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The Puppy Decision

You all might remember that I’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster trying to decide on adopting a dog…Brieda was the first option and what started my whole quest for a dog friend for my beagle, Rosie.

It turns out that another family had an approved adoption before I did and Brieda went to them.  I was totally okay with that.  I wanted Breida to be where ever it was best for her and I trusted that the family she went to would be good to her.

Then I got a lead on a little puppy that was also at a rescue.  She doesn’t have a name…just known as Maggie’s puppy.

I did apply for the little puppy.  It was quite a while before I heard back from the rescue.  In the meantime, I scoured the rescue’s  Facebook page for anything about Maggie the little puppy’s momma.  I found this picture… Continue reading

Kramer Family Update

On Friday I had my regular annual physical with my doctor.  I absolutely love my doctor and am so thankful that she’s on my team.  She makes going to my appointments so easy.

So here’s what I found out…
Although my blood sugar is a little high, we are going to watch it for another six months.

I don’t remember if I told you that after my cancer treatment early this year, my blood sugar went way out of whack.  I was getting terrible headaches and it turns out that it was blood sugar issues that was causing it.  My blood sugar was too high.  I would test it and it was often well over 200.  I ended up at the doctor’s office because between the headaches, the high blood sugar, and the terrible mouth sores, I couldn’t take in any more.

It turns out the oral chemo and the steroids I was on were doing terrible things to my blood sugar numbers.

My doc ended up putting me on an insulin pill and that went HORRIBLY.  I was having big fluctuations in my blood sugar and it was dropping dangerously too low.  What a mess.

I finally asked my doctor if I could just go off the meds and let time work and my body work and hopefully, the blood sugar problems would regulate themselves.

They came down over 1 point so my doctor was really happy with that and decided to give my body a little more time…and me to watch what I was eating a little more closely and to see in six months or so if I can get it back where it was…It’s totally do-able so we’ll see.

Other than that, my report was good.

This appointment didn’t do any testing or look at my cancer.  This was only a regular yearly exam.  For those of you wondering, I just scheduled my follow up to my cancer treatment.  That will happen at the end of July.  If you’ve been following along you know I was treated in January but I don’t learn the results of the treatment until this upcoming appointment.  Yes, it’s frustrating but I’ve really learned to leave all of that at the end of my driveway and focus on my life here in the house.  When I am dealing with a chronic disease, I think I’ve learned to live that way, reminding myself daily that I am more than the disease.  There are so many good and happy days between here and my appointments, I want to do my best to live them up!!

Speaking of good things between now and my appointments, Kalissa, our daughter, and her husband, Craig, went to the doctor on Friday for an ultrasound to find out if they are having a boy or a girl.

Kalissa has zero patience when it comes to that and it’s exciting news whenever we find it out so…do you want to know what she’s having??
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Here is what that girl did to me.

After my appointment was done I called her thinking she’d tell me.  She said she did something at my house to let me know and I’d have to wait to find out when I got home.  DRAT!!

I still had to do my errands and I had to get my COVID booster.  AHH!!  I thought about skipping it all and just going home but I didn’t.

I wanted to get my booster.  I think cases are picking up again and I want to be safe so, for me, booster it is.  I did errands and errands…I started thinking about what Kalissa might do to surprise me…
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A Busy Tuesday

Last week I was sick Friday through Monday but by Tuesday, I was raring to go.  I was so bummed I spent most of my time on the couch those days.  I wanted to do things…not just sit and feel miserable.

So… Tuesday when I woke up feeling good, I decided this was the day to accomplish some things.  On the top of the list…get Karl’s dining room painted.

Kalissa was my trusty helper.

You might remember that Karl had to have his house rewired.  In order to get the electricity into some of the places, they had to cut into the plaster.  That left holes.  Karl had someone come and patch those places.  This included new sheetrock on the ceiling.  I told Karl I’d paint the walls but the ceiling, I wouldn’t do.  He ended up getting the drywall guy to prime and paint it.

The last time I painted a ceiling, my neck and shoulder were miserable for about three weeks and it took two trips to the chiropractor to fix it.

In the Jo and Kalissa paint team, I’m the trimmer.  Kalissa is the roller.  We’ve painted so much together that we have a system down that’s pretty good.

I just love this color.  The paint covered really well too.  It was mostly one coat with a few touch-ups.

After we got done painting, we picked up Gannon from the babysitter and went plant shopping.  We ended up with a car load of plants between the two of us.  Most were mine.

We got back in time for Carver to get off the bus.  Then the planting began.

Carver was WAY into planting.

Gannon wasn’t as excited about it all.

I keep my hanging baskets and plant them myself in the spring.  They initially don’t look as good but in a short time, they catch up and look good.

It saves a lot of money.  I think it was about $10 for my giant hanging baskets and Kalissa’s smaller ones were about $7 a piece because hers are smaller and she picked more reasonably priced plants.

Here is the Friedman family planting their baskets.

They went to their house after they were done planting their baskets.  I continued planting.

I snapped some pictures before I had a chance to sweep the dirt that spilled out.

My helpers were a little zealous with the dirt!!

I am so excited about the potential of big beautiful plants and how pretty they will be in a couple of weeks!

I got all of my planters except two planted.  I ran out of potting soil.  I got all of the impatiens planted.  I just love having them all planted and growing.

No vegetables have been planted yet.  We have had so much rain that it needs a bit more time to dry out.  I’m hoping in the next week I’ll get that planted.  (Fingers crossed we could miss some of the predicted rain)

It was about 6 pm and Kalissa called.  I asked what she was doing and she said planting hostas.  They had a tree at their house that needed to be cut down.  They had hostas around the tree so she dug them up and planted them along her garage.  I asked if she needed more hostas.  She said yes so I bug a bunch out from mine and brought them to her house.

By the time we were done for the day, Kalissa and I were both pooped out.  It was a good kind of pooped out.  We were both so happy we accomplished all that we did.

It was a busy Tuesday…and the days kept being all week long.  I’ll tell you more in upcoming blog posts.

Now…let the watering begin!!

Becoming Grandma Kramer

My husband’s mom was a great lady.  I really loved her and she was so kind to me.  Even if I tried really hard, I couldn’t think of a bad thing to say about her.  Growing up, my kids all called her Grandma Kramer.

When I became a grandma my kids all decided that there was no way they were going to call me Grandma Kramer to their kids as they just couldn’t get past their Grandma Kramer to call me Grandma Kramer.  I was fine with that.  They asked me what I wanted to be called and I said Jo was fine…Carver has changed that to Joey and that’s okay too.

Well…after this story…Kalissa has decided that I’ve officially become Grandma Kramer because when she was little and we went to Grandma’s house the conversation often moved to stories about her outdoor birds…and me…my conversations lately have been about the birds outside my window.

It’s all Kayla’s fault.  I’ve become a bird lady.  The other day Kayla posted this video in our family messenger group.  Push the arrow button for the video to play.

You all might remember that I’ve been wanting to have birds but was so hesitant to spend the money thinking they wouldn’t show up anyway.

After seeing the video, that was it.  I was going to get bird feeds.  I didn’t even care if I tried and it failed.  I was going to try.  In fact, I was so excited about it that I got in the car and drove to the store!!

My WalMart didn’t have any gold finch feeders with the yellow on them.  My parents and Kramer’s mom all had feeders with yellow on them.  That made me think that I needed yellow to attack gold finches…so I didn’t buy any.  I did have a couple of feeders at home so I did get bird food.  I also bought a flat feeder with a bird bath.

The next day Kalissa was going to town and would be at the farm store.  I told her to get two finch feeders for me.  She got one like this … Continue reading