Stash Report

It’s been ages since I have a stash report.  I don’t buy any fabric anymore.  I don’t get out much at all.

I have been to the thrift store a time or two but they don’t have fabric anymore. They have extra volunteers who have made masks working and I think the fabric gets set aside for them.  BUMMER.  I used to love thrifting for fabric and have been a little sad that there is none to be had anymore.

When Kelli, Kayla, and I went to Spring Green Wisconsin to Country Sampler, read about it HERE if you missed it, we stopped at a garage sale.

The lady there had two boxes of quilting related stuff.  She sold them both to me for $6.  It was a good deal.  Here’s what I got.

These are all perfect for binding.  All are between one and two yards each.

This was fun…yellow, white, and gray scraps.  These are perfect to go with some other scraps I have in the same color family.

So you remember me making Kalissa and Craig’s wedding quilt?  This one…. …

Stash Report

This should have published a couple weeks ago, but somehow didn’t.  I think I accidentally saved it as a draft and didn’t put a publication date on it.  Here’s the post now…

Well remember when Connie and I stopped at Pine Needles in Rochester when I had doctor appointments….

Well I bought a couple of things.  I’ve been on a fabric diet but Marsha who owns the store with her daughter, sent me a gift card when Kramer passed away.  It was so sweet of her.  You might remember me telling you that Kramer worked for Marsha’s dad and husband for a year when we lived in Chester, Iowa.  In the card Marsh wrote that she knows I do a lot of charity quilting things and I made quilts out of scraps you all send me and she wanted to treat me.

As Connie I am I were shopping, I was almost overwhelmed with all the selections knowing I had a gift card in my purse.  I could pick anything.  Usually when I go in stores I am trying to be super conservative.  HA!! is what I picked…… …

Stash Report

A bit ago I told you all that I wanted to make a quilt using this fabric….

It was a Walmart fat quarter only fabric.  I originally bought it because I thought it was so stinking cute…and I love dogs.  My intention was to make a quilt for the Humane Society benefit with it.

Then I got thinking about making a graduation quilt with it….

Then I thought of this pattern.

The problem was I didn’t have enough of the dog print fabric.  So…I said something to all of you and WHAM.  I got more fabric just like that.

Someone messaged me and said someone on Ebay had 4 fat quarters.  I immediately went and bought them.  Then some came in my mail….

Ask Jo: My Fabric Stash

Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days. Today’s question is about organizing my sewing room closet.

Judy B asked:
Would you please share what totes you ordered and from where? I’m looking for some new ones.”

As many of you know, I’ve been tackling my sewing room.  Most people might call it cleaning but not me.  I’m all into this so I’m calling it tackling!

One of the places I’m putting all of my efforts into is my closet in the sewing room.  Here’s a rough layout of my space.


The upper middle of the picture is the hallway.  Our upstairs bathroom in on the upper left.  If you come all the way down the hallway, my sewing room is 14 x 20 room at the bottom of the picture.  We designed it this way as down the road, most people would use my space as a master bedroom.

On the upper right in the picture is my closet off the sewing room.  It’s 6 x 11.  I love the room and it’s a lifesaver for storage.  It allows me to keep more things than I probably should.

In the five years I’ve lived here I’ve updated the closet and time and time again when either time or finances allowed it.  My last big cleaning session had me buying these shelving units (Find them HERE on Amazon) for my closet.  I love them.

They really helped things get better a lot….but still I wasn’t completely satisfied.

At the time I had enough money for the shelving but not nice matching totes that were the correct size.  I made due and that was perfectly okay.  I knew a day would come when I’d afford good totes.  So this time around, it this cleaning session, I’m getting the totes.

What I’ve found that is working best for me are these…. …

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