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Happening at the Kramer’s

I had a busy weekend…between some sewing in the sewing room which I told you about in Monday’s blog post and all I’m going to tell you about in this blog post we were hopping.

First off…Rosie graduated from Dog Obedience training class #1.  That was Thursday night.

Rosie is doing fabulous.  This was so good for her.  I am on the waiting list for the next set of classes.

Kalissa and I went to the Amish on Friday morning to get peaches.  They get a shipment each year and we always order them by the case.  They are SO GOOD.  The cost for a case is only $35.

They are fabulous this year.  Nothing beats fresh peaches.  This year they are getting in three shipments.  Kalissa and I both order a case from the first shipment and one from the last.  We eat them like crazy and then make some pies or treats and then…we freeze the rest.

We did a little other shopping in the Amish community.  I discovered I love these…

They were only 25 cents at the Amish grocery store.  I didn’t know if they would be too spicy but they aren’t and I love them.

I spent much of the rest of Friday trying to get ahead on writing blog posts.  I will be gone at the end of the month for a quilting retreat so I was trying to write some blog posts for posts that don’t have a time stamp to them…things like book reviews to fill in the posts.  I know you all will be sad if I didn’t write anything at all for those days.  I might miss a post or two but I’m going to try really hard to fill the slots if I can.

Saturday I was contemplating running to town.  I really didn’t need anything but Kelli asked me to stop at the jewelry store and pick up her wedding rings that she had cleaned.  They aren’t open when Kelli comes this way.  It’s something I could easily do to be helpful.  Then Kayla called and was wondering if I was up for company.  I said SURE!!

Kayla, Jasper, and I all decided to go thrifting.  I ended up finding this table and chairs at the thrift store for only $60.  The top needs an updo but other than that, it’s pretty nice.

Kayla ended up staying overnight.  I was going to have Kalissa and Kelli’s kids for childcare on Sunday.  If she stayed, Jasper could have a little cousin time.

Sunday rolled around and here’s Emmett.  Kayla and I both commented that now the little boys can run.  Watch out world!!

In the craziness of it, Kayla used up some milk of mine that was going out of date by making yogurt.

Jasper was into playing doctor.  It’s so cute watching kids mimic what they experience at the doctor.

Too soon they headed home so it was me and these guys plus Eli.  No one except Gannon would look at the camera.

…and Rosie.  I know I say it all the time but oh, my.  I love the inground fencing.  If you are thinking about it but not sure…do it!  You won’t regret it.  I sure don’t.

Carver is big enough now to help move the babies around by carrying them like this.  Eli isn’t very happy about Carver’s newfound ability.

I finally got Georgie to look at the camera.  Look…it’s a unicorn outfit.  I wasn’t teasing when I said everything with her is horses or unicorns.

These two are such a handful…actually two hands full.  They are everywhere and fast too.  I don’t want to wish time away but I am eagerly waiting for next year so these two have a little better idea of how to be safe.

It was a super long day.  I woke up with Kayla and Jasper here…Kelli picked up her kiddos at  6 pm and Craig didn’t come until 8 pm.  It was a long day with the kids but so fun too.

It was an awesome few days.  I spent time with Rosie, and the family and got some blog work in too….all good things.

Rosie’s Adventure with In-ground Fencing

Check out this little dog of mine…it’s Rosie.  She’s here showing off her new collar.  Do you notice the little box on the collar?

If you have inground fencing for your pet, you likely know that the collar means I got in-ground fencing for Rosie.

They came last week but I decided not to write about it then because I wanted to actually see how it will work before I told you all about it.

The company I had install it is… Continue reading

All Things Rosie

I had a couple of blog readers tell me that they missed seeing Rosie.  So I thought I would do an update on Rosie.

Rosie turned two in September.  As of the writing of this, she’s been with us for two years too.  I had magically hoped she would settle down and be an old dog when she turned two but that didn’t happen.  She’s still is a bit mischievous but she’s settled in here and she’s much more predictable.

She loves being anywhere near me.  Here I am in the recliner feeding a baby and what does she do?  She jumps up on the headrest.

Rosie is on neighborhood watch.  She spends lots of time in the living room going from window to window wanting to see what is going on outside.

To date, I’m pretty lucky.  She is not a barker.  One thing about beagles is that they are known as barkers.  From the moment I got her, anytime she would bark, I would correct her and discourage it.  Now she barks very occasionally and only at times when someone is here that she doesn’t know.

She is pretty wimpy.  She doesn’t like loud noises.  The other day I had made a pizza in the oven.  The cheese melted over the side and onto the bottom of the oven.  I opened the oven, smoke came out, and set the fire alarm off.  Rosie was cowering in an instant.  Smoke alarms are not her favorite…same with gunshots or fireworks.

She is a constant companion to me.  She is everywhere I am.  Note the picture below… Continue reading

A Rosie Update

If you’ve been a long-time reader, you know that Rosie has not been all puppy licks and snuggles.  I got Rosie at Christmas time in 2019.  My beloved beagle Ruby had passed.  Ruby was the best dog…calm, relaxed, and the perfect companion dog.  Our family lovingly called Ruby “the regal beagle”.  If there was such a thing as a proper well-mannered dog, it was Ruby.

Ruby left and in came Rosie.  There was nothing regal about her.  There was nothing mannerly about it.  She was all vim and vigor.  She was a mouther.  She was a nipper.  She had every ounce of hyper energy in her.  She like Ruby had some health issues early on.  She took forever to house train and it wasn’t for lack of trying.  It was partial health issues…partially just Rosie.

She was a LOT of puppy wrapped up in one little dog.  I had a blog reader tell me I should “send Rosie down the road”.


I was hopeful that someday she would calm down…it might be ten years down the road but someday…I was sure she would calm down.

Well, I’m happy to say that Rosie continues to improve.  She’s doing the things that all good dogs should.  She encourages me to get out and walk!

Our snow is almost gone.  It makes me so happy.

She’s learning that when I stop, she is supposed to sit.

We haven’t been able to walk out to the cemetery yet.  That road is covered in snow and it is gravel underneath.

The water is flowing in the creek as the snow melts.  Rosie loves seeing signs of spring as that means more walks for the two of us.

I’m seeing this all thanks to Rosie.  She needs a walk…and she politely lets me know she does.  I’m terrible about taking time for myself to walk…but if Rosie needs a walk, I do it.

I feel bad that the kids that I’m taking care of here really don’t have other kids to play with.  On the days I have Gannon, it’s often just him and the baby…no playmate…WRONG.  Rosie and Gannon are good friends.

Not too long ago Gannon had a blowout diaper and I threw him in the tub to really clean him up.  Rosie … Continue reading