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Stash Report

Yesterday I told you that I stopped at the quilt shop in New Hampton, Iowa, Quilter’s Window.  I didn’t tell you what I found though.

First off…I need to tell you if I have any luck at the thrift store.  The answer…YES.  I did.

They ended up boxing up all the shirts I found.  30 in all.  I take everything I find that is 100% cotton when I go.

As for black and white shirts…JACKPOT!  I found FIVE.  I never find that many.  I’ve been looking for about two years now and I only find one here and there.  It was a good karma day as that quilt is moving to the front burner.  I’ll tell you more about that another day though.
As for the quilt shop…I bought a few things there too.  I told you all that once I go off the fabric diet, it’s a bit of a struggle for me to get back on there.

Here’s what I bought….

Yes.  I couldn’t pass by the white based neutrals.  
I love anything with words or a bit of color.  I love the stars and the graff paper.  The one with words second from the left is actually a Christmas fabric but I don’t care.  I’ll use it in anything.

My favorite was this one…Don’t you love it?  If you went to libraries in the olden days and saw the dates stamped on the library cards they looked so much like this.  I adore the fabric.

I snagged some food fabric.  I’ve recently worked on the food quilt for my lady that comes in and teaches the childcare kids Farm to Table.  Jean gave me a kit to make it and I thought I would look for fabric and gift her some back.  I found seven on this day.
I did get a couple pieces for the mystery quilt.  I’m being pretty picky with what I select.  I could still use a few more pieces but if I don’t find them, I think I have enough to manage.  I just like LOTS of variety.
It was fun to go to the shop and see all there is.  I am glad that I don’t go to shops regularly though.  I would be so tempted.

I’m giving myself until the new year and the mystery quilt is done…then I think I better go back to the fabric diet.  This has been getting expensive…but I’ve been having fun and as Karl would tell me, “Treat yourself”.

I’m Grounded

That’s right.  You read that completely and totally right.  I’m grounded.  I’m not allowed to go into a fabric store.

A couple  Saturdays ago I decided to go shopping.  This rarely happens and if that mood strikes I’m usually pretty quick to talk myself out of it.

I ended up on a bit of an adventure…First I went to my favorite Amish bakery near Hazelton, Iowa…then to Amish Grocery…then to quilt shop Merry’s Stitches near Jessup…then on to Hobby Lobby.  Thanks goodness at least a part of the money I spent was on something needed…groceries.  I really shouldn’t say that as I really was to the point that I needed some fabric.

I get lots of fabric gifted to me and I primarily sew with what is gifted but there comes a point when after making as many bright quilts as I have recently, that a girl needs some neutrals to go with the bright fabrics.  So I was on a mission.  Bright white prints….

Typically when I hunt for them I only find a few….not at Merry’s Stitches!!

She had a ton of white based neutrals, and I bought a ton!!  Seriously….I spent a lot here.  It’s a good thing I’ve been on that fabric diet for so long.

I had to laugh…Merry’s daughter Julie from Patchabilities was there.  I had asked for quarter yard cuts of them all.  (Yes, I am that girl)

Julie said are you sure you don’t just want 1/2 yard cuts.  Well…I’m sure I want to but I can’t afford 1/2 yard cuts on them all.  So I do what I do to make the quilts I want to make.  That means it’s quarter cuts and LOTS of different ones!!

LOTS.  You know it’s bad when the shop gives you a reusable bag with their shop logo.  See… Continue reading

Thrift Store Finds

You might remember that last week on Monday I went to Lacrosse to have a needle biopsy done.  Kelli was doing childcare for me while I went to have that done so I wanted to get back as soon as possible.  On the way home Kelli called and said, “Mom, I’m fine here.  If you don’t stop at the thrift store, I’m going to be mad at you.”

Well I decided I’d stop but try hard to make it a quick stop.  I hit up the toy section and the craft section but just did a quick once over on anything else and completely skipped clothing.  I’m so glad I stopped….I found fabric!

Here’s my haul.

These two pieces were 50 cents each.  The white with letters was two yards worth.  The green was left overs from the backing of quilt I think.  There is a yards worth of that but not in a traditional cut.
There was this kit of purple fabric that someone designed and put together.  I says that two more yards of purple are needed.  I’m going to have to read through it carefully and see exactly how I’m going to use it.

For $2.50 it was a deal.  I think it will be fun to figure it out and make it into something…or I might throw the fabric in my scrap bucket and jazz up my scraps with some purple.  It’s a color I don’t typically have a lot of.

These three pieces were rubber banded.  They were “specially marked”.  Two were $1 each.  One was $1.50.
The $1.50 one was two yards…on of the $1 ones was one yard.  The one on the lower left was left overs from a quilt backing.  I think it is about a yards worth but again, not in a traditional cut.

People often wonder if the stuff I get at the thrift store is quality fabric….See for yourself…. Continue reading


I’ve been slowly collecting the things I need to do some projects from this book…

Martingale - Bowl Me Over (Print version + eBook bundle)
I reviewed it HERE.

I ended up ordering a copy from Amazon.  I’ve been trying to save money and not buy so much but this book, I really liked.  REALLY LIKED.

It’s funny…the ones that really caught my eye, aren’t on the front cover.  I liked the ones that mimic chalkboards.

Martingale - Bowl Me Over (Print version + eBook bundle)Martingale - Bowl Me Over (Print version + eBook bundle)
I read through the book to see what supplies I needed and decided to start collecting them so I can start a project from the book.

The book called for  Size 12 pearl cotton.  They suggested several colors but I decided to just get white and cream.  I’ll use embroidery floss if I need colors….

They also called for quilting thread.  From the pictures I assumed they meant hand quilting thread…so I got that.

Then they mentioned these pens Uni-Ball Signo Broad Gel Pen.  You can find that HERE.

The book suggests using a fabric from Marcus Brothers called Basecloth.  I had trouble finding it when I searched.  I finally found it HERE…and ordered.  I ordered PLENTY.  I was afraid I wouldn’t find it again.

I have the interfacing bought now too…

I think I had some batting here but I’m leaning towards filling them with sand instead.

The last thing I needed…PressNSeal.  Yes…PressNSeal.  This is how they used it. Continue reading