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In My Mail…

I did get as much mail as usual in the last week.  I’m not complaining…just saying that this post will be shorter than some of my typical mail posts.

Blog reader Elaine sent some beautiful tops.  I found a finisher and these are already at her house.  That was QUICK!

These are all great and closer to large lap-sized.

Rosie was doing her thing and really wanted to be involved it the taking of these pictures.  I’m wondering if Elaine had a dog and the quilts had dog smells.  Whatever it was, I couldn’t keep Rosie off of them.

Isn’t this one fun and BRIGHT??

I liked this batik one too.  I never think to make elongated nine-patches like these.

I loved this colorful baby quilt.  So cute.

Three boxes all came from the same blog reader.  They all came anonymously but the writing on the address label was the same so I’m going out on a limb and saying they were from the same person.

This was the first box…lots of scraps…these will be pasted on to area quilters.  I’m guessing lots of string quilts will get make with these.

Here is the second box…There was postage money included.  I’ve sent out a lot of packages lately including the tops from the previous donation so postage money is a big blessing.

Here’s what was in the box…More wonderful scraps.  I picked out six slivers of fabric to throw in my collection.  The rest I am passing on.

People often write and say it must be like Christmas to me to get all the packages.  In a way, it is but I keep very, very little.  I am collecting 30s prints so I occasionally keep a few of them…same with calicos.

Check out these printed foundation fabrics.  I haven’t seen these before… Continue reading

In my Mail….

I wanted to share with you the goodies that have been coming to my mailbox.  The first actually came to my email.

You might remember Eve as the lady in France that was working on teaching others to quilt.

Eve writes:  “Thank you for relaying my request for our Charity quilts.  I received a very generous donation from Jeanne. The fabrics are beautiful and they make my heart sing.  We will start with 2 quilts: one queen size and one for kids.”

Wasn’t that a nice package to sent to Eve and her fellow quilters?  THANKS, Jeanne for supporting them.

Ray got goodies too.  He writes:
Wanted to share a pic with you of the contents of a BIG USPS box that came in the mail today from Colleen M. In Falcon Heights, MN. All of the fabrics will come in handy for backs. Some of them have enough yardage that the same cut can be pieced for a large quilt. My continued gratitude to you and your readers for their never-ending support in creating beautiful community quilts.”

WOW.  Thanks, Colleen.

I got two large boxes of things from Gloria.  She was so sweet.

That was box #1.  Filled with goodies including treats for Rosie.  She LOVED it!!  There was a present…I opened it!

Licorice.  I’m sure it was meant for the childcare kids and I promise to share.  But…did you know licorice is likely my favorite candy.  I can’t eat just one though.  I had two and then tucked them away before I ate three..and four.  I love licorice.

The box had LOTS of quilt tops.  Many were large so I’ll likely be passing them on to Cheryl or Lori.

Aren’t they pretty??

This one was extra long.  I love the sashing.  I’ll have to remember to try that in a quilt.

I love the colors that Gloria picked.  They aren’t my typical picks as I’m pretty plain…but I really like them.

I was thrilled to see these next ones.  I immediately called dibs on them.  The local animal shelter groups always ask for quilt donations and I don’t always have time to complete tops and donate them.  I am saving this top and will finish it for that benefit.

See?  Continue reading

In My Mail…

My mail continues to be busy lately.  I’ve gotten in wide variety of things that are so fun to look at and sort through.

Laurie in WA sent a great box of goodies.  Check out all of the calico prints.  I ended up saving most of this for myself.  I have plans for it.  You’re probably going to have to wait a year before you see what I’m going to do…but I’m excited about it!!

Joann in CA sent two boxes of goodies.

There were two pieces of Minky backing.

Karl was so impressed with this, he had to show it off.  Check it out.  The orphan block is a book and it is Jane Austen titles in the fabric.  WOW.

There were four blocks in total.  I don’t know the pattern for the blocks and a pattern wasn’t included.  There are quite a bit of Fantastic Beasts pieces of fabric.  I saved this out wondering if there is anyone who makes a quilt for the library or school fundraiser that might appreciate getting this.  Let me know if you are interested.  I’d happily send it your way.

There were other fabric goodies too.  I pulled a few of these and will pass them on to Julie in Spring Valley.  There was a couple of Thanksgiving fabrics that I can imagine making great placemats for Meals on Wheels which is a cause Julie helps to support.

There were Christmas fabrics…

orphan blocks were included too.

