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All Things Rosie

I had a couple of blog readers tell me that they missed seeing Rosie.  So I thought I would do an update on Rosie.

Rosie turned two in September.  As of the writing of this, she’s been with us for two years too.  I had magically hoped she would settle down and be an old dog when she turned two but that didn’t happen.  She’s still is a bit mischievous but she’s settled in here and she’s much more predictable.

She loves being anywhere near me.  Here I am in the recliner feeding a baby and what does she do?  She jumps up on the headrest.

Rosie is on neighborhood watch.  She spends lots of time in the living room going from window to window wanting to see what is going on outside.

To date, I’m pretty lucky.  She is not a barker.  One thing about beagles is that they are known as barkers.  From the moment I got her, anytime she would bark, I would correct her and discourage it.  Now she barks very occasionally and only at times when someone is here that she doesn’t know.

She is pretty wimpy.  She doesn’t like loud noises.  The other day I had made a pizza in the oven.  The cheese melted over the side and onto the bottom of the oven.  I opened the oven, smoke came out, and set the fire alarm off.  Rosie was cowering in an instant.  Smoke alarms are not her favorite…same with gunshots or fireworks.

She is a constant companion to me.  She is everywhere I am.  Note the picture below… Continue reading

A Rosie Update

If you’ve been a long-time reader, you know that Rosie has not been all puppy licks and snuggles.  I got Rosie at Christmas time in 2019.  My beloved beagle Ruby had passed.  Ruby was the best dog…calm, relaxed, and the perfect companion dog.  Our family lovingly called Ruby “the regal beagle”.  If there was such a thing as a proper well-mannered dog, it was Ruby.

Ruby left and in came Rosie.  There was nothing regal about her.  There was nothing mannerly about it.  She was all vim and vigor.  She was a mouther.  She was a nipper.  She had every ounce of hyper energy in her.  She like Ruby had some health issues early on.  She took forever to house train and it wasn’t for lack of trying.  It was partial health issues…partially just Rosie.

She was a LOT of puppy wrapped up in one little dog.  I had a blog reader tell me I should “send Rosie down the road”.


I was hopeful that someday she would calm down…it might be ten years down the road but someday…I was sure she would calm down.

Well, I’m happy to say that Rosie continues to improve.  She’s doing the things that all good dogs should.  She encourages me to get out and walk!

Our snow is almost gone.  It makes me so happy.

She’s learning that when I stop, she is supposed to sit.

We haven’t been able to walk out to the cemetery yet.  That road is covered in snow and it is gravel underneath.

The water is flowing in the creek as the snow melts.  Rosie loves seeing signs of spring as that means more walks for the two of us.

I’m seeing this all thanks to Rosie.  She needs a walk…and she politely lets me know she does.  I’m terrible about taking time for myself to walk…but if Rosie needs a walk, I do it.

I feel bad that the kids that I’m taking care of here really don’t have other kids to play with.  On the days I have Gannon, it’s often just him and the baby…no playmate…WRONG.  Rosie and Gannon are good friends.

Not too long ago Gannon had a blowout diaper and I threw him in the tub to really clean him up.  Rosie … Continue reading

A Year with Rosie

Christmas marks my year with Rosie.  We put our sweet Ruby to sleep the Sunday before Christmas in 2019 and Rosie came a day or two after.

These were the first photos I saw of her….

…and these are the first photos we have of her once she was mine.

She was a handful by the time we got her as she was already 16 weeks old.  What happened was that Rosie got ringworm on her ear and she couldn’t be sold until the ringworm healed.

By the time we got her, it was all good.  Below she is giving five to Georgia when she was a baby.

Here she is on Christmas Day of 2019.  Little did I know what I was in for.

Rosie has been the most challenging puppy I have ever been around.  Looking at Rosie’s behavior, I wonder if part of her problem was that she was taken away from the litter because of the ringworm.  They didn’t want it to spread to the other pups.  I wonder if she missed out on some socialization because of that.  She was VERY much of a biter.  She was always nipping at my hands.

Sitting down on the couch was a nightmare.  She would nip at my hands the whole time.  I spent so much time correcting her.

I remember the day Karl and I celebrated her for sitting on his lap on the couch without biting.

Buck came to visit shortly after Rosie came to my house and he quickly said, when he gets a dog, it likely won’t be a puppy.  Rosie was just too much…especially when he has kids that are little.

Over the year I’ve had Rosie to the vet a lot.  Between purchasing her, spaying, and the other vet bills, I think I spent $1500 in the first four months I had her.  Thankfully, that has all settled down.  Puppies, at least for me, are not cheap.

Rosie had so many problems with house training.  I was home all the time and still, there were so many accidents.  She has been doing wonderful lately.  I am hoping this is the new trend.

Rosie has done some good here… Continue reading

Rosie Report: It’s Her Birthday!!

This was supposed to post last night.  I’ve been having a little trouble with my scheduled posts going live.  I’ll talk to Kayla about it over the weekend.  But on to the birthday post…

Little Miss Rosie is celebrating a birthday today!  Can you believe she is ONE?
We aren’t big into celebrating do birthdays…we hardly celebrate people birthdays around here but it is a great time to take note and look back on when I got her and how far she’s come.

Rosie came into my life at Christmas time last year.  These were the pictures of her when we first found out about her.  I know they are tiny but it’s all we have.  Originally the owner had named her Nelly.

She came to our house on December 23rd….just a day or so after Ruby, our beloved beagle died.

Rosie has been a big handful and I know some people would have given up on her by now.  In fact, I had a blog reader wonder why I hadn’t.

Rosie has faults…the bathroom thing still isn’t all good.  Better and perfect most days..but no always.

In fact, she had some labs that are being run on her as of your reading this.

Last week she was back at the vet… Continue reading