Happy Birthday Jo!

Hellooooo Jo Kramer Blog Readers! This is Kelli and Kalissa with a late night update. Kelli and I were minding our own business when Ruby snuck downstairs and let Puppycat out of her kennel.  I think they have been conspiring and planning the heist all day.  She knew it was Jo’s birthday and she wanted …

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Warming Herself

In the winter when the kids were all home, they would always lay in front of the heat vent and bask in the heat. Ruby is no different. As soon as the furnace kicks in, if Ruby is awake, she will run and lay in front of the vent and bask in the heat.   …

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A Yum and a Fun

Yesterday I was upstaurs loading a quilt into the quilt machine when Kalissa yelled from downstairs, “Mom…Ila did it again.  There’s a package here from her.”  I ran down the steps to check it out.  Ila is one of my readers who is always doing sweet things for me and for my family.  We all …

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My Helper??

I am getting ready to teach class tonight in West Union, Iowa at Moonlight Stitching Studio.  I am teaching a crumb class and I am frantically trying to sew up blocks for samples.  More than that I am trying to have the steps to the blocks so that people can see exactly how they are …

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