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Down a Rabbit Hole: Punch Needle

So the reason it’s taking me so long to REALLY clean my sewing room is that I end up down some rabbit holes.  Today’s rabbit hole….Punch Needle.

I did punch needle some time ago….well actually a long time ago.  It was all because of the gals at Country Threads.  Here are some pictures of the samples they had in their shop…trust, there were TONS more but here are a few that got me to give punch needle a try.  These photos were from back in 2011.

I just love these…


I wish I had them all….

NeedlePunch-9…but I wish they were all finished!!

Country Threads always did an awesome job of finding interesting things to mount the finished pieces on…like above the little dust pan.

The gals were so into punch needle that they even started designing their own patterns.  Here are a few… Continue reading