That Flimsy Pile

One of the things that I told you I wanted to work on and get caught up on is my flimsy pile.  I told you that WAY back at the beginning of the year…before cancer…before my husband died.  I had so hoped that I would catch that pile up and have no quilts in the stack by now.  That didn’t happen.

This is where quilt tops go to live until I get to quilting them.  I still want to get them caught up.

I started out okay this year.  I had two tops that were done that went straight to the quilting machine and one that was done from the pile. But then January 24th came and we found out Kramer had cancer.  From there…everything stopped in the quilting room except for Gannon’s baby quilt.

So this is what is there that needs attention…. …

Block of the Month Challenge

AH…I year has passed and here we are.  How did you do?  Where is your block of the month quilt?  Finished?  Back in the closet?

I frantically worked on mine last weekend.  I was so eager to get the two quilts finished!!  When I found out Kelli was coming and that we’d be able to sew, I got the quilts out.  She said she was going to work on her Scrap Vortex quilt.  I told her I was working on the BOM.

I was hoping I might be able to quilt her into helping.  I didn’t care if she sewed…I was hoping she might work along with me and keep me at the machine.  Thursday over naptime I cut out the border fabric.  Thursday night I sewed the brown borders on.  Friday the red borders went on with some help from Kelli.  She would measure and get a quilt ready for me sew then while I sewed that, she’d prep the other quilt and get it ready for me to sew.

Then it came to the triangle border.  I have all the triangles sewn and part of them sewn together.  I sewed more together while she pinned down what was done.

Then about 6pm, this happened….. …

BOM Challenge

I finished my last month blocks…..

I was a really good girl this month.  I did my big blocks early in the month….I’ve told you all time and again how much I don’t like the block of the month.  I told myself that maybe if I didn’t wait for the last minute to do the block, maybe I’d do better with it….so I did the 18″ ones early on.

I did however wait until last week to do the smaller ones.

Did you see this?? …

Block of the Month Challenge

Saturday I was on a mission.  I wanted to finished the Block of the Month challenge blocks.  This was my block two month ago and still not finished.  I’m never going to get this block of the month done at this pace.

I’ve been start and stop the entire time on this particular month.  I hate these directions.  I like my easy angle ruler and tried and tried to figure out what size to cut them only to have cut them the wrong size.

Then one day last week over nap time I pulled it out and cut the triangles the right size.  I sat down to the machine to sew and after sewing a couple I ran out of thread….So I filled the bobbins.

I ran all of the triangles through the machine only to learn that I filled the bobbins, BUT I didn’t put one of the filled bobbins in the machine!!  AHHHH!!  So I had to resew them all.  That was insult to injury.

So I got them resewn then started assembling blocks.  I found I was 1 1/2 blocks short.  UGH.  More sewing.

By now Kelli had showed up.  We were both disgruntled about the project.  I had to piece a couple triangle fabrics together to have a big enough piece to cut the triangle from.  Then she had to cut more little triangle pieces.  She set the triangles at the machine and I didn’t see them and accidentally pushed them on the floor so I had a mess of triangles all over the floor.   I ended up sewing them together the wrong way.  Had to seam rip them.  Oh…what a mess.  This quilt is cursed.

After I was almost done sewing those last two together, Kelli got on the floor to pick up a couple of the small triangles and found…you guessed it.  The large triangle we were short of earlier.  Oh my.  I can’t make this up.

Finally the blocks were finished.  Well that experience made neither of us wanting to sew so…we ran away.  We went bumming.

Then it came time for me write this blog post.  I realized I didn’t have a picture of the blocks to add as proof that I did finish the blocks.  So I went upstairs to get the blocks and take a picture.  I rummaged through the big bad I have that holds all the Block of the Month stuff.  UGH.  The blocks weren’t there.  How can this be?

I looked and looked not seeing them and finally found them.  Yes.  In plain sight on the ironing board. See? …

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