Pieceful Nights Quilt Along-The September Edition

A post from Kelli–

I don’t know about anyone else, but this summer has FLOWN by.  We’ve stayed busy with lots of things –my cousin Carly’s wedding, the chickens found a new home, my cousin Jody’s 5 wonderful kiddos came for a visit, Buck and Jen got married,  and Mom and Dad bought a house.  Also, we’ve been working on some top secret deadline sewing that you will have to wait to see until later this year and early next.  It’s been a wonderful summer, but I’m sure glad that we are now heading into Fall–it’s my favorite season.

With the Labor Day holiday, I was able to get the next step of our Pieceful Nights quilt along completed.  This month we will be completing the large center star.

September Block of the Month


One thing that worked well for me when making the block this month was to break it up into smaller pieces.  I had a number of not fun things that I needed to do on Monday, so as I got each yucky thing done on my list, I got to sew a part of the block.  I started with the center, then worked on assembling the large star points, and finished with the corner blocks.  Before I knew it, I had all of the yucky things checked off of my list and I was onto fun things!

Without further ado, here are the blocks of our faithful quilt-alongers (is that even a word?)–

Here are Nancy’s blocks.  I love how the blue floral looks different in each of the triangles!


Here are Joanna’s blocks.  Such a nice color combination!


Judy’s blocks look great in red and green.



Aren’t Melody’s blocks gorgeous?


Sharyn’s beautiful blocks–
Barb is all caught up…



Make sure to stop back tomorrow to see what the stitch-alongers have been up to!

Pieceful Nights Quilt Along

A post from Kelli–

I don’t know about anyone else, but I swear it seems like yesterday was May.  So far this summer, Mom and Dad have bought a house, we had cousins come stay for a few days, the chickens found a new home, Mom and I (but mostly Mom) finished a double wedding ring quilt, and Buck and Jen got married.  Every year about this time, I also sit down and think….Oh if I can just get through the next 2 weeks or so, the schedule will calm down a bit.  After looking at the calendar, I’m starting to think that I just need to be okay with the fact that life likely won’t be slowing down anytime soon at all.

One thing that I’m really glad I took time to finish up was my blocks for the Pieceful Nights quilt along!  I just finished up my smaller blocks and boy am I happy that I decided to make a quilt using Moda’s Paintbox Batiks.  This month we will be making block 11–Bird’s Nest (left) and block 12–Odd Fellow’s Chain (right).

August 2013--Blocks 11 and 12


I love Sharon’s color choices.  The colors seem so warm and cozy!


Aren’t Nancy’s blocks gorgeous?


I love how Judy’s color choices compliment each other so well!


Johanna has been super busy this month and got 4 blocks done.  Great job!


We have lots of fun and exciting things coming up this fall, so stay tuned!

Pieceful Nights Quilt Along

A post from Kelli–

When I announced last month that we would be making two blocks, I was a little bit worried that it might be a bit too much.  I was sure excited when Mom told me she was getting emails from our quilt-alongers with both blocks!  In order to get the entire sampler done in a year, we are going to keep making two blocks each month until we have all of the blocks done.  From there, we will work on completing the center block, piecing the background setting triangles, and putting all of our blocks together to complete the quilt.  I know that I have busy summer planned with graduation parties, weddings, showers, and hopefully a little vacation (just to Mom’s), so I’m going to really have to plan time to get the blocks done.  If you happen to only get a block done or maybe aren’t able to complete the part “assigned” for the month, don’t feel bad at all.  You can get caught up in the next month or two and send your pictures when you have them available.

Without further ado, here are the blocks that we will make for the month of June–Blocks 7 and 8.

June Quilt Along 2013


Block 8 on the left is called Maine Woods Variation.  Block 7 is on the right.  It is called Milky Way.

Here are the blocks that were completed by our quilt-alongers…

Barb K got her two blocks done.

Here are Melodies blocks.  I love the colors!

Mary Ellen is playing catch up.  It’s not to late for you to join too.


Here is Joanna’s block.

Next up are Sharyn’s blocks.

Joanna got both blocks made too.

PiecefulNights-May-joanna-2 PiecefulNights-May-joanna
From Nancy we have two blocks too.



Come back tomorrow to check out our stitch along!  When we were traveling to Minnesota this past weekend, Mom was adding the finishing stitches to her block.  I’m starting to really wish that I would have stitched along instead of only quilting along!

Fit to Frame Along

Now is the time when quilt alongs get hard…at least for me.  May is typically such a busy month here and I don’t have much inside-sit down time.  That’s what I need to keep me stitching..inside-sit down time.  I am so glad that I am doing this as a project with you because it keeps me working on it even when I am tempted to set it aside.  I keep saying..I think I can, I think I can!

Here is next month’s block…There are lots more pieces in this block than the other ones.


Here is Nancy in PA’s block….I smiled when I saw it because I have used every one of those fabrics!!


Here is Nancy E’s block.


Here is Lyn’s block…Lyn sent me a picture of all her blocks set out.  It looks AMAZING!!


Thanks for playing along.  You can see the prize listings here..I’ll pick winners in a couple days.

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