What I’m Working On…

I have several deadlines that I am racing to meet….my Moda Bake Shop quilt top and back are together- now to find some time to quilt them.  I also have a wedding quilt that needs to get done.  Here’s how far and am on the wedding quilt…

I have the borders pieced together too.  I got this far after just sewing on Saturday.  But…that’s as far as I will be for a bit.  Notice those two blank spots along the bottom.  UGH!  I cut two layer cake square wrong and I have no extra fabric and NOTHING that matches even remotely close in my stash.  After debating about what to do, I finally started searching on line.  I can’t ever remember what fabric line this was…something Fig Tree so I started searching.  Cabbage Rose has one piece that I think will work so I ordered it quick and hopefully it will be here by Wednesday or so.  I need the quilt for a wedding on the 16th so I am starting to press my luck but my time is still manageable if that piece of fabric will work.

The quilt is Nice Day from Schnibbles Times Two: Quilts from 5″ or 10″ Squares (That Patchwork Place).  The top will all be made with two layer cakes and 5/8 yard fabric.  I will definitely think of making another one of these quilts when I have another wedding.  It is coming together really quick and easy…yet it looks good too.

I am off to go look if I have something that will work for backing.  The quilt is 78″ x 78″ right now.  I’d like it a little bigger like something over 80″ square so I am going to tweak with the borders a little bit.  I am not sure quilt how…so we’ll see.

If you would like to see what others are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

My Schnibble at Martingale

As a book review for Martingale and Company I have the option of keeping the books I review or giving them away.  I always feel guilty about keeping them as I know I have more than enough quilting things around here to keep busy and I really don’t NEED another quilting book.  A couple months ago they sent me Carrie Nelson’s “Another Bite Schnibbles”.  As I paged through is doing the big debate…do I keep it…do I give it away?

Oh..I wanted to keep it.   How could I not?  I have her first book, Schnibbles Times Two: Quilts from 5″ or 10″ Squares (That Patchwork Place), I have loved that one.  Yet..do I REALLY need another quilt book.

If you aren’t familiar with Carrie’s (Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company) designs, she makes small quilts she calls “Schnibbles” from two charm packs.  In her Schnibble books, she makes the quilts in two sizes…one small that uses charm packs and one larger using layer cakes.  As I paged through the book I couldn’t help think….

Cindy Lou Who….I made that and donated to Relay for Life.


Round About…I made that (even though I went the wrong way)!  It was a baby present.


Winter White..I made that and donated to the firemen’s benefit.


Picnic…I made that too.  That went for a youth benefit.


and Tag Along…I made that.   This one I gave to my hubby’s mom and she had it while she was in the nursing home.  I got it back now…


There are some I didn’t make….Two Percent…

and Decoy….

and Reveille and Getaway and Nash and OSO…oh I want to make all of them.  I don’t want to just make them in the small size.  I want to make some in the large size too.  That’s when I decided.  I was keeping the book regardless of whether I needed another quilting book or not.  The quilts are so perfect for gifts.  Small ones just need an extra border and they make perfect baby quilts…big ones make perfect wedding and graduation quilts.  Still…did I really need another book?

I didn’t review the book because, I was still feeling guilty.  There are other people who need the book more than me….but no I wanted this one…I pass on lots of books to my readers.

Then, Palmer from Stitch This (Martingale’s blog) contacted me and said he was doing a post about Carrie Nelson’s “Another Bite of Schnibbles” and could he use one of my photos in the post.  I said sure!  Well today is the day his blog featured Carrie Nelson’s book.  I read the blog post and saw that he was giving the book away!!  TWO in fact…TWO books.

Now I don’t feel one drop guilty.  I am keeping mine.  You all can hop over to Stitch It for your chance to win…my copy is staying with me..and I don’t feel guilty about keeping it either.

..Oh, by the way…My Lincoln quilt is the one that is pictured in on his blog.  You’ll have to read the story on my making that quilt…it was an adventure!


Good luck and I hope one of my readers win….tell them Jo sent you!!

Kelli’s Schnibble State Fair

Kelli was home Saturday and shared her latest quilt top with me.  It’s State Fair designed by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.


She made hers with Moda’s fabric line Make Life.  It turned out so cute.  I can easily see a baby boy or a baby girl with the quilt.
That’s Kelli’s beagle PuppyCat (yes the dog’s name is Puppycat).  We are trying to teach her to pose like Gracie does….


She started to get the hang of it then Gracie had to try to steal the lime light…oh those beagles….Gotta love them both!  Kelli was sewing on another project while she was here….wait until you see it!!  It’s a black white quilt…but that’s all I’m saying for now.

I made the same pattern some time ago.  Here’s a link to see mine.  Isn’t it amazing how different the color are.  It ends up not even looking like the same quilt.

I’ve been whipped by Paganini….and a design wall report.

As part of the Le Petite (little project) group I belong to, we were suppose to make a small quilt using Miss Rosie’s Paganini Schnibble pattern.  We have known about this for TWO months….but could I finish it?  No.


Yes…the top is finished but that’s where it ended.  I am out of dark blue fabric to bind it with…I need to get to town to buy some thread to quilt it with.  The place where I got the dark blue fabric is an hour away.  I have an errand there Saturday so I’ll get some then.

I hate when quilts get in put in the flimsy pile so hopefully, this one won’t go there.

You can see more Paganini quilts over at  A Quilting Life and Pink Pinchusion later today.  You can check out to see what next month’s project will be too.

Now for what I’m working on….
I wanted to do Judy’s (Patchwork Times) mystery quilt.  I looked at the yardage and thought…UGH!  I don’t have near that many yards of the same color in my stash so what’s a girl to do?  I love a mystery and I love anything Judy designs.  All of the quilts come together so nicely.  I didn’t want to be left out of the excitement of a mystery so I improvised….Mine is going to be scrappy.  I have no idea if this design will go good looking scrappy…I have no idea if I should try to keep one color from the same print to unify the quilt a bit.  I simply have no idea and that’s the fun of a mystery.


Here is part of step one to give you an idea of what it is beginning to look like.  I am almost finished with step two.  Hopefully I can sew LOTS tonight and be caught up by the time Judy posts the next clue.

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