cut but that’s about it.


Saturday I was up and SEWING!!  mystery-on-ringo-lake-1

Once the Friday clue was done I moved right on to the Saturday clue.


I sewed ALL of it at the machine at once.  I figured it one of the kids called on the phone or if I got finished and was making supper downstairs, these guys could be with me and I could iron in between.


About then the phone did ring and it was one of the kids so the ironing commenced.


I ended up staying at the iron and was THRILLED when I was caught up for the day….


At that point I sent a picture to Connie and Kelli with my guess at what the block might look like.  Close…right??? …

String Challenge and Mystery Sewing

I’m hooking up with Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt link up today.  Welcome if you’re new here and the link up brought you.  We are a busy blog with update twice a day, unless life gets in the way.  There’s always something going on here!!

Last week I finished up the quilt for the wedding and then the busyness of the week before Christmas set in.  On top of that…I caught a nasty cold!  I didn’t know how mystery sewing would go but it went fine….

I cut it out on Friday over naptime..and then more cutting while making supper.  I did some sewing Friday night….Some again on Saturday and finished the sewing of the flying geese on Friday night.


It appears that I have enough!  I’ve debated about making a few more each time the numbers are given and make the quilt bigger.  75″ x 90″ really isn’t very big.  It will do a twin sized bed and that’s about it.  Hmmm.  At this point, I’ll wait until the final reveal to decide what I’m doing.

In the middle of cutting out for this I realized that I am running VERY low on neutrals.  UGH.  It wasn’t the problem of the directions it’s the problem of me!  In the middle of this I raided my neutrals and cut out another quilt so…My neutrals are almost gone.  Just at that moment I realized that Hubby was in town doing an errand in West Union.  They have a quilt shop there that I rarely go to.  In the past one of the reasons I didn’t go was they didn’t have tons of fabric I was interested.  They actually had LOTS of batiks.  Well I got the idea to call there and see if they could cut fabric and Hubby could pick it up.

I called Hubby and asked if he would mind stopping if everything was ready.  He said he would gladly stop (one of the many reasons I love this guy).  I called the shop and they said they could quickly have it ready.  I told them I didn’t care what they sent.  It had to be a neutral and wanted a quarter yard cut.  It didn’t matter if it was fat quarters or yardage and that I’d take up to 20 different cuts.

This is all I had left….There was limited variety.  Most of them are only a few inches wide.


Here are the new fabric cuts….Ah…I feel much better as the next clues come that I’ll be prepared.


I was worried if in the next clues, we’d have to cut out 3 1/2″ squares or something like that, I wouldn’t have enough fabric.

My batik supply is somewhat limited as I just started shopping for batiks over the last month or so.

Onto my String Challenge:
For those of you who have been following along with me, you know that I’ve challenged myself to finish all of the quilts in Bonnie Hunter’s new book String Fling before her new string book comes out….I only have four that aren’t finished and all of them are started….so….here’s this week’s progress.

All of the applique is pressed and in place for the Daylilies quilt.


5 1/2 blocks have the applique finished.  It’s not hard but it is time consuming to prep for applique.

I know some of you are working on finishing projects before the new book comes  out as well.

I’ll see you back here next Monday with more mystery sewing and more Sting Challenge sewing.

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