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In My Mail…

OH, MY WORD…Mail has been flooding in.  I have much to share and this isn’t all of it.  More came in as I was prepping this post.  I think that will wait for the next post.

The first bunch of goodies came from Nelle in OK.  It was a big box and there were goodies galore.

Just look at all of this…

There was a mixture of everything from super cute quilt tops…

to fabrics.  I tried to keep the similar fabric with the tops so the fabric could be used for binding. 

When I saw these tops I set them aside for Janet.  Janet is a volunteer quilt finisher.  Through the years Janet has been on the volunteer quilters list but I haven’t sent anything her way.  She recently contacted me and I learned she only lives a half hour from me.  The group she quilts for is Royal Family Kids Camp.  They give quilts to foster children each year.  Janet along with helpers try to have 24 quilts done each year.  That’s a lot of quilts!!  Janet took many of these and they will be finished and loved on by foster children.

You can find out more information about Janet by checking out the Fabric Donation Page.  Janet is #5.

Check out the pineapple quilt.  Pretty!!

Janet took a couple with the intention of adding a border to them to make them a bit larger.

This one is cowboy-themed…so cute.

I think the quilt block was perfect for cowboy prints.  The block reminds me of spurs or tumbleweeds.  Both cowboy friendly.

Nelle included some bigger cuts of fabric.  I passed many of these to Janet too.  They will make great backings…or part of backings.

There were leftover blocks…

Super cute novelty prints…

So much of the fabric was kid-friendly.

This was mostly panels which I’ll pass to the Cresco ladies.  They love making panel quilts.

…more leftovers that the Cresco ladies will make into quilts.

I loved this group of leftovers.  If I was finishing quilts, I’d have grabbed this bunch and made it into a charity quilt.

Yep, more fabric!!

This was lightweight T-shirt fabric but I don’t think the pieces were wide enough for Carolyn.  There was other fabric too.

These scraps added with others will make fun quilts.

Wow..what a lot all in one box!  Thanks, Nelle.

The next package came from Darlynn.  She read my blog post about my friend that puts together baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief.  On my list of needed items to put the kits together were diapers.  Lana often uses gently used flannel sheets to make the diapers.  Getting these will be a treat!!  Each kit needs 4 diapers.  Lana has a goal to put together 100 kits so that means 400 diapers!!

Darlynn found these on Amazon.  Then she had them shipped directly to me.  Great idea Darlynn!!  Thanks so much!

Lana also uses the burp cloths that look like diapers so if anyone sees them cheap at a garage sale, feel free to send some my way.

I got this beautiful quilt all packaged up so nicely.  It was from Patti.  She was worried that her work wasn’t good enough.  Oh my, it’s perfect and her color selection was great!

I am certain this will be loved.  Thanks so much Patti.  Your hard work is appreciated.

This bunch of patriotic goodies came from Arkansas.  These will be passed on for a Quilt of Valor quilt.  THANKS!!

My deciphering is awful.  I’m not sure of the name in the signature on this.  I believe it’s Dolly…but I’m not positive.  I do know that the gift of fabric is so appreciated!!  (I’ve been told this is from Sally.  Thanks for the help)

Here it is all unrolled and able to be seen.

There were quilting books in the mix too.

Plus, more panels.  The Cresco Ladies are going to have to plan a panel day.  They will all get together and everyone takes a panel and finishes it into a top.

Joan sent the next box.  I had to laugh.  One box came from her and I got it on a Friday.  I wrote the blog post with the goodies she had sent…then at the beginning of the next week this box came.  I don’t know if she sent them at the same time…but it had to have been close.

Check out the cute Thomas the Tank Engine fabric.

There were some odds and ends…

And there were some great smaller cuts of fabric.  I pulled all of the kid-friendly prints and will be sending them out soon.

Check out this precious quilt top.

Look a the work that was done to fussy cut the pieces in the center.

Jennifer sent the next box.  I was so excited to get this box.  Remember I had contacted Janet to come and get tops for the Royal Family Kids Camp? Well, she was scheduled to come and this box came in between the time we set up to get together and the actual date.

Janet took many of these tops as they were perfect for her project.

Check out the soft colors of this one.

The colors of this one were wonderful too…just in a different way.

Janet was excited to see this one.  She doesn’t get enough “boy” quilts.  I would say that 80% of the quilts that come here are more “girly”.  That leaves so many boys with quilts that aren’t boyish.  If you’re thinking about making quilt tops to donate, please consider tops that are a little more bly/male-oriented.  We love any tops but there is a real need for masculine tops.

I love the pops of red.  So cute.

This was an easy yet interesting design for a donation quilt.

This one was too small for Janet…

I’m not sure what happened with this one but it is either wonky or needs a good ironing.  Whatever it is, we’ll get it figured out and finished.

WOW…what a lot of mail, right??  I have enough mail for another post.  I’ve really had a lot in recently.  Most of this is already out and delivered to finishers.  I try as hard as I can to get things shipped out as soon as I can.

If you make charity quilts and are in need of supplies, feel free to contact me.  I’ll work to try to help if I can…or find someone who can help.

Thanks to all who donated goodies.  I so appreciate it.

