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Quilt Book Review: Blue and White Quilts

I’m still working my way through the quilt books that Martingale sent to me to review.  I’ve had lots of great bedtime reading over the last month.  What a treat!  Today I’m showing you Blue and White Quilts.  This is a collaboration book with quilts featured from the following designers…  Lissa Alexander . Lisa Bongean . Julie Hendricksen . Sherri McConnell . Camille Roskelley . Laurie Simpson . Helen Stubbings . Debbie Roberts . Jill Shaulis . Nancy Mahoney . Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison.

This one is a vintage quilt and I really like it.  I’m typically not a basket girl when it comes to quilts but this one, I really like.  I have to admit when I see a quilt like this.  My brain says “So much white space.  How do I quilt that?”

I like this one too.  This one says vintage quilt to me too.

I have to say, I’m not a fan of white, white fabric at least not in the quilt below.  I love the design but think I would like it better in a softer white.  I think it’s because this quilt looks vintage to me and the softer white would be more fitting.  I love the design though…don’t you?

One thing about reviewing quilts others make, we have the privilege and hindsight that the maker doesn’t always have.

Are you an applique gal?  I am not so a quilt like this, I look at and enjoy….

It’s not that I can’t applique, I just don’t.  If I’m sitting, I’d rather be cross stitching.

This next quilt is my favorite from the book.  What do you think? Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: Patches of Stars

You might remember Martingale Publishing had recently sent me a bunch of ebooks to review.  I was so tickled and a little bit sad when they came to an end.  Every night before bed I had been flipping through books.  But…the books came to an end.

Well then I was cleaning out my email the other day and SURPRISE!!  There in the recesses were more books from Martingale.  I don’t remember getting them.  The emails weren’t opened.  Hmm.  That’s not typical of me at all so, I am back to enjoying quilt books and have more for you to see.

Today’s book is Patches of Stars by Edyta Sitar.  If you know about Laundry Baskets Quilts, she’s the force behind it!  I have long lover her designs and her fabric but to date, have never made on of her quilts.

I could look at these quilts for forever.  I could study them and observe fabric selections.  Oh me oh my.  Her quilts are a work of art.

One of the things that has prevented me from making them…the applique.  I can applique but I don’t enjoy it.  If I am going to sit and stitch, I prefer it to be cross stitch.

Happily not all of her quilts are applique.  Don’t you love the use of the busy background fabric in this one?

Another thing that makes me hesitant to make them…. Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: The New Hexagon 2

Sadly, this is the last book I have from the bunch that Martingale Publishing sent me to review this time around.  Oh my…I’ve had so much fun checking them out and dreaming of all the projects I’d love to make.  I buy quilt books from time to time and often I don’t even make a quilt from them.  I just enjoy them.  This one is a book I am oh-so tempted to do that with.  This book The New Hexagon by Katja Marek is amazing!

The book focus around paper pieced hexagons.  The book is broken down into learning how to create the blocks…patterns for the block, the actual projects and then the pattern pieces.

The block pages are like this…they show the finished block then diagrams to show you how to put the pieces together.

Here’s just a few of the fun hexies in the book…. Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: A Country’s Call

Here is a gem in the bunch of quilt books that Martingale sent to me to review.  It’s A Country’s Call by Connie and Mary of Country Threads fame.  Of course I would love this book!!

This is one of those books that if I have more time in my life, I’d love to make every quilt..only larger.

Don’t you love that cover quilt?  I sure do.  I love the colors.  Definitely a winning combination!

By far, I prefer reproduction fabrics but often I making quilts for others so I end up using a variety of other fabrics.  These colors totally speak to me.

I really wish I could make more small quilts like this and and have them out as decoration….Childcare really prevents me from decorating as I wish I could.  Aren’t the colors awesome??

This I love as well…Simple but nice.  Seriously..the fabrics are screaming my name!!

This one is lighter colored…not the deep right Civil War colors… Continue reading