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Mail Call

It was a big mail week.  I’ve been trying really hard not to open the packages until I have time to blog about them so that I can keep everything straight.  There were five boxes here to open and take care of….well, this is what happened.  Last Saturday I had Carver, Gannon and Georgia here.  I got a call from Sandra from the Cresco quilters.  She was wanting to come to my house and drop off quilt tops.  I was home, had the kids and I could easily manage Sandra coming so, I said sure.

Then I walked out to the kitchen and saw the boxes.  I was SURE some of the stuff in the boxes would need to go to Sandra I thought I better quick open them and see.  I did the best I could in between wrangling kids and trying to hurry to get it all taken care of before Sandra came…so forgive me if I did something wrong.

The first box came from Holly I believe.  I had kept the note and the box but Carver took the box and “sawed” it.  (Cut it with his play saw tool and then, no joke, Rosie got ahold of the note that I had in the box and ate the part where the signature was)  Oh my…so I know a box came from Holly and I really think it was this one.

It’s so cute as I can totally relate to the note that says she’s sick of the UFO blocks and a charity group can have them!!  It’s the perfect way to get things GONE.

Blog reader Barbara was busy cleaning out her sewing room.  She boxed up all of this…

It was a narrow box but PACKED!!  She requested that I sent these on to the Cresco ladies for charity quilts and that was perfect being they were coming that very day.  WOW…what a bunch of awesome goodies.  She had planned to make charity quilts with the precuts but figured she had other things to sew so generously passed them on.  In here note she asked what the reference was “Cresco” ladies and wanted to know what “Cresco” was.  Well Cresco is the town north of me.  It’s about 25 minutes away.  The ladies, as far as I know, don’t have an official name to their group.  I just deemed the the “Cresco ladies”.

I’ve done charity quilting in my life and have appreciated any fabric I that was donated, but I know this will be treasured as it’s fun to sew with something new and that already coordinates.

Kelli is starting to make a batch of masks for kids.  She’s had lots of requests for them from co-workers as friends.  As schools start opening, she’s guessing there will be a big demand.  I did pull these fabric to cut for masks. … Continue reading

Unboxing the Mail Video #1

Hello all….

Earlier this week I told you that Kalissa was at my house and helped me with editing and loading a couple videos to Youtube.  This time around we are unboxing my mail from Deb in Owatonna Minnesota.  THANKS so much Deb.  As you can see from watching the video we had so much fun!!  If you want to watch the video, just click the box below.

If you are a person who reads the blog in Blog Lovin or through email, some of the links don’t work.  If the links don’t work for you, you’ll need to read the blog HERE and then the links will work.  If they don’t work, the problem is with your program, not the blog.

Here are a couple of the books that were in the box…. Continue reading

In My Mail…

I have been keeping up with my mail.  GO ME!!  It’s something I always struggle with.  Packages come in when life is happening and then get set aside.  I’m making it a higher priority to work with them as they come.

I opened the first box…hmm.  No note.  I looked at the return address.  None.  I’m guessing  the person wants to be anonymous.   I opened the box.  Here’s what was inside.

I got everything out and sorted it.

There was a stack of precut flannels.

I’ll pass these on to the Cresco ladies.  They will used them for sure.  Here is everything else…. Continue reading

In My Mail…

Do you remember that Carver got “fan mail” the other day?  This package…

Well I was on quarantine from them as there was a Covid scare.  Someone from Kalissa’s family work though they were exposed to Covid and testing had to be done.  As a precaution, until the tests came back, we all stayed away from each other.  I’m seeing them again but we’re all super cautious in our time away from each other.  Anyway, when I saw Carver, I let him open his package.  He was so excited.

I’m not telling you what was in the package though…you’ll have to go over to Kalissa’s blog The Pink Shoelaces to read about that…HERE is the link.

I do have to say thanks and let you know, Carver was really excited.

More packages came…This one was from Jeanne.  It always amazes me how much can be in a small package!!

There was flannel. I’m not a flannel girl but the Cresco ladies are so I put that in the tote for them. They’ll be happy to get it!

The green leftover are something that quilters often throw but I’m sure the ladies will lay a triangle ruler on those pieces, trim them up and add a solid color to the other side to make some half square triangle blocks. They are so creative.
Things like the picture below are so appreciated by charity quilters.  This is a quick project to sew together and if there isn’t enough, they can often find something that will match or coordinate.   I think I might keep the bottom one and sew that together as a leader and ender project then donate that on to a worth cause.

Here’s what I pulled as my favorites…of course the dog print…then the white with black small scraps in the upper right in the picture below…then the map fabric.  It’s a little more canvas like.  I can see me using that on the back of a pincushion of something like that.  There are two pieces of it about 10″ square…so cute for the right project.

Thanks so much Jeanne.

The next box came from… Continue reading