My Floors

I’ve been working on the floors in my house.

My old fashion hardwood floors have been getting more and more and more beaten up as time goes on.  The childcare and grandkids have been so hard on them.  It’s totally okay but something needed to be done with them to get them looking better again.

I saw a product on Instagram.  It was in a reel there and the person had said his floors were so thirsty and was applying this to them.  I looked locally but couldn’t find the product so ended up finding it on Amazon.  You can find it HERE.

Sadly my can came dented.  It didn’t really matter.  All that mattered was, would it work?

I gave it a try…

Here you can see where I applied it and where I didn’t.

It took about four hours to dry and looked like this after it was dry… …

The Craig and Jo Show…

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog post called the Craig and Jo show. For anyone new here, Craig is my son-in-law, married to my daughter Kalissa.  Craig is a great guy.  He honestly is like a son to me and we’re super close.  He is handy and happily, he doesn’t mind helping me.

Craig used to work as a mechanic at a farm implement dealer.  After my husband Kramer died, he ended up switching jobs and started working for the same farmer Kramer did.  Craigs hours have changed dramatically and he isn’t around to do some of the jobs he used to.  That’s one reason why there aren’t as many Craig and Jo Show posts.

That’s totally okay.  I have fewer jobs to do.  But still, some jobs still add up.

Craig was here the other day…Kalissa was home sleeping after the overnight shift and Craig asked me if there were some jobs he could do for me.  Well…why yes.  There were.

Craig rolled up his sleeves and said, “Well let’s get them done.”

Oh, my word.  Joy to this girl’s heart!!!

Here are the little jobs Craig tackled.

I have a bathroom in the basement.  It’s not finished.  When Kramer was still living we hired someone to put texture on the walls and paint it.  The person did a horrible job.  He didn’t put any texture behind the toilet and the paint job in the the bathroom is embarrassing.  No joke…a 12 year old who has never painted before could do that well.  The guy didn’t even paint behind the toilet.  For real…no joke.

Well that has always bothered me.  So Craig took the back of the toilet off and he textured that area.  Now I need to go through and paint the walls.  But I’m so happy.  The project is one step further along just by having the texture on the wall.  I’m hoping I can get this painted before Christmas.  The bathroom is small and it shouldn’t take long.

Previously Craig had done some other work in the bathroom.  He put up the wainscotting on the lower wall.  That jut out is there because of plumbing.  We thought the wainscotting and shelf would look good.  I’m debating on whether to paint it or leave it as is.  The walls are going to be painted gray.

Kramer put the built in here.  It has doors and it’s on our plan to get them installed and trim put in around the cabinet.  The bathroom is super small that the cabinet space is needed.

Craig also painted trim to go here.

Next… …

The Evolution of my Kitchen

I spent some time going through the archives from 2014.  I was putting together a parade of quilts I made that year.  Let me say it took me forever to get through it all.  It was the year we remodeled the house.  If you want to see a real live makeover of a foreclosure house, go through the archives of 2014.  The ENTIRE YEAR was spent working on this house.  There is an archive button on the right hand column of the blog.  You can click to 2014 and have a look it you’d like.

I was so happy to find this picture.  It was of my old kitchen and shows the portion of the house that we took off.  The kitchen was small and terribly laid out.

If you’re new here Kramer and I bought a foreclosure house in 2013 and spent all of 2014 remodeling it.  We moved in with it unfinished in 2015.

We knew from the moment we looked at the house that the kitchen would get a remodel.

If you look at the picture you can see studs where the shovel is leaning.  There was a wall there with a small door into the room.

Left in the picture was a terrible small bathroom and a closed in back porch with a washer and dryer.  To get to the bathroom, we had to go into the porch.  It was all pretty shoddy.  It had been a rental house for some time and owners made small improvements but none were really done the way the house deserved.

There was so much fuss over the new kitchen and layout.  I remember really struggling with it all.  I had wondered if we would ever come up with a plan.

I drew things out by hand.  I knew this was my one and only chance to pick and choose what I wanted.  I wanted it to be done right.


The architect originally put together something I really didn’t like for this area…like a laundry area right next to the door with no door.  NOPE.  That would never have worked.

I did so much “cutting and pasting”.  I made copies of the plans, cut them all apart, and moved pieces around.  I did it for hours and hours.  I’m so glad I did as now living in the house, I can see I would have hated features of the original plan. This is… …

My Bathroom Vanity

You might remember when Kramer, my husband who passed away from lung cancer, was sick and broke his neck our family went into a scramble to try to get the bathroom on the main floor so he would have a shower that was handicapped accessible for him.  Kramer’s decline was fast and we never got it done.

We took good care of him and in the end, we were able to handle everything without that shower.  But…what about now.  What about me?  I might need that bathroom in the years to come and I’d like it to be ready and there before the kids have to scramble and try to put something in.  So, slowly, I’m working on fixing the main floor bathroom.

When we first did the remodel we were running out of money and just wanted to get into the house.  There was a sink on a free Facebook page.  It was a pedestal sink and I didn’t care a free sink could work.

I’m still not sure what I want to do with a shower.  I’m getting closer but I’m slow at decision making and am only affording this as I have extra money.  That means I’m taking it all one step at a time.

In keeping with that over the summer, I talked to one of my childcare dads who is a cabinet builder, and asked him to make a vanity for me.  I am not super picky and I know Luke does great work so I told him two things I had in mind.  I wanted a space on the vanity for wash clothes to sit so people can grab a fresh washcloth and dry their hands on it…no reusing hand towels.  The other specification is I wanted him to try to make a built-in step stool for kids to step on.  Previously I’ve had two step stools in front of the sink and it’s always been cluttered.

Luke did a fabulous job!!  This is the vanity he built.

I need to do some other things like remove the old towel bar and patch the wall…but the vanity is a step in the right direction.  You can see that Luke did just what I wanted.  There is room for a basket of washcloths on the side and check this out…

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