Happy Birthday Jo!

Hellooooo Jo Kramer Blog Readers! This is Kelli and Kalissa with a late night update.

Kelli and I were minding our own business when Ruby snuck downstairs and let Puppycat out of her kennel. I think they have been conspiring and planning the heist all day. She knew it was Jo’s birthday and she wanted to do something special. She ran around the house hanging streamers EVERYWHERE. We couldn’t stop them. Dogs will be dogs I guess…

Then they forced us to hack her blog and make this post to encourage all of her readers to wish her a happy 40…uh…something…birthday!

Ruby also told us that we should tell mom how much we love her and how thankful we are to have a mom like her. That reminded Kelli and I of how really truly lucky we are to have her as a mom. She’s there for us no matter what and has been our biggest fans from the day we were born..even when we broke the light fixtures in the ceiling during a broom twirling contest or when I smashed our head on a jar of peanut butter out of anger or dropped an iron face down on the carpet leaving a huge melted mess or when we call five times a day *cough* Kelli *cough* :)

The point is…we love our momma! :) Hickey Burpey as Roger Kramer would say! :)

Warming Herself

In the winter when the kids were all home, they would always lay in front of the heat vent and bask in the heat.

Ruby is no different.

As soon as the furnace kicks in, if Ruby is awake, she will run and lay in front of the vent and bask in the heat. She doesn’t put her feet right on the vent like the kids did but she does lay in front of the vent. It’s so cute to watch.

Isn’t Ruby getting big??

A Yum and a Fun

Yesterday I was upstaurs loading a quilt into the quilt machine when Kalissa yelled from downstairs, “Mom…Ila did it again. There’s a package here from her.” I ran down the steps to check it out. Ila is one of my readers who is always doing sweet things for me and for my family. We all love it. Today she sent chocolates.

I love chocolates…. I tried a few of these and I even shared. So far, the white ones with the drizzled frosting across the top are all mine. I called those and I’m not sharing those….

She also sent some scraps which I quickly sorted. My sewing room is clean and I am making an effort to keep it that way. There were some four patch blocks that are going to be turned into a doll quilt for the Moline guild doll quilt project.

Ila even sent a toy for Ruby and she LOVES it.

Ila apologized saying it was ugly…but honestly, it’s the kind of toy that’s so ugly it’s cute and Ruby doesn’t seem to mind at all. It kind of looks like a Grinch crossed with a snake wearing a Santa hat :)

She loves squeaker toys and this one has three squeakers! Thanks Ila…I have been on a roll of having a fabulous week and this little surprise was really appreciated by all of us including Ruby!

My Helper??

I am getting ready to teach class tonight in West Union, Iowa at Moonlight Stitching Studio. I am teaching a crumb class and I am frantically trying to sew up blocks for samples. More than that I am trying to have the steps to the blocks so that people can see exactly how they are made.

Ruby “thinks” she is my designated helper…..I don’t think so…. Ruby was being awful running around begging for attention. I played with her a bit then tried to get back to making the blocks and Ruby started doing more of the same…jumping on my leg (which is a no-no), running over the sewing machine foot pedal TWICE, and whining and whining. Finally I decided she would just have to whine. I opened the old knitting tote I keep my crumbs in. Ruby jumped right in to check it out.

Before long, she was fast asleep.

The only problem with that is that Ruby is lying on top of all the crumb scraps I need. Oh…Ruby you are a great companion but not much of a helper.

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