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Blade Saver Thread Cutter Review

I pulled out my Hawaiian Sunset quilt.  It’s a long term UFO.  I think it’s been on my bucket list of quilts to make for years and years…I’ll have to look again, but I think for over 10 years.  I had pulled fabric and had a tiny start on it.  I have the four patches that go around the quilt done and started the nice patches that are in the center of the blocks.

I needed more center nine-patch blocks and there were a few half-sewn four patches so I thought I would work on them and get a true count on what I needed to get made.

That led me to pull out my BladeSaver Thread Cutter.  I thought I would do a review for you while I was at it.  Heather at Purple Hobbies sent a BladeSaver Thread Cutter to me to review at the same time that she sent the Third Hand Binding Tool.  You can see my review for the Binding Tool HERE.  I did a video on using the Third Hand Binding Tool as well.  You can find that HERE.

So far, I have loved Heather’s products.  She is great to work with.  One of the things I love most about her company is that Heather is a quilter and designs things that she herself feels she needs to make quilting easier.

To onto the Bladesaver Thread Cutter… Continue reading

Quilting Notion Review: Third Hand Binding Folder Clip

I recently contacted the company Purple Hobbies and asked them if they would be interested in sending me their Third Hand Binding Folder Clip in return for an honest review.  They said yes and asked me what size I wanted.

I am a machine binder and I cut my strips at 2 1/4″ when I bind quilts so I asked for that size and they sent it to me.

Earlier this week I finished the machine quilting on this quilt… Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: Scrap Basket Bounty

You might remember at the end of 2021 I had said that this year I wanted to focus on getting some of the scraps in my scrap bins used up.  So many of the totes are overflowing and I struggle to get the tops of the totes to close.  I want to do something about it…but then I got sidetracked on tackling all of the quilt leftovers I had hanging around.

I’m coming to a close on my using up my leftover so I started combing through books…and even ordering a few scrap quilt books in the hopes that once the leftovers are done, I can jump into my scrap bins.

One of the books I’ve been paging through a lot is Scrap-Basket Bounty by Kim Brackett.

The book came out in 2018 so some of you might already own it.

I have owned it but I never really looked at it.  Wait.  I take that back. I did look at it but then put it back down.  So many of the quilts are smaller and I always make larger quilts.  So making them larger takes some match and I don’t always want to do the math.  This time I am looking at it with fresh and a mind set that I REALLY want to get my scraps used…so here’s what I can tell you about the book.  There are:

16 beautiful patterns
3 different setting options for each quilt
48 patchwork projects in all!

Here is how they claim 48 different patterns.  See this pattern.  I like it a lot.  I have some batiks that would be perfect for this quilt.

In the directions they show how to make the block and how to lay out the quilt…then they have… Continue reading

Quilt Review: Over the Door Quilt Hanger

I was on Amazon and saw in my recommendations an over-the-door quilt hanger.  Oh my…this definitely looked like something I would like.

I ended up contacting the company and asked if they would send me one for free in exchange for an honest review.  The answer was yes.  I was so excited.

Doesn’t it look perfect for a quilter’s house?

Goodness knows I have quilts and quilts and quilts around here.  I’d love another option to display them.

While I waited for mine to arrive I started to think of places I would like it or could use it. When the hanger arrived I quickly went around the house testing it out and trying to see where I liked it best. Continue reading