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Ms Pins is on FIRE…Amazon Store and MORE!!

Um…I think we created a monster….a good one but a force, that’s for sure.  Remember me saying last week that Kayla was starting a business called Ms. Pins Media?

Ms. Pins Media

Well she went immediately into action.

Not only has she helped Mary at Country Threads blog, she’s helped several of you…or will be soon.  I know she’s been booking clients.

She initially thought she’d mostly work on starting new blogs for people but she’s finding she’s doing a lot of “refreshing” blogs, she’s helping people add advertising to existing blogs, she’s setting up emails, she’s making logos….she’s doing pretty much anything people ask for or request for their social media.

Well she is using me as her guinea pig.  I don’t mind a bit.  She’s given my blog a new look which I love and many of you seem to like too.  But…she has me scrambling behind the scenes.  She wants to get more experience doing all of the things that she thinks potential clients might want her to be able to do.  For example she thinks a client might want her to help with setting up an Amazon store….so she asked me to set up an Amazon store.  Ummm, sure.  So she set the store all up for me then taught me how to load things into the store and now, (this guinea pig) me, has an Amazon store.

I’m THRILLED.   I now have an Amazon store.  I would have never taken the time to do that for myself.  I just get so frustrated with doing stuff like that and I hate wasting time trying to figure it out.  I’m also so unsure of myself when it comes to learning new things on the technology front.  Kayla was perfect for me….and now I have an Amazon store.  I’ve been wanting one for over a year now but never took the time to figure it out…in the end, it really wasn’t hard either (with Kayla’s help).

You can find the Amazon link if you hit the “Jo Recommends” tab at the top or at the right side bar near the top…I’m so excited.

So many of you have asked for an easier place for you to find all the books I’ve been reading….well now you have it.  They are there.  At first Kayla said how about you just put your top ten books there…um, WHAT??  Who has top ten?  I have a top 200 or so!!  So now the book section is loaded with my current top 100 ish that I could think of.  I’ll be adding more books to it as I go.  I decided if I rate the book 4.4 or higher, I’ll add it to the Amazon store.  If it has a lower rating, I won’t add it.  How does that sound?

Did I tell you how excited I am??  I really am.

For those of you who don’t know, if you purchase anything through the Amazon link, I get a small commission off of whatever you order.  You don’t pay any more money for the product….Amazon just rewards me for bringing you to their site.  It’s much the same as any link I’ve had on the blog all along.

I’m thanking you in advance for your purchases…I really appreciate it.  The money helps keep the blog up and running.  I’ve said before that there are fees to blogging…your purchases help pay them.  THANKS!!

Now she can add setting up Amazon affiliates and store to her list of things she can proficiently do!!  Being a guinea pig isn’t all that bad!!

The other thing Kayla has me doing is this…. Continue reading