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On the Frame: Charity Quilts

Over the weekend I had a little time so I dug out a stack of charity quilts and started on the mission of finding backings.

I found backings for six.  It’s not a terribly hard job if I was a little better at making decisions.  I get a little too picky sometimes….then sometimes I think I’m not picky enough.  I’m sure many of you can relate.


I’ve had several people send backing fabric in the last few months and that has been a treat.  It’s easy to grab a piece and know I’m not going to have to piece many pieces together.

I even had enough time to put one on the frame….This is a nice sized one that I know will be loved.  I found a good green for the backing.


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On the Frame…

Sunday morning I was up early before church.  I couldn’t sleep so what’s a better task than to start in on some charity quilts.  This one was already on the frame so it was easy to quick tackle it before church.  I even got it off the frame.


I started loading the next quilt but it had to stop and get ready for church.  While driving to church I got a message from the neighbor girl.  She was at my house and wanted to know where I was.  I told her I was going to church but to come back to my house at 12:30 and she could eat lunch with us…so she did.

After lunch we went up to sew.  We got the batting loaded and away I went.  She was a great help.  She filled bobbins.  She took the lint roller and roller the quilt.  She released the clamps and helped the machine get reset for the next pass.

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On the Frame: Charity Quilt

Oh my..typing that title on the blog post did my heart good.  Did you read it?  It said, “On the frame”!!  I’ve been off and away from the quilting machine for SO LONG.  I am guessing the last quilt I did was mid July.  Early August I had foot surgery and finally I am able to stand at the quilt machine long enough to do a quilt.

Well maybe I’m a little premature.  I loaded the (small) quilt top one night.  I filled bobbin and tacked the quilt down.  I quilted it the next night.  For now, that’s about the best my foot can do but hey, that’s progress right??  Thankfully I have two blog readers that have sent lots and lots of small quilt tops from baby sized to lap quilts.  I’ll be working on them for awhile easing myself into a longer stint at the machine.

This one was sent by Michele in Bethesda.

The colors are awesome on this one.  The pattern would be a great quick way to use up scraps.


The white in between the blocks makes it look so crisp, don’t you think?


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On the Frame and Batting Questions

I always get questions about what batting I use….I did a LONG post about that (read it all here) and nothing has changed.  I still primarily use Warm and Natural and Hobbs 80/20.  Right now I am finishing up a roll of batting so most everything has been Warm and Natural.

Long ago I used to buy Hobbs by the bag when it was on sale at Hobby Lobby.  Not anymore.  I buy it by the roll….why you ask?  This.


I just hate it.  See the big wrinkle fold line.  I can pull and tug and pull and tug and nothing changes the wrinkles.  Plus, if you’ve work with Hobbs 80/20 it doesn’t respond nicely to pulling or tugging.

In an effort to clean up the quilting room I was using up all of the bags of batting.  If I get it all used up, that will give me another clean shelf in the sewing room.  I’ve quit buying batting in the package completely and only ever buy it on the roll….the above picture is why.

Can you guess what quilt was on the frame when I snapped the picture?  If you guessed
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