In My Mail…

Oh my…the mail has been a daily event as of late.  The same day Kayla brought the back end of her car filled with goodies from Ila and Barb, five boxes came in the mail.  I already showed you the goodies from Ila and Barb.  Now I’m showing you the other goodies.

Check out this…I had no idea who sent it.  Then later I got and email from Karen.  She’s the sweetie that sent them!!  It came in a Carter’s package.  These are all the non-footed pajamas that are needed for Lutheran World Relief Layettes.  You can learn more about the kits HERE.

I know many of you enjoy thrifting and garage saling so I mentioned in a blog post that if you wanted to help my friend make more kits, you could look for the sleepers with no feet like these… Simple Joys by Carter's Girls' 3-Pack Cotton Sleeper Gown: ClothingYou all were great!!  This is the second shipment of them that has come in.  A great reader, Peggy, sent cash to help buy the items needed for the kits.  This is all so appreciated. I delivered the gowns to my friend and she was thrilled!!  You all really made her day!

I’ve gotten other mail too.  I’ve had several people sent cards with money for the postage fund in them.  THANKS SO MUCH.  I’ve had recipes, a sweet note from my Aunt Vivian.  She is so thoughtful.  There were many cards and I really appreciate everyone’s thoughtfulness.

I had a box of great quilt tops that came anonymously.  Here is a rail-fence top.

Here is a fun scrappy one.  I love the greens and yellows.  Put some John Deere fabric on the back and most any farm boy would love it.  I know Carver would!

This is a great design for a charity quilt.  I’m wondering if it might be a 3-yard quilt.

Oh my…this is right up my alley.  I love this charm pack quilt.

This was a fun combo of 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ scrappy bricks.

Whoever made these has an eye for fun fabrics.  I like this one too… Continue reading

In My Mail…AKA: Kayla’s Delivery Service!!

I have a funny little story to tell you.  I was contacted by Barb from Iowa.  She was going through her sewing room and messaged me wondering if I might be interested in distributing her cast-offs for charity.

She told me she would be through some time and could drop it off.  She also mentioned that she was from Monticello.  That’s the same town Kayla lives in so I told her it would work if Kayla picked up the stuff on her way home sometime and we made a plan for that.  Well, I gave them contact info, and here’s the funny part.  Kayla put Barb’s address into GPS and she was given WALKING DIRECTIONS to Barb’s house as she only lives 800 FEET from Kayla’s house.  How “small world” is that???

They previously didn’t know each other.  Neither knew that they both had a connection to me.  How fun was that?

Anyway…Barb had a mountain of stuff to send my way.  Kayla’s little car was packed.  On top of that…Ila contacted me and had stuff delivered to Kayla too.  So this post is courtesy of Kayla’s Delivery Service.

Check out how much Barb sent my way!! Oh my.

The first box I opened and then whisked it all away to my friend that makes layettes for Lutheran World Relief.  It was all flannels and she needs flannel.

There was more flannel.

All of the precut squares I packed up and passed on to Jazz.  She enjoys working with flannel, enjoys piecing, and makes baby quilts so it was a perfect fit for her!

This was another box of goodies!

This is a heavy-weight fabric.  I sent this on to some ladies that make school kits for Lutheran World Relief.  Heavy-weight fabric is needed for making school kits.  You can learn more about school kits HERE.

Here is a visual of the items needed to make school kits.  All of these supplies are to go into a bag…that’s where the fabric comes into play.

School Kit Instructions | Lutheran World ReliefThe fabric is in great colors and is kid-friendly too.  AWESOME!

This was a great piece of fabric that I’m sure will back a quilt for the fireman’s benefit.  YAHOO!!

Here was another box… Continue reading

In My Mail…

I am trying to wrap up all of my mail into this one post.  I was so busy sending mail out from the last two auctions and have sent over 40 quilt tops out, that I’ve gotten behind on mail…and sadly, it got a little unorganized.

As always, I’m hoping I do this right.

This…I know I got right.  My blog friend Maxine who is a reader here on the blog and I end up corresponding with quite regularly did something super sweet for me.

She made me all of these cute, cute, cute, beagles dogs in cross-stitch.  Maxine stitched them herself. 
There is a total of 11 facing to the right and 11 facing to the left.  Maxine suggested I might use them to make a quilt for Georgia as Kelli’s family loves beagles too.  That might be a fun idea.

Maxine is not only prolific with her cross stitch but also VERY-VERY-NEAT!  Check out the back.  WOW.  My backs never look that good!

So precious.

I am so honored that Maxine would take the time to stitch these for me.  Being a cross-stitcher I know how long it takes to do cross-stitch.  I have these on the back burner for now.  I have the boy’s baby quilts to finish before I tackle these.

Curiously, has anyone made a quilt with cross-stitch before?  Do I need to put interfacing or something on the back of the stitched piece to help keep the treads in place?

Maxine also sent some thread and graphing paper.

At first I wasn’t sure how to use the thread as I typically follow the thread guide the designer suggests but then looked closer to see this…It says Sub for DMC 415…so I’m guessing using this wouldn’t be any different than using the corresponding DMC thread.

Thanks so much for thinking of me!!  I love it all.  You’re so sweet Maxine.

Marie sent this package.  Continue reading