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Ruby Report

Well yesterday was Ruby’s birthday.  She’s 7 now.  It’s so hard to believe it was that long ago that we got her.

Several of you have asked about Ruby.  You asked if things have been different with her since Kramer passed on June 2nd.

Things have changed in some ways..  If it’s at all possible I think Ruby is more attached to me than ever.  She’s gotten so she has a little more separation anxiety than she used to.  I’m trying not to do anything different to make it any worse than it already is.  She’s much quicker to bark and warn me of “terrible dangers” like a squirrel.

We’re in a new routine now.  She sleeps with me.  When Kramer was around he would get up and go to work at 5am and then once he left, Ruby would jump into bed with me.  Now she sleeps with me all the time.  She’s really careful to make sure it’s okay that she’s on the bed.  She doesn’t jump into my bed until I pat the bed three times.  Then up she comes.

Once in bed, she was a pain as she would crowd me or get me with her nails in the middle of the night so I ended up buying a new dog bed for the living room and took the old one and put it on my bed.  Most of the time, she sleeps there…I do wake with her under the covers from time to time.  I’m sure once winter is her she’ll be under the cover more often.

About three weeks ago, Ruby started in on itching and scratching.  UGH.  I checked her for fleas…nope.  That lead me to believe that her allergies kicked in.  I started back up with allergy meds.

Then I noticed that she had a sore spot on her ear as she was itching so much.  Then I noticed a sore spot on her tail that came from itching.

That means it’s time for a vet appointment.  Here’s what we found out…. Continue reading

The Latest Ruby Saga

I swear, I have never had a dog with so many problems.  Ruby has been a regular at the vet pretty much from the time we got her.  We had her for two weeks and was almost perfect with house training and then was continually having accidents….to the vet she went.  She had a urinary tract infection.

Ruby has put us through a lot of worry and expense….She had her spay and two surgeries besides that.  One was for when a  3″ section of her intestine was removed and then the intestine was stitched back together.  Another was for when they thought it had happened again.


We also had her to the vet for stitches….


Then this winter we had the whole issue with her thyroid and the issues that came with that….

Now, she’s having accidents again.  On Easter Sunday she had two accidents by the door and in the middle of Easter meal, she peed on Kalissa foot.  Well back to the vet.  We got an urine sample.  I thought it would be UTI…but it wasn’t.  It’s never that simple with Ruby.  It turns out she has crystals in her urine.

For that….we have to change her dog food….test again in a month.  Oh my Ruby.

So here she is…showing off her food. Continue reading

That Shedding Problem….

When I’ve talked to you about Ruby lately, it’s included lots of health issues.  Well I think we’re on the upside of all of that.  Yahoo!  She seems a lot better and more like my normal happy dog.  For that, I am thankful.

While she was sick, I had blog readers wondering about why she wasn’t always in pictures of my finished quilts as typically the last picture I show when I reveal a finished quilt is a picture of Ruby on the quilt.


Well it had gotten to be that Ruby didn’t really care if she was on the quilt.  I couldn’t get her to “smile”.  It wasn’t something she enjoyed anymore.  Well that’s changed back to how it used to be.  She loved being on the quilts and now quickly runs to pose on them.

The problem I’m having with her…the shedding.  UGH.  Being I run an in home childcare business from my home, the shedding is a little more serious than in might be in a regular home.  I have kids crawling on the floor and climbing up on the couch.  Parents don’t want their kids’ clothing covered in dog hair and neither do I.   I complained about it on the blog and several people suggested a Furminator.  Well I didn’t jump on the idea right away.  I went to their website and the brushes were expensive.  The next day I ended up on Amazon and yet, they were on Amazon at about half the price.

When ordering I had to figure out the size of my dog and hair length of my dog.  They suggested this one for Ruby.


At first, Ruby didn’t love it….but then…this… Continue reading

Ruby Update!

If you’ve been following the blog you know that Ruby has been having a tough go at life lately.  It all started when she started would always have her head tilted….like this.


She was having accidents in the house…wouldn’t go upstairs.  She had become at old dog at five years old.

After some testing we found out she was having thyroid issues and started taking the same meds I take!  How weird.  Anyway the vet was worried that there was more wrong and might possibly be Cushing’s Disease.

We have been back and forth to the vet.  Kelli has been fabulous on helping me get her there.  I’m so thankful for her.  Well last week on Monday Kelli took Ruby in three different times.  She had to get a blood draw each time.  Poor girl.  They were testing for Cushing’s.  If you had ever ridden in a car with Ruby, you would know this was a painful process for Ruby.  SHE HATES RIDING IN CARS!!  She pants and whimpers…she hates it.  It’s a painful process for the driver too.

Well Friday the results came back…No Cushing’s.  We’re so happy about that but now it’s time to get the thyroid really under control.

Now her main problem is shedding.  It’s terrible.  She’s fluctuated up and down with her thyroid.  know in people hair loss can be attributed to thyroid levels so I’m guessing it’s true in dogs too.  Look… Continue reading