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Friday Finish: Kelli’s Novelty Quilt Tutorial

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I just love today’s Friday Finish.  It’s a toddler or throw quilt made and designed by Kelli..quilted and bound by me.

If you’re looking for a quick quilt, the construction is really quite easy.

If you want to make one for yourself you need:
1 3/4 yards novelty print
1 3/4 yards total of solid prints
1/2 yard binding
4 yards backing

49 squares of novelty print cut in 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ squares.
1152 square of solids cut in 2″ x 2″ squares.

Sew the squares together as shown in sets of four. Mixing up the position of the colors.  Make 98 units.


Sew the squares together as shown in sets of six. Mixing up the position of the colors.  Make 98.


Sew the strip sets onto the 6 1/2″ novelty print squares as shown.

Sew the square together.  Don’t worry if the same solid color touches.  You won’t see it in the end.

From the remaining squares, sew two sections that have 42 squares and two sections that have 44 squares.  Add them to the outside edges of the quilt.

Now you’re ready to quilt it.

I quilted mine with a square motif.  I used Maxi-Lock® Swirl – Variegated Thread 3,000 yds – #56 Tie Dye Punch for the thread on top and a red for the back.


The quilt ends up being 66″ x 66″.  You can easily add or subtract blocks to make it the size you are looking for.

This quilt is going in the donation pile.  The next time a benefit, disaster or someone in need has use of it, we are passing it along to them.

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I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Advil®, as part of the Advil® Relief in Action campaign. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Advil® as a product or its effectiveness. Our family is big into volunteering.  Hubby is a volunteer first responder and fireman.  Our son volunteered to fight Idaho wild fires last year.  A few weekends ago our two boys helped a friend shingle his house. It isn’t just the boys that volunteer…we girls do too.  Our daughter hosted a Red Cross blood drive and actively gives blood.  Our daughter Kayla is often volunteering through the school she works at or through her roller derby team.  Kelli volunteers through her work and with me working with our Charity Quilt project.  Our whole family enjoys volunteering and giving back to others.  When Advil® asked bloggers to talk about their volunteer projects, I readily signed up for the chance.  I wanted to team up with Advil® to tell my story because the Advil® Relief in Action campaign honors and supports people who don’t let pain get in the way of helping others. What a worthy cause!! With the help of many of my blog readers, my daughter Kelli and I have been working on charity quilts.  It started a long time ago when we were making more quilts than we knew what to do with.  We just started giving them away for local benefits and fund raisers.  We loved the response we got.  We loved seeing a quilt that we made be auctioned off for $800 to help our local school. Recently a disaster happened in West, Texas.  This disaster was near and dear to our family as it happened in a small town and many volunteer firemen’s families were affected.  We knew we wanted to do something more but just didn’t quite know how.  That’s when we got the idea that if we asked blog readers to help us help the people in West we could start a chain of volunteerism.  We would take quilt tops donated by our blog readers, machine quilt and bind them, then send them on to worthy causes. Originally I volunteered to quilt 10 quilts.  I never thought that readers would send that many.  Imagine my surprise and excitement when 21 quilts came in!! This has been a win-win situation for us all.  Blog readers have been able to clean a few projects out of their closest to make room for more and people in need have been able to be comforted by beautiful quilts.  Here is a photo of a woman from West, Texas with a quilt that was done through our charity quilts project. Hil5 Here is Hilary who coordinated the quilt dispersal in West, Texas. Hilary at Quilt Table It gives me great joy to know that many of the quilts in the three stacks to the right were quilts that I worked on. After the West, Texas disaster, we worked on quilts for Moore, Oklahoma.  We have continued to ask blog readers to send quilt tops so that we can have quilts ready for upcoming disasters.  We recently finished this quilt which is going to a benefit to help a little girl who has recently underwent a liver and kidney transplant. HomespunBabyQuilt I know that I spent long days working on these quilts late into the night.  My feet were sore and tired from working on the quilting machine.  But it was totally worth it.  Giving to others gives me an energy I want to share. For me, quilts are the very symbol of comfort and compassion.  I can’t ever imagine having nothing and needing the help of others.  I think recipients can’t help but feel empowered by each item they acquire that gets them closer to making a home again.  I think quilts bring optimism that there is comfort to be found in the world even though their circumstances are hard. Just recently, 14 more quilts came in.  I am just wowed by the generosity of my blog readers.  I salute all of my blog readers who have worked with us to help others…may we continue to do so for a very long time.  I feel honored and blessed to be surrounded by such a compassionate group of people. If you are looking for ways to help look for and purchase participating bottles of Advil®.   As part of the Advil® Relief in Action program, a portion of the price of participating Advil® bottles will go to Habitat for Humanity® International and Wounded Warrior Project® so their volunteers can get the relief they need, and get back to giving back. Do you know someone or do you yourself actively participate and join in the support of active volunteers. If you do please: –          Follow @ReliefinAction on Twitter and Instagram –          Share how you see Relief in Action by posting a photo with the hashtag #ReliefinAction on Instagram and Twitter. –          Visit to learn more.

