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It was a Lie…but it was not Meant to be a Lie…

So on Sunday afternoon, I filmed an episode of “Sew with Jo”.  My plan was to work on my Old World Fantasy quilt.  That is this quilt…

It is a mystery from Quilted Twins.  I was working on it last year as Covid hit.  I was also working on Bonnie Hunter’s Unity quilt along…and of course, mask making.

I completely lost my steam on this project.  I like the quilt.  I love the colors, but I was not in the mood to finish it.  BUT, I was in the mood to have more UFO projects finished.  I was in the mood to have my sewing room cleaner.

This project has never been officially put away.  It’s sat on a stool in my sewing room with the hope that I’d get the desire to jump on it and finish it.

That desire to “jump on in” never happened.  Then two weeks ago I decided that I would make a commitment to sew one more row on every week.  I grumbled but each week I added a row.

Well, on Sunday Kalissa called me and said, “Film a video Mom”.  I will edit it on Monday.  I didn’t have anything immediately planned so decided I would do a “Sew with Jo”.  The only problem, I really didn’t have anything to work on.  That’s when I remembered that I had this quilt.  I needed to make more sashing blocks.  So I decided I would sew them for the “Sew with Jo”.

In the video, I told all about how I was going to power through and do one more row each week until it was finished.  I told all about how I was running out of steam for the quilt.  I told all about how I was needing to make myself do just one more row each week.

Well, a bit into the video I realized that it was hard to talk and sew when I  needed to sew long strips together so I switched gears a little and worked on my spider web blocks and then went back and did the strip sewing after that.

I sewed for about an hour with you all.  HERE it is…

But…after I was done with the video, something happened… Continue reading