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A Charity Quilt…

I think my box of charity quilts from Pam is finally empty?!?!?!  The quilts aren’t all done but the last one is on the frame.  I didn’t intend to pop it on the frame quite yet as I have a deadline quilt that needs to be quilted but the audio book was so good that I was listening to that I wanted to keep listening.  The other quilt didn’t have a backing ready so this one just squeezed it’s way in before the other one…that can happen around here if my book is just that good.  (Watch for that book review tomorrow afternoon)


I’m just doing a simple floral stipple design.  It’s a Pajama Quilter favorite of mine that is my default design.


I’m about half finished with the quilt.  My audio book is all the way finished so I’m off to find a new book.

I hate getting the “next book” when the previous audio book before it was so good!!

What I’m Working On….

I am working on a charity quilt.  Some time ago Dee Dee a blog reader sent a charity quilt top for me to quilt and then pass along to a worthy charity.  The quilt top was really wonderful and I’ve been saving it for a benefit fund raiser.

It just so happens that I follow Dee Dee on Pinterest and see that she is always posting cute little pictures of dachshunds so I took a guess and decided she must be an animal lover. (EDIT**I had two Dee Dee’s mixed up!  But I am assured that dachshunds are in the family though)

When the Humane Society that I work with said they were looking for auction donations for their upcoming fund raiser, I immediately thought of her quilt top.    I sent an email to her asking for permission to use it for the benefit and I got a yes!!  So after I finished up one of my latest deadline quilts, I threw it on the frame and started quilting.


After about four hours at the machine, I had it done.  It is such a pretty quilt and I am sure it will do well at the benefit.


Now I need to bind it and label it and the quilt will be all ready for the benefit on Saturday.

Charity Quilts

I just got a box with two charity quilts tops in from Brenna.  THANKS!!

I love the colors on this one….


…and I love the design on this one!


Someone asked if I am still doing charity quilts and the answer is yes..I am.  We’ve been fighting a lot of deadlines lately so I haven’t gotten as many done as I would like but once May comes along, I hope to get working on a few more.

I hate when I get so busy that it’s hard to squeeze to charity quilting in but this too shall pass and I’ll be back in the charity quilt swing again.   In the mean time, feel free to send charity quilt tops my way.  I’ll get to them eventually.

A Friday Finish: Charity Quilt

We’ve been busy like crazy but I did manage to sneak in a charity quilt.

This one is from Pam and I am saving it for Trisha…that is if she still needs military quilts.  Pam does such a marvelous job putting fabrics together.  All the pieces are a mis-match but come together so nicely.


Tisha, another blog reader, who was so kind to send me dishcloths, asked if there were any quilts around that she could donate to military.  Well I think this one would be perfect.  Pam sent another one similar in style and I think that one would be good for the same cause.  They aren’t red, white and blue, but still good colors I think that a guy can like it too.


No fancy quilting…just a swirl done in my trusty #425 Superior thread.  This one was a quick quilt to do.  Everything clicked and was able to fly through it.

Thanks so much Pam and Tisha for making me part of the link that sends charity quilts to deserving people.

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