My favorites of the bunch were these…isn’t that vintage pattern cover prints the best.  I love them!!

The next box was sent completely anonymously.  Every address associated with the box was mine.  There is no doubt it was meant to be sent to me and no doubt the person wanted to stay annonymous.

The box was loaded with goodies…

There were two table runners.

Both were very nice.

Novelty prints ruled!!  So fun…SO FUN!

Lots of 30’s prints were included.  I have been collecting them hoping to make a quilt with them.  To date, I’ve only ever made one 30’s print quilt.  That one was Kalissa’s when she was little.  I think I have another 30’s print quilt in me.  I’m collecting and waiting for the day a big-time inspiration hits.

I got a St. Patrick’s Day card from a friend…THANKS!

I was ready to close out this post but more mail came.  That always seems to happen.

The next package came from Jean.  There were lots of goodies inside.  Here are the odds and ends, a few patterns, some orphan blocks, trims and happily cross stitch linen.  Send me linen any day!!  All of the linen is white.  I might have to try my hand at dying linen.

Jean has lived in many places and her fabric has traveled with her, even overseas.  She was so impressed with the charity quilt program that she decided to let it go and donate it for someone to make community quilts with. Awesome.  I love hearing that. 
I also got a card and with postage money from Liz.  Check out what she did on the outside of the envelope.  So sweet…Thanks for the wonderful compliment.

You all are so very sweet to me.  I am so blessed to have you all in my life.  Thanks for the mail and happy thoughts you send my way for the charity quilt project and for our family.

In My Mailbox…

Lookie, lookie…I have more goodies to show you from my mailbox.

This package came from Amy in NH.  It was a long narrow box so everything was rolled up.  It was fun to unwrap it.  There were so many goodies…see?

There were some lovely grays…

Blues…check out the two fabrics in the front.  Those are Kaffe prints I think.

There were several bold prints that I’m guessing will end up being baby quilt backings.

There was a lighthouse panel along with newsprint fabric in purple.  Amy said if there was something that interested me to keep it…so the newsprint fabric will make a home at my house for at least a little while.  I have a quilt swimming around in my head that I was hoping to use some newsprint fabric on.  This might fit the bill.

Amy was so sweet.  Much of this fabric I’ll be passing on and she included some postage money.  That was so sweet.

The next package came from Virginia from CT.   She was so sweet and sent a little postage money along with these two fabrics.  I was so tempted to keep the white but decided to pass it along.  I know charity quilters love getting a big piece all in the same solid color.  It works great for sashing or background in blocks.

She also sent some Minky scraps in red.  So soft!

The next package came from my friend Donna my RV blog friend.  There were LOTS of great scraps!!

Check out the cute way she packaged them…and rolled with a rubber band.  I snagged the pink one.  Several of the prints were in pink and reds with Minnie Mouse.  I plan to make Lucy a Minnie Mouse quilt in the future.

Cut pieces of fabric were included too!

I snagged these batiks.  I’m planning on making a charm quilt of batiks.  The idea started from the last box that Donna sent to me.  I like making a couple of charm square quilts each year and donate them to charity.

Next up, a box from Joyce.  There were lots of bits and bobs in this box.

…a scrap lover’s dream.

There were a few pieces of yardage too.

There was a small top all of tumbler blocks.  This is a little long compared to wide.  I’m passing this on to the ladies of my church.  I think they will trim the sides straight and add some borders.

Sweet Ila sent the next box.

See the Cashew Clusters.  That made Karl SQUEAL.  We are both a huge fan of them and are always excited to see a box from Ila as she spoils us and often includes a bag in the box.  THANKS for loving on us Ila.

There were fabrics in the box too.

Ila likes to send her quilt leftovers which is fine with me.  I so appreciate it all.

There were quite a few Christmas scraps in this box.

It is so fun sorting through them all.  Did you see the red polka dot? You can bet I did!!

Next was a cute card and box of quilt tops from Joann.  These are all scrappy and wonderful!  I’m a sucker for 30’s prints…

This is a great quilt…simple but the color is fabulous.

There were several with this color scheme…

The scrappy inner border is fun.

Here’s one with mismatched crumb centers.

This one really made me smile.  So cute!

All of these quilts are so cute…the design is simple but so effective.  I think good color selection can really make a quilt, especially scrappy quilts.

I just love these color combos.  Great work Joann.

That’s the latest from the mailbox.  WOW, right??  Thanks so much to everyone who sent goodies.  I so appreciate your kindnesses to both me and the charity quilt program.