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In My Mail…

Do you remember that Carver got “fan mail” the other day?  This package…

Well I was on quarantine from them as there was a Covid scare.  Someone from Kalissa’s family work though they were exposed to Covid and testing had to be done.  As a precaution, until the tests came back, we all stayed away from each other.  I’m seeing them again but we’re all super cautious in our time away from each other.  Anyway, when I saw Carver, I let him open his package.  He was so excited.

I’m not telling you what was in the package though…you’ll have to go over to Kalissa’s blog The Pink Shoelaces to read about that…HERE is the link.

I do have to say thanks and let you know, Carver was really excited.

More packages came…This one was from Jeanne.  It always amazes me how much can be in a small package!!

There was flannel. I’m not a flannel girl but the Cresco ladies are so I put that in the tote for them. They’ll be happy to get it!

The green leftover are something that quilters often throw but I’m sure the ladies will lay a triangle ruler on those pieces, trim them up and add a solid color to the other side to make some half square triangle blocks. They are so creative.
Things like the picture below are so appreciated by charity quilters.  This is a quick project to sew together and if there isn’t enough, they can often find something that will match or coordinate.   I think I might keep the bottom one and sew that together as a leader and ender project then donate that on to a worth cause.

Here’s what I pulled as my favorites…of course the dog print…then the white with black small scraps in the upper right in the picture below…then the map fabric.  It’s a little more canvas like.  I can see me using that on the back of a pincushion of something like that.  There are two pieces of it about 10″ square…so cute for the right project.

Thanks so much Jeanne.

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In My Mail….

My mailbox has really slowed down.  I think it’s partly because readers are sending quilt tops directly to the volunteer longarmers.  That’s so awesome as it saves me a lot of postage money….but I’ll happily accept any tops that get sent to me too.  Whatever it takes to help people clean out their space and feel better and to help the charities and people that benefit from the donated tops.  I’m so happy to hear that even though groups aren’t always formally getting together because of covid that people are still working on charity projects independently.

I got this in the mail….

Oh my…isn’t it yummy?  I just loved the fabric line so much that I designed a quilt with it.  The line is Cider.  It comes out in November….seriously…I love it so much and am thrilled that American Patchwork and Quilting took the design I submitted using it!!  YAHOO.  Watch for the issue to come sometime around Christmas or so maybe.  Whatever you do, grab some of the fabric if you get the chance.  I’m sure I’ll be blogging lots about this in the future.

Seriously…I just love this line. The colors are soft but not pastel at all!!

Look…Carver got fan mail. How cute. I haven’t opened it…and we’re trying to stay away from each other. I plan to social distance style stop over this week, completely staying away from him but giving him the package. Whatever it is, I know he’ll be excited. He loves mail!! THANKS. I’m sure this will make his day!!

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In the Mail…

WOW…my mail has been so busy.  I’m trying so hard to keep up but it’s really been a lot.  I’m going to jump right in…

The first package came from Marilyn.  She’s a thrifter and found these prints in the bottom of a scrap bag…

Check out the funky smiles on the cows…and chickens….so cute…and John Deere fabric is something I’m collecting.  I’m guessing one day Carver will want a quilt with it.

Thanks for thinking of me Marilyn.

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In the Mail: Update and More

First off…an update.
Remember the box of mail that Julie and I were searching for and trying to figure out what happened to?  Read about it HERE if you missed it.  Anyway…MYSTERY SOLVED.

Here’s what happened.  The box came on May 12th.  That was the weekend that our family decided we would start seeing each other with covid happening.  Kayla was at my house.  I opened the box with Kayla (I know that now as I asked Julie if she knew what quilts she sent and she had pictures).  Immediately, I knew Ray had them as Kayla and I ooged over them.  Ray ended up messaging me and sent these pictures….

YEP…that’s me and that’s Julie’s missing quilts.  AHH…

I cannot tell you how VERY relieved I am.  I am so thrilled to have found the answer to where there went.  So this is what I believe happened.  Kayla was here.  I was trying to get quilts to the post office as I already had a bunch packaged and ready to go when the new box from Julie came.  I told Kayla we quick needed to take pictures of these quilts so we could get them in the outgoing mail and so we’d have room to eat supper with less boxes.

We took the pictures.  Kayla took yarn home from the box from Julie too.  Later on Monday, after all the dust had settled from the kids coming home, I sat with my camera and deleted photos of the things I had blogged about.  These were sandwiched between things I already had blogged about and I didn’t realize I hadn’t written the post about them yet…and they got deleted.

This top is also Julie’s…

This one is one it’s way to Ray.

Ray noted that he got the two quilts that Julie had sent on May 16th….4 days after they were at my house….SO, mystery solved.  Sadly, these are the only pictures I have at the moment.

Thanks so much Julie for being patient with me while we sorted this out and thank you for the amazing work you did on them.  I can’t wait to see them finished.

I have other mail in too…wanna see??
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