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Our Beagle Gracie

The Beagles

My Facebook time hop came up last week this…a picture of our 1st beagle Gracie.
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The caption with the picture read:
Goodbye to my little beagle buddy Gracie. Last night as Kalissa and I were petting her, “Kalissa Georgia Kramer asked, “How could anyone have not wanted you?” I wondered the same thing a million times. Please don’t be afraid of rescue dogs…they can be great companions. Gracie were a true and faithful friend.”

Ya….sad.  It’s been seven years since Gracies died.  She was 8 at the time.  We rescued her when she was 5.  We only had her for three years but she made a big impact on us.

I had wanted a dog so badly but Kramer said no.  Then finally one day I said, “We either adopt a kid/do foster care or I get a dog.”  Kramer immediately gave in and told me I could get a dog.  He knew I meant it.  A dog was a great compromise.

Gracie was a smaller beagle.  There are two different sizes, 13″ and 15″.  Gracie was the smaller than the 13″.  She could easily sit on my lap.

She was a great walking dog.  Oh she loved to walk.  Back then we lived on the farm and we’d walk the field paths.  She could run without a leash.  She would drift off but I’d call and she’d come right back to the path.  Here she was with our farm dog Pepper.  She’s gone now too.

Happily…all my Facebook Time Hops weren’t all sad.  This came up too….These were pictures taken on the first day we met who is now Ruby.  She’s the pup in the middle of the picture below.

The kids all wanted the one to the right but I said no.  It was a male and he was much heavier and more curious than the other pups.  I didn’t want a white one either…

We ended up picking her up a couple weeks later.

I loved having a puppy around.

She was the cutest.  Here she is snuggled it what was to be Kayla’s wedding quilt.

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Karl and Ruby

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