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In My Mail…

My mailbox has been busy and I think it will be busy in the near future too.  I’ve had several boxes and letters come in besides what I am telling you about today and I’ve had several people ask for my address as they plan on sending something to me.

Before I get to the actual boxes I want to tell you about a few emails and phone calls I’ve gotten.  My blog friend Jean and others have contacted me with requests for my blog friend Nell’s email address.  Nell teaches on an Indian reservation and she teaches a quilting class.  I mentioned that in a blog post and many have contacted me wanting to send donations Nell’s way.

Jean shared her thank you card that Nell and her class sent.  How sweet.  I love that you all are helping Nell teach these kids valuable skills.

Today’s first package came from Elaine.  She was so sweet as she sent all of this as well as postage money.  I so appreciate it!!

Elaine’s box was full of great goodies.  Here is a kit to do a three yard quilt.

This UFO was in the box.  I haven’t decided for sure but I’m thinking about keeping this and finishing it myself.  I have a couple benefit quilts I need to do next year and this would make a great quilt.

There were coordinating scraps…and I think these cheater blocks need to go in the project too.

There were scraps too…

..and more scraps.  I snitched a couple of the greens as I have a quilt I’m saving greens for.

There were lots of these blocks.  They are scraps pieces randomly sewn together.  These will make a fun quilt.

Thanks so much for thinking of the charity quilt project Elaine!!  All of these are goodies are so appreciated.

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In the Mail….

There were about 6 hours of the day that I was caught up on the mail….6 hours.  That is pretty darn good for me.

But the mail lady came and here I am with more mail.  It’s definitely a good problem to have.

Can you imagine 4 boxes all in one day???  Well, Peggy was apparently cleaning out her sewing room and gifted things my way.   All four boxes were from Peggy!!

As you can see, they weren’t little boxes either!!

Are you ready to see what’s in box number one?

Here it is all laid out….

There were lots of bits and bobs that were leftover from projects.  I package those up and will send them to the Cresco ladies.

I think this may have been intended to be schoolhouse blocks but I’m not sure.

Check out this tiny little basket blocks.  So cute.  There was no pattern included so I can’t tell you what it was.

There were many of these blocks….

…and a stack of fabric.

I pulled the fabric and will add many of them to my Hawaiian Sunset quilt.

The next box was just as fun and the first.

All of these fabrics seemed to coordinate.

I looked closer at the note.  It read, “From Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse Favorites.  Scarlett Begonia”…YAHOO!!

I was pretty sure I had the book…and pretty sure I’d love a chance to finish this and donate it to one of the charity auction that happens in our area.  The event raises money and then gives it to families who have medical issues and need help.  It’s a wonderful cause.  The family of one of my childcare families is in charge of it.  They will love to get this quilt next August!!

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In the Mail…

It’s a mail call day!!

I had quite a few packages.  Maxine sent me the wooden spoons that come with ice cream.  I have an idea for a kids’ craft with these.  Thanks, Maxine.

The next box came from Laurie in Ohio.  She is lucky enough to have a Goodwill outlet near her and she found some goodies to send my way.

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In My Mail…

I’m trying to get caught up with my mail again…(aren’t I always saying that??)  I have several things to show you.

Check out this box that came.

There was a card inside.  The goodies are from Doris.  Check out the wonderful card she made.  Oh my.  I love it.

Here is what was inside….

There were patterns for me to check out….

There were two quilt tops….  Rosie is checking this one out.

She was sniffing and sniffing.  I told her to sit and then she gave me this face.

Then she wouldn’t look at the camera.  Silly dog.

I think she was excited about this quilt as it is a dog-themed quilt.  Check out some of these…

Oh my…so cute!!

Dori said I could find a home for these…I already have a home for this one.  ME…I’m finishing it!!  The local Humane Society is having a fundraiser and they asked if I would make a quilt.  Well, I’ll be finishing this one and donating to them.  THANKS Dori.  I so appreciate your helping me help them.

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