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Quilts for Oklahoma #2

Here is installment #2 of quilt for Oklahoma.

Here are the latest quilts that I finished up for Oklahoma.  Like the other charity quilts I have been working on, these tops were sent to me from blog readers.  Unfortunately I have lost the notes that said who made these and for that, I deeply apologize.  I have quilted and bound them.

I really like both of these.

The quilting design on here is Wonky Feathers.  It is a Pajama Quilter design.


When the reader sent this quilt, it was suggested that this pieced together flannel top should actually be a backing.  I thought it way to nice to just be a backing so I made it into a top.


The backing is a sheet that actually looks really nice with the butterflies.  The quilting pattern is again a Pajama Quilter design.  I think it’s called dwindling.  I love this design on strip quilted tops.

I am finishing up two more tops then these will be sent off to Oklahoma.  I love working on these tops for others.

Quilts for Oklahoma

You may remember a few weeks ago I offered to machine quilt 10 quilt tops for free for the people of West, Texas.  Well I had 21 quilt tops sent to me.  I quilted 18 of them and they are all quilted, bound and sent away.   At the time, Cindy had sent  two quilt tops along with a note that said if I got lots of quilt tops in that I could save hers for the next charity event that came along.  Never did I expect that another town would be in need so quickly.

Immediately after I heard about the tornado in Oklahoma, I knew I needed to get working on the quilt tops right away.

The tops Cindy sent are wonderfully pieced and they turned out really good.  This one Cindy said was a Trip Around the World pattern.  It is a free pattern that is found on Bonnie Hunter’s website.  You can find the pattern here.


I used the Pajama Quilter’s Wonky Space design with variegated thread…Maxi Lock Swirl Punch.  It varies between blues and purples.  I love the thread.


The other quilt I think is Rectangle Wrangle.  That pattern is also a Bonnie Hunter pattern and can be found in Scraps & Shirttails II: Continuing the Art of Quilting Green.  In Bonnie’s pattern she uses black as the accent color…Cindy used burgundy.  It’s a great quilt too.

I used the Pajama Quilter’s floral stipple design with variegated thread…Maxi Lock Swirl Punch on this too.

I have about four or five other quilt tops here from other generous readers that I am hoping to finish up for Oklahoma.

I was over and read Bonnie Hunter’s blog.  She has a name and address of someone collecting quilts for people who were in the storm’s path.  You can read that post here.

As much as I would love to, I don’t have time to quilt any more quilts than are already here for Oklahoma.  I will however, any time you want to send one, accept quilt tops for upcoming disasters or charity drives.  It’s easy to just grab a few tops and quilt them when I hear of a disaster rather than wait for them to come in and be bombarded.

I know so many of you have quilt tops lying around waiting to be quilted and don’t want to pay to have them quilted just to donate them.  I really love working with you because I don’t have time to piece the tops.  Here is my email if you want to chat with me about your quilt top…I’ll gladly donate my time to quilt a few Quilts of Valor too.

Here is my contact information if you’d like to contact me with questions about quilting your donated quilt tops.