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Quilt Finish: Iowa Hawkeyes Half Square Triangle Quilt

I have my first quilt finish of 2023.  It’s my Iowa Hawkeyes quilt.  I actually finished it last week but didn’t get time to put the blog post together until now.

My quilting on this wasn’t fancy…just a simple stipple.  Sometimes, with a busy quilt like this, adding more than just a stipple just makes it look more busy.

The second I rolled it off the frame…Read More »Quilt Finish: Iowa Hawkeyes Half Square Triangle Quilt

Villa Rosa Blog Hop: It’s MY Day!!!

Hello.  It’s finally my day for the Villa Rosa blog hop.  Today is the last day of the hop and I’m so glad that I am one of the last blogs for you to visit.

I am sharing this day with a few other bloggers so make sure to hop over there too.

Julie at
ME!!!  at
Cindy at

I do want to introduce myself a bit as lots of new people are here.  I’m an Iowa girl…I grew up a farmer’s daughter in Minnesota and eventually became a farmer’s wife in NE Iowa.  We had five kids and sadly at age 57, he passed away.  My grown kids are very much still a part of my life as are the 10 grandchildren.  I write about all of them here in the blog.

I write about everything and anything…mostly quilting, cross stitching, fostering dogs, charity quilting, my kids and grandkids, thrifting, widowhood, gardening, books..just about anything that comes up in my day.  I’m chatty and consider all of my readers friends.  I try to keep you caught up with things through two blog posts a day…one morning blog post and one evening blog post every single day…

So that means if you’re ever bored and on your computer or device, you can just type in and I’ll be there with something new.  If you prefer, I can come to you in your email via a newsletter.  If that’s interesting to you feel free to sign up to receive it.  It’s in the right-hand column of this post.

I hope you enjoy your stop off here and decide to visit regularly.

If you were here last week, I gave you a teaser of my quilt…here was the teaser photo.

The quilt is done now…and I’m ready to show it off…Here it is…Read More »Villa Rosa Blog Hop: It’s MY Day!!!

Welcome to the Villa Rosa Blog Hop

Hello…today launches the start of the Villa Rosa Blog Hop!!  We have new people coming to the blog and our old regulars.  That’s for hanging out with me whether you are new or old.  I am a busy blogger writing two new fresh blog posts each day…one in the morning and one in the evening.  I laugh and say you can always wake up with me and you can always catch me before bed.

All of you regulars are probably wondering where the community quilts post is.  No worries.  That will be in the evening post this week.

Some of you who have been reading the blog have been anxious for this Blog Hop to happen.  You’ve seen a sneak peek at the quilt I am working on for the blog hop and have wanted the pattern.  I’m doing a little teaser again…you’ll have to wait until my day of the hop to see the full finished quilt.

I’ll be up front…it’s all quilted and I need to bind it yet.  I’m hoping that will happen later today.  You can catch my Instagram Stories to see if I actually get to it.  You can find me on Instagram at @jo_joscountryjunction.  I post a lot of day-to-day things there in my stories.

I dug into my Kaffe prints for this quilt!!  It was so quick and easy to make I’m sure you’re going to be wanting to make one too.

The great news about the blog hop is that Villa Rosa is launching four other patterns besides the quilt I made…and you’re going to get a chance to hop around and see all of the patterns made up.  Here they all are…Read More »Welcome to the Villa Rosa Blog Hop

Anders Crumb Quilt Progress

I told you in my “What I’m working on” post that I needed to just stop and clean up my sewing room.  It wasn’t terrible but it definitely wasn’t what I wanted.  In the past, I’ve been able to shove things aside and sew with a mess there but this was about five projects worth of mess plus pictures that needed to be hung.

I worked on that on Monday and then I started organizing all of the random pieces I have for my grandson Anders’s baby quilt.  YES!  I do need to get working on that.  I might have it ready for his baptism if I ever get working on it.

If you’ve been following along you know that I’m made a series of Youtube videos showing you how I’ve been making this.

I have put in some time off-camera and have been making some of the inside pieces of the quilt.

I thought I would show you what I have and behind-the-scenes thoughts I have on this…

First off let me show you what I’m trying to make…a quilt something like this…Read More »Anders Crumb Quilt Progress

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