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Rosie Report: It’s Her Birthday!!

This was supposed to post last night.  I’ve been having a little trouble with my scheduled posts going live.  I’ll talk to Kayla about it over the weekend.  But on to the birthday post…

Little Miss Rosie is celebrating a birthday today!  Can you believe she is ONE?
We aren’t big into celebrating do birthdays…we hardly celebrate people birthdays around here but it is a great time to take note and look back on when I got her and how far she’s come.

Rosie came into my life at Christmas time last year.  These were the pictures of her when we first found out about her.  I know they are tiny but it’s all we have.  Originally the owner had named her Nelly.

She came to our house on December 23rd….just a day or so after Ruby, our beloved beagle died.

Rosie has been a big handful and I know some people would have given up on her by now.  In fact, I had a blog reader wonder why I hadn’t.

Rosie has faults…the bathroom thing still isn’t all good.  Better and perfect most days..but no always.

In fact, she had some labs that are being run on her as of your reading this.

Last week she was back at the vet… Continue reading

Walking with Rosie

I thought I’d take you with on a morning walk with Rosie and share with you the ramblings in my head as I walked.  I’m a walker.  I love walking and have walked on and off so much over my lifetime.  I used to walk for physical exercise but now my main walking goal is more for my mind than my body.  Walking just gives me time to process.  I can’t ever remember a time that I  felt bad after just getting in from walking.

Rosie loves walking.  We walk about 3 miles when we go out and we aren’t speed walkers.  That takes us about an hour or so if we don’t run into someone and chat.  Many days we walk in the evening with a friend of mine.  Rosie and I are getting so we walk more and more even on days when my friend isn’t able to walk.

For a bit when we were on walks, I was having trouble with Rosie pulling or tugging on the leash.  It was enough that if we saw a rabbit on our walk, she was really pulling.  So, after a few times of that with a sore shoulder, I ended up getting her a prong collar and our walking days have gotten MUCH better.

I know some of you are going to cringe and think it’s terrible to use this style of collar but seriously, it was my shoulder (which I have trouble with) or her learning some manners with the prong collar.  The collar essentially is self correcting so if she’s walking like she should, there is not pain to her at all.  If she’s pulling or tugging, the collar will poke her.  I HIGHLY recommend the collars.  It makes all the difference in the world as to how much better our walk goes.  HERE is a link to the collar.  If your dog pulls and is hard to walk the collar makes all the difference.

Anyway…back to our walk.  We walk through town, right on the road.  There aren’t good sidewalks in town and the sidewalks that are okay are narrow.  Walking on the road also allows my friend and I to social distance while we walk.  We don’t see to much traffic so it’s relatively safe too.

When it’s just me and Rosie, we go through the cemetery.  It’s a nice peaceful cemetery.  Kramer is buried here-ish.  I say “ish” because technically there are two cemeteries side by side.  One is St. Mary’s cemetery.  It’s associated with the Catholic church here in town.  The adjoining cemetery is the town cemetery.  Anyone can be buried here.

We belong to the Lutheran church out in the country but Kramer never liked the cemetery for that church.  He always liked this cemetery and wanted to be buried here on the “town cemetery end”.  I was fine with that too so he’s at this cemetery.

They’ve made improvements to the cemetery this year.  They took down the old ugly fence along the end.  If Kramer were here, that would have made him so happy.  He hated fences.  It looks so much nicer and cleaner.

On this day, early Sunday morning, it was so peaceful…One of those “my kind of church” days.  The water was running in the stream.  I was so tempted to take my shoes off and sit a minute with my feet hanging in the water.  Maybe another day.  I just love the sound of water trickling.  I was a little afraid if I sat down, it would be hard to get up and get going again.  It’s likely the prettiest spot on our walk.

Being I’m just rambling, and walking with Rosie, I should probably give you an update on how she is doing… Continue reading

Update on Rosie

I told you earlier this week that things with Rosie were getting a little better and then took a turn for the worse.  She started having accidents again.

I ended up taking a urine sample in and Rosie again has crystals in her urine.  She is back on a special expensive dog food for it.  After a conversation with our vet, we wondered if Rosie will just need to stay on the food for life.  Before we made that decision, our vet called the dog food company ( Royal Canin) to get an opinion from them.  The food can stunt growth.  Was Rosie big enough at this point, that it would be okay for her to be on the food for life?  How old did dogs need to be before they were considered “adult sized”.

At this point, Rosie is almost 10 months old.

The decision was made that she’ll be staying on the food.  She’s already as tall as a smaller beagle so all should be well.  Although not common, this isn’t uncommon.  I’m so glad that we are addressing the situation and hopefully this is the solution I’ve been looking for.

I want to quick address a comment that was left after I gave you all the Rosie report earlier this week.  A reader wrote: Continue reading

Rosie Report

Life with Rosie is getting a little better.  I can at least say that now we have a more happy moments than frustrating moments but don’t let that little cutie fool you.  There are still plenty frustrating moments.  Like this one….

She dug up my planter.  UGH.

Remember that cute little toy a blog reader sent?

Well 15 minutes after I gave it to her, it looked like this. Continue reading