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In My Mail…

I was going through my photos and I think I left off some pictures of goodies that have come my way.  I keep thinking I’m doing better with keeping up with the mail and then…wham, I’m at loss trying to figure out what I took pictures of what I didn’t.  Here is my best attempt at getting caught up with the mail.

If I already blogged about one of these, please accept my apologies.  I decided I’d rather blog about them twice than have not blogged about them at all.  Ah…

Carolyn sent a bunch of sleepers that have long been passed on.

Aren’t they so cute?!?!

These all went in Lutheran World Relief Baby Care Kits in early May.  The churches all turned in the kits and quilts they have put together over the past months.  They will be gathered into district offices and eventually make their way overseas to help those in need.

I’m guessing many of these will find their way to Ukrainian families.

These goodies also came in.  There was a great mix of orphan blocks and fabric for quilt backings too.  I passed this to the Cresco Ladies.

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Amazing Gift from Maxine

Before I get to today’s post I want to drop a couple of pictures and a note here.  If you are in Iowa and into quilts you might want to check out the Pella Tulip Festival.  It is happening this weekend.  It’s the town celebration that revolves around tulips.

Remember my tulip quilt that was published in American Patchwork and quilting? It was machine quilted by Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations and I gifted it to her once it came back from the publisher.  Well, Carla has been to the Tulip Festival in the past and enjoyed it.  She contacted the organizers and asked if they might be interested in displaying the quilt during the festival…

They were…and here it is.  Can you see it in the window?

Here is a closer picture.

Carla and I are both honored that they wanted to display our work.

So…if you’re free and anywhere near Pella, Iowa this weekend, go see the quilt show and enjoy the town festival. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Now to today’s post…
A blog reader who I’ve become friends with, Maxine, sent me a sweet gift.  She had given me a heads up to expect some goodies.  She had even told me that they were cross-stitch related.

So here is what came…

THREE CROSS STITCH PIECES.  Oh, my word.  Of course, I was in tears.  I know how much time goes into cross stitch and framing.  I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to do that for me!!

The stitching is amazing and check out the framing!!  Do you see the wonderful name card she had made to put at the bottom?  Oh my.  How very thoughtful.

I love this one too…so precious.  Oh my, Maxine, you went WAY OVER THE TOP!!

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In My Mail

I feel really bad.  This blog post was supposed to go live a bit ago and for some reason it didn’t.  I had been having a little trouble with my internet going out.  I’ve come to the conclusion that if the internet is out when the blog post is scheduled to go live, then it doesn’t publish.  You might have noticed that last week there were two times when blog posts didn’t go live.  I caught those up but then today, I was doing some blog work and realized this one hadn’t gone live either.  This one is from some time ago.  My apologies to the people who sent these goodies and weren’t recognized.

First up, Dori sent some awesome dog print fabric with the hope I could use it as backing on an upcoming quilt I will finish for the local pet rescue.  PERFECT!!  I’m so excited and LOVE the print.  THANKS!!

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In My Mail…

I had a not kid day today so immediately went to the sewing room and enjoyed a day sewing. I came down to check the blog and realized my blog post didn’t go live.  Here it is late.  My apologies.

I always have to laugh over my mail.  The other day I was talking to Kalissa and she was asking what I needed to get done at my house as I was expecting company.  I told her the biggest thing I needed to do was to manage the mail that had come in.  I needed to take pictures, sort it all as to where it needed to go, and get a blog post written.  She asked if I was behind writing blog posts or why I picked that.  I told her no…I needed to find my dining room table back.  HA!!

I scrambled and got that done on Friday.  I had company over the weekend feeling so proud of myself that I was caught up on the mail.

Monday rolled around and just like that, I had more mail.  It’s totally okay.  I love getting mail from readers who are supporting the causes I love.

This all came from Shelley.  She sent flannel fabric and hand towels for the Lutheran World Relief kits that my friend Lana puts together.  Lana is going to be thrilled.  I know I am!!

Shelley was also thought I might like the wooden shelf.  I do like it.  I am going to put it with my cross-stitch finishing stuff for now and hopefully, at some point, I will come up with a cross-stitch piece that I could insert into the oval opening at the top.  It was sweet of you to think of LWR and me!!  THANKS.

Friends Laurie and Peggy were doing some purging in their sewing room and thought I might use or pass on some goodies they lost interest in.

There was such a collection of goodies.  I set some aside for the Cresco Ladies.  I know they will love the orphan blocks.  Making orphan block quilts is a favorite of theirs.   There is a beautiful UFO quilt in the grocery sack that is close to a finish.  I was tempted to keep it but…I decided to pass it on.

Thanks so much, ladies!!

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