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Quilt Book Review: Charm School

I was wading through my email trying to delete as many emails as I could when I came across an email from C&T Publishing.  They were announcing releases.  I looked at the date of the email and it was from August.  I had never opened it.  Oops.  I was just going to delete it as after all, if hadn’t worried about it in all this time, I probably didn’t need to bother opening it.  Curiosity got the best of me and I opened it.

I’m glad I did as this lovely book to review was in the email…Charm School:  18 Quilts from 5″ Squares by Vanessa Goertzen.

I initially thought woo-who….another charm pack book.  Hasn’t that been done?

Well it has been done.  It’s been done many times.  But if you are a good designer and make great quilts, it doesn’t really matter if it’s been done before.  I actually was surprised by the designs and had a great time paging through.

Of course, as always, C&T Publishing doesn’t show you the good stuff in the pictures they send to me to use in my review post.  So I got out my camera and took a few low quality pictures on the computer screen.  Here they are…. Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: Zakka from the Heart

C&T Publishing sent me books to review again.  I picked this one right away.  I have a book by the same author that has become one of the books I keep at my nightstand and page through.  This one, I can see me paging through night after night too.  This book is Kakka from the Heart by Minki Kim.

I tell you this all the time…and it’s true again.  The people in charge of promotions are doing a crappy job at picking photos to promote the book.

Here are the photos they have available….

I’m guessing nothing was very enticing that made you want to buy the book…right??  With 16 projects in the book, they only showed three and the front cover??

There was nothing in those pictures that made me say this is a book that’s more interesting than one I have at home.  But it actually is a pretty cool book.  Stay with me while I show you come of the pictures I took from the ebook copy they sent me to review.

Cute bags…and photography. Interesting to look at.  Wait, that looks like a sewing machine in the back of the photo.  Hmm.  Wonder if that’s a prop?

Remember that cute roll bag in the original pictures?  Oh, now I can see what it really looks like.  CUTE!!

By looking at the pictures I can see that there are good illustrated instructions….That makes me feel confident about buying the book.

Here’s what they looks like finished.  SO CUTE.

Check out this bag…. Continue reading

River Road Quilt Shop

I told you that when I went for my biopsy on Monday that I stopped at the River Road Quilt Shop in Lacrosse.  It’s only a few blocks from the hospital and clinic so it’s easy to stop.   I’m trying to stay out of quilt shops and not spend any more money than I already have (more on that to come)…but the mystery quilt colors were revealed and I need a few more pieces so what’s a girl to do but shop.

The outside doesn’t look very friendly, does it?  But I’ve been in the shop before and it’s okay so in I went.

I’m doing my mystery in batiks (more on that to come too) so my mission was batiks.  I couldn’t remember what they had for selection…so I went in and walked past EVERYTHING to the batik section.  That takes some will power.

Here’s their batik section….Just the top row.  Shucks.  I can see a trip to Forest Mills Quilt Shop is in order.  The girls there have the best batik selection in my area.

I thought I might as well give you all a little shop tour as long as I was there….The camera on my phone was acting up.  You know how it goes when your phone automatically updates and something isn’t quite right afterwards.  This time, it was my camera.  UGH.

Isn’t this cute…it’s a headband in a braid.  If I had a girl that wore headbands, I would really think about getting this.

Isn’t this bag so cute?  I love the pineapple blocks.  I was so tempted.

I took a picture of the name of the pattern as I figured one of you would love it too.  I didn’t get the pattern.  I reminded myself time and time…I have bags and I only use my very favorite ones.  I don’t need another.

As much as I would love to do the mystery in Civil War prints, I know it’s a no go.  So many of the colors like light blue and the aqua, it’s never be able to find.
Fabrics galore…see? Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: Wool Applique` Heirlooms

C&T Publishing sent me the October releases to review.  I have the option to review any books I want or don’t want.  I don’t often wool applique but I sure love the look so I thought I would review this one too.  Oh my…I’ll tell you right up front, if you like wool applique, you’ll likely like this book.

The book is Wool Applique Heirlooms by Mary A. Blythe.

The directions and introduction to the book are great.  If you’re unsure of thread or tool or wool, this book explains it all…and photography, top notch.  I loved just scrolling through the pages.

In the book are a series of season mats.  All are the size and shape of the one below.  If you like season decorating, this book has it.

Here are a couple of the other seasons…
….and another…. Continue reading