Block of the Month Challenge…Start Your Engines!!

I put out a challenge to all of you who have a languishing Block of the Month project.  I suggested that we all work on whatever Block of the Month (BOM) project together and complete (or at least move the project along) in 2017.

Being I’m hosting this Block of the Month Challenge I thought I better pull mine out and see what I got myself into….(I’m dreading this already-but you all are going to help get through this…right?)  Well this is my BOM that needs my attention.  I did a couple BOM projects previous to this one and did fine with it…I’m just not that girl anymore.  I like massive methodical piecing….I hate making one block each month.  I passionately hate that.  It seems like such a waste of time in reading directions and cutting out for only one block.  Anyway…this is my project and as much as I like to pass it along, I’m committing myself to finishing it in 2018.


I was SUPER happy to see that this block often has two or four blocks that are the same….I like that idea a lot.

I figured I better take a moment and assess where I am at…Block #1 is done!  I had to make one 18″ and one 12″ block of the same style and print.  See? …

New Year-New Challenge: Block of the Month Challenge

In the upcoming year I have two new things planned.  Today I’m telling you about the first.  It’s a Block of the Month Challenge.

I have a block of the month quilt that I want to get finished.  I’ve had it for several years….SEVERAL.  Remember back when there was the 1st Civil War block of month quilt.  Well I (as my kids would say) “Drank the Kool-Aide” and bought into the idea that I would actually putz around and make a block each month.  Kelli did too.  (Now I realize that is SO-SO-SO not me! Now I know that!!) Kelli was first starting to sew and was excited about the challenge.  Well the place that we got the kits from told us that the fabric suggestions where extremely generous and if we added just a little bit to the fabric or changed out a fabric or two, we could actually get two quilts out of the fabric.  We were both thinking TWO quilts at one cost.  YES!!  The whole block each month thing lasted a couple months.  I hated the directions.  REALLY hated the directions.   Kelli entirely gave up on her’s.  She gave me the kits for each month and said she never wants to see it again.  So now I sit with this…..

A big tote of unfinished pieces.  UGH.

It’s taking up closet space.  I spent a lot of money on these and now I have not one, not two but FOUR of these quilts started.  Oh my.  I know many of you would suggest to just make the two and throw the scraps into my scrap bin.  The truth of it all is, making four of the same block is about as easy as making one for me.  I might as well make all four.  Besides, if I get started on these, I think I can get Kelli to join in somehow.  If nothing else I know she’ll sew the blocks together once I get them all made.  Somehow, I’ll sucker into it….after all, I’m her mom and know how to coax her into things.

I know that there are SEVERAL of you out there who have a block of the month project that is languishing in your closet.  Want to join me in tackling it in the new year.  2018 can be the year it actually gets finished.  I’m hoping that we can make this a first Saturday of the month get together.  How about we do this?  Saturday January 6th we all meet back here and show our project.  That’s all you need to for January…find your project!!  That’s do-able.  I know many of you will be working on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt so I don’t want to interfere with that.

From there we will meet all the rest of the first Saturday’s each month until the end of the year showing off our progress.  You can make the “Block of the Month Challenge” into what you want it to be.  Each month do what works for you-finish as many blocks as you can…get a block cut out..whatever works for you and your personal goals and schedule is just fine.  Any progress will be celebrated!!  If you started a new block of the month and want to share that it’s perfectly fine too.  I’m hoping come December we’ll all have something to show…and a little more space in our sewing storage area.

If you’re like me, you likely have a couple months of the project done.  I’m looking at this mess….

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