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Ask Jo: That Crumb Quilt

Along time ago- well it was Fall of 2011- I made hosted a “crumb” along and showed people how I made this quilt.

This was a quilt I made for my daughter Kalissa.

You can see her name along the bottom of the quilt.

Well I recently have gotten some questions about the quilt.  That often happens if the quilt gets posted somewhere and more people find it.  I got an email from Kim asking lots of questions and I thought I would answer them all here on the blog in case anyone else is interested.

Kim writes: Continue reading

My Crumb Star Baby Quilt

When I was busy making my Crumb Geese, I got inspired to play some more.  I ended up with these nine blocks.

All of these blocks were made with fabric that was given to me.  All those little scraps and pieces my blog readers have sent me are a little closer to being a quilts.  I just love bits and pieces and am SO thankful to all of you who have sent scraps to me.

Do you recognize a fabric in the mix?

I know they are destine to be a baby quilt but I am not sure how I am going to lay them out or what I am going to do with them from here.  Any suggestions??

My friend Michelle, from Michelle’s Romantic Tangle,  is hosting a baby quilt linky party.  If you’re interested in seeing other baby quilts in progress, follow this link…if you have a baby quilt you’re working on, link up!  It sounds like fun.

My Adventure at Moonlight Stitching Studio

Thursday night I taught a crumb class at the Moonlight Stitching Studio/Sisters Retreat in West Union, Iowa.  I hadn’t been there before so it was a treat.  West Union isn’t far from me, in fact it’s only 25 minutes away, but I hadn’t been.

The front of the store is real cute and decorated wonderfully.  Deb sells yarn, a few pre cuts and fun quilting/stitching related goodies.

In fact, Kelli bought some yarn in Iowa Hawkeye colors (gold and black) to make one of those neat scarves like the one I wearing in these pictures.  They had it in Vikings (purple and gold-the scarf  is all the way to the left in the picture) and Packers (green and yellow) too.  I just know someone is going to ask me for Deb’s contact information because they want to order some yarn to make a scarf for their sports team fan so here is the info in advance.

It the back Deb has a great class room with room for 24 to eat and 24 to sew!  There is also room upstairs for 24 to sleep.  The rooms look super cozy and inviting.

While I was teaching, Kelli was touring and she snapped a few pictures for me to share.  Of course we forgot to take a picture of me with the group..or the classroom or eating area.  Those places were awesome.  You’ll have to check Deb’s web site to see those pictures.

The ladies all loved working with crumbs.  Some of them committed to having Deb write the anniversary date on the calendar for next year.  Then they want to meet up again and see if they made any progress.

If you are looking for a place to meet up with gals to sew, stitch, knit or chat, Deb has a really nice place and her rates are SUPER reasonable.

Thanks for the invite to come and play Deb…call me anytime!

My Helper??

I am getting ready to teach class tonight in West Union, Iowa at Moonlight Stitching Studio.  I am teaching a crumb class and I am frantically trying to sew up blocks for samples.  More than that I am trying to have the steps to the blocks so that people can see exactly how they are made.

Ruby “thinks” she is my designated helper…..I don’t think so….  Ruby was being awful running around begging for attention.  I played with her a bit then tried to get back to making the blocks and Ruby started doing more of the same…jumping on my leg (which is a no-no),  running over the sewing machine foot pedal TWICE, and whining and whining.  Finally I decided she would just have to whine.  I opened the old knitting tote I keep my crumbs in.  Ruby jumped right in to check it out.

Before long, she was fast asleep.

The only problem with that is that Ruby is lying on top of all the crumb scraps I need.   Oh…Ruby you are a great companion but not much of a helper.