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Whatever Wednesday

I’ve been on a roll getting things done in the garage….Remember that garage sale where I bought a ton of furniture pieces?  Well this is yet another piece that I bought there.  Before I bought it I did a lot of debating…a LOT!  It was marked at $75.  That’s more than I typically spend on a piece to re-do and sell.  A lot more.  I liked it…I liked it a lot but then the internal debate started…would someone else love it.  UGH!  Who knows?  I don’t want to be out $75.

Then another guy came to the garage sale.  He had his wife on the phone and was talking about the furniture.  He was driving a trailer and was picking some furniture pieces.  I quick grabbed the lady who was operating the sale and said-  “I want all of these things (and then pointed them out)…will you shoot me a deal?”  I could visibly see that the guy was angry as some of the pieces he was talking to his wife about were the pieces that I had taken.  I didn’t know what he wanted…  This the garage sale life.  He got a couple dressers I wanted so I think we were even.

The lady ended up giving me what was equal to $5 off the piece so I paid $70 for it.

As you might have noticed from the picture above you can see that were was some damage to this piece.  Here’s a close up picture of the top.  UGH.

I showed Hubby and he wasn’t thrilled with my purchase.  He wasn’t mad.  He definitely didn’t think it would be a money maker.  When buying it is my real goal was to try to learn from it and at least get out of it what I put into it.  But after his lack luster thoughts on the piece, I had all the motivation I needed to fix it right and actually turn a profit.

Hubby wasn’t much help on suggestions on renewing the top so I just did what instinct called for….sanding.  I sanded and sanded and sanded.  I used different sand paper weights and sanded until my arm vibrated.  I sanded for almost two hours.  Those water marks were deep.

I ended up giving up on completely removing the worst mark but it had GREATLY improved.  The dark marks were gone.  I didn’t think it needed to be perfect as it is a vintage piece.  If it was too nice on the top then the bottom might start to look bad.  There’s a fine balance and I thought I had found it….now what to do about staining the top?  Do I varnish it?  Hmmm.

I asked Hubby if he had any light stain around.  We don’t do light typically so we had none.  He said, “I do have that scratch (Old English Scratch Cover-light wood version) stuff you like in a light version”….Hmmm.  That was my only option so I decided to give it a try….


Here is how the cabinet looks now….

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A Playful Life for Me!

I saw a thing on Facebook and this is what it said:

Oh my word…I love the saying!!

The original context of it was in reference to children but heck with that.  I want to live my adult life that way too….and so, I’ve been playing!

My weekends have been jammed packed with stuff I love….junking, my kiddos, Hubby and goofing off.  It’s been fabulous!

Friday night I started plotting out my weekend.  The plan was an auction in Decorah on Saturday….but then Kalissa messaged me about a garage sale in Nashua.  That changed the plans.  There were things there that we thought we could use for selling with the vintage antique stuff.  So I was up and “at ’em” early and in Nashua before 8am.

I ended up bringing a truck load of things home…mostly furniture.  It was garage sale days in Nashua so I ended up stopping at more sales.  I went to eight sales and bought something at 7 of the sales.  That never happens.  Honestly, the truck was stacked to the brim.  I was so frustrated with myself for not taking pictures.  Here is one of the pieces I bought….I’ll show an update about it on Wednesday.

From there I met Hubby at home and he helped me unload.  Then I was off to that auction.

I had high hopes for the auction.  There was suppose to be quilt tops, fabric galore, a rug loom, sewing machines…yep.  I had high hopes.

The auction was PACKED.  Many of the quilts were like the one shown.  They were going cheap…  $35 for this one but I don’t need anymore.

There was fabric galore.  Boxes and boxes.  I ended up not staying.  A friend of mine was there and said it went for $20 to $80 a box.  I know exactly that box that went for $80.  The one with the feed sack prints in it.  There were about 40 quilt tops, all unfinished.

They had this cool old two needled machine there…..

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