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Quilt Shop Tour: The Quiltmaker’s Shoppe

I ventured south last Saturday.  I met our daughter Kayla in Manchester and when in Manchester, going to The Quiltmaker’s Shoppe is a must.

I was looking for a gray fabric….Kayla intended to only browse…but temptation got her.

Actually temptation got us both.

The owner was in and she was cutting some fabric for us.  She talked both Kayla and I into new ruler for rotary cutting.  Typically I can resist a ruler or gadget but not this time.  I’ll write a blog post soon and tell you more about them.
I really didn’t intend on taking more pictures and doing another quilt shop tour but the store had changed quite a bit since the last time I was there….the spring things were so tempting. I almost bought this little mini.  It was small and I loved the idea of it….those tiny little flying geese…LOVE!
I’ll tell you…seeing the fun bright projects was giving me the itch for spring to come.
The back tables were full of clearance projects.  This was one clearance section….
I always love stars….

It you have a St. Patrick’s project in mind…they have some good fabrics.Kansas Troubles fabrics?  They have them. Planning ahead?  There were some great fall-sih projects. I really liked this flag table runner. Kayla got caught up in the 30’s prints.  Here she is… Continue reading

Quilt Shop Tour: One Block Over

Last weekend Kelli and I met in West Union with a mission to find fabric to finish our mystery quilts.  She was out of a fabric…me, I was looking for border fabric.

When I last left you, my mystery quilt was this far along and I wanted more of a border on it to make it larger and give it more of a finished look.


Mid mystery I thought I was going to run out of neutral fabrics.  When Hubby was in town, I called ahead to the quilt shop and requested that they cut as many quarter yard cuts of neutral as they could.  He would pick them up.  The quilt shop I called was awesome and had these all cut and ready for him when he walked in the door.  Impressive!


Well the quilt shop that did that for me is One Block Over in West Union, Iowa.  The shop is only about 25 minutes from my house.  I have not gone to the shop very often as there is nothing else in the town as far as shopping that attracts me.  When I called I honestly didn’t even know that they had batiks.  I’m so happy that they did.

Well Kelli and I thought that if they had all of these neutral batiks, maybe they lots of other batiks as well. So…off we went.

Here I am with my bag and project in my bag. Once in the store it was our mission to find the batiks.  There were lots of distractions along the way…..Halloween fabric.  I was so tempted.  I’m working on a Halloween quilt right now.This was a fun rendition of the classic Yellow Brick Road pattern….oh cozy pretty flannels…YUM! The shop isn’t very big but nicely laid out so there’s still lots to looks at. Threads…cute clothing patterns…oh my!
They have the complete collection of Jinny Beyer fabrics. WOW pretty…don’t you think? Continue reading

Quilt Shop Tour: Quilter’s Quarters

At the end of November I made a quick trip to Cedar Rapids for a baby shower for Lora and Buck’s baby.  I was worried I didn’t have enough fabrics for the mystery quilt so I stopped in Independence at Quilter’s Quarters.  In my area they are known as the store with all of the fabric.  I mean ALL OF THE FABRIC.  The shop has over 7000 bolts.


When I walked in I could hear a couple people talking in the back.  I roamed the entire store…It’s really large.


Seriously, there is fabric EVERYWHERE!  So much that the excess leans on the floor.  If there’s a fabric you want, she likely has it.


This picture right here shows about 1/6 of the store!!!Quilters-Quarters-4

There are novelty prints galore.


There are very few samples in proportion to the amount of fabric.


This is PART of the batik section….


The fabric is organized in a way that it can be seen.

This is the black and white section.

Here’s the floral section.Quilters-Quarters-10

She had a section and sold Pfaff sewing machines-at least I think she did.  They were covered in other stuff and and I wasn’t sure if that was the work area of if the machines were for sale.

There is even a section with religious fabric.


Here’s some “Jesus Loves Me” fabric.  I’ve never seen that before.  Have you? Continue reading

Quilt Shop Tour: Inspired to Sew

Remember when Kelli and went to see Elton John in concert in Moline.  On that trip we stopped at four quilt shops.  Each week I’ve been telling you about one of them.  This week we are in Cedar Rapids, Iowa checking out Inspired to Sew.  I know the owner.  Back many years ago she lived close to me and we did some quilting work together.  Jill is so fun and I always had a great time working with her.

For awhile she owned a quilt shop in Cresco, Iowa and now has moved to Cedar Rapids.  I’ve been to the shop once before but that was when it was first open.

The shop is easy to find and parking was nice.


I appears that they participate in the row by row.  In our area lots of shops make a “row” and customers hurry around to the shops and collect rows to make row quilts.  I’ve never caught the bug.


The shop has a vaulted ceiling and the theme seems to be to stack things HIGH.


The high and winding layout of the store made it really hard for me to find Kelli sometimes.  We couldn’t see over the racks at all.  She would say, “Hey Mom, look at this”.  Then we’d play ring around the rosies going around displays to try to find each other.  I think we noticed this more than most customers would as we had just been in shops that were very open and we could easily spot each other from across the room.

I sure loved this little elephant and was so tempted to make it but…then reality hit and I remembered how much I don’t like sewing with Minky.


There aren’t a lot of Civil War fabrics in the store but there are lots of brights.



and what Kelli and I were looking for….Batiks!!  Check them out! Continue reading