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Destination or Journey?

I posted a picture of my cross-stitch project on Instagram a month ago.  (I have since finished this project) My Instagram is auto connected to my Facebook feed so the picture showed up on my Facebook account too.

Mary from Chicken Scratch County Threads left a comment on the post that said, “So Jo – is it the destination or the journey for you?”

Hmm…I had to think about that.

What drives me to keep stitching?  Do I enjoy the journey along the way?  Or do I enjoy the destination more?

Some people have termed that process or product but I really like Mary’s way of saying it better.  What brings me the most joy…working on the project or having the finished product.

With quilting, that’s easy.  I am a process girl or a journey girl.  I love designing the quilt.  I love picking the colors.  I love cutting it out.  I love piecing.  I truly love piecing.  Machine quilting and binding are likely my least favorite part of the process but I still enjoy them.

Once the quilt is finished, I get a little high, but not a lot.  It doesn’t bother me if the dog runs on it.  It doesn’t bother me to gift it.  I don’t care if one of the grandkids pukes on it.  I’m really not possessive of the finished quilts at all….especially if it is a “quick sew”.

This is all me and everyone is different and I completely understand and respect the differences.  I think we have all seen or might ourselves be a person who would not let their quilt touch the ground.  Kelli one time was washing quilts and hung them on the line.  There was an unexpected shower that came through..just quick and the quilts got damp.  Kelli left them on the line overnight thinking they would dry the next day.  Someone drove by and saw them and ended up talking to Kelli about it thinking the quilts would fade and was worried about her quilts.

Kelli is like me…she’s not super picky with the finished quilts.  The person who drove by and saw the quilts on the clothesline was a product person.  She cared a lot about the finished quilt.

Destination or product people might enjoy the quilt-making process but their biggest enjoyment comes from having the finished product.  How many of you gasp when you see some of the quilt tops that blog readers send to me and donate to charity?  Do you think, “I would never donate a top like that?”  You are likely a product person.  The person making the quilt, she’s a process or journey person.

We all know a person who has stacks of unquilted tops…That person is a journey or process person.

There isn’t a right wrong way to be.  I think it’s good that we recognize and appreciate each type of person.

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It has been the busiest of days for me today.  I woke up with a plan in my head and that plan quickly changed.

Kalissa came over…I can’t even remember why she originally came. Oh, I know, she was going to help move the red tin cabinet.

My neighbor to the back yard had someone there with a skid loader and they were moving dirt.  I’ve wanted that red cabinet in my sewing room but there was no way to get it there.

I thought a skid loader could hoist it to the upper door of our house that goes directly into my sewing room.  Remember our staircase is too tight for anything to get up the stairs?

So I walked out and asked if he might stop over when he is done and I’d pay him to help us get it into that upper window.  He said sure.

I called Kalissa to help.  Karl was already here.  Ah.  I was finally going to get this done.  Kalissa came with the boys and the guy walked over to our house and told us, no.  He didn’t think he could do it.  He thought the skid loader would be tough on my grass and that he might ruin my cement pad.  AH.  I was so disappointed.

Well, Kalissa was here by then.  She was disappointed too.  Then she kicked into “she-man can do all things” version of Kalissa.  She was bound and determined that she and Karl were going to get the cabinet up the steps.

Here they are trying…
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Social Media

I was on a Facebook group that I follow for cross-stitching.  When I need a little break from it all, I like to go and look to check out what others are making.

I saw a post from a member of the group that was asking the owners of the group if they were going to start posting on Mewe.  There was an image that showed all of the “new” social media outlets some people were moving to as they are frustrated with Facebook and other popular social media outlets.

The writer was apparently disenchanted with Facebook and wanted to move on but she wanted all of her favorite people, things, groups to move with her to this newer site called MeWe.

Patently Apple supports the 'MeWe' Social Media Network, an alternative to  Facebook, on track for 800% growth in 2019 - Patently Apple
Maybe I was in a bad mood.  Maybe I was having a bad day but the request bugged me.  I think mostly because I don’t think the writer knew exactly what she was asking.

Let me explain…

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News and LIGHTS OUT!!

On Sunday night I had Kalissa’s boys and had them again on Monday.  Here are some happenings from then.

I am catching Gannon all the time like this.  He has a tool and is pulling on his pants.  One time he even ended up with his diaper off.  Good Grief!  I finally figured out that he was trying to put a tool in his pants like Carver always does.  Oh my.  I ended up putting the tool in his waistband and he was all happy.  It looks like we are going to have two tool loving boys.

Craig came home Sunday night all HAPPY!!  He is done combining.  The crop is out!!  YAHOO!!  He still has some long days ahead but the stress of having the crop out is OVER.  I’m so happy.

You can see that Craig is sporting quite the facial hair.  He said he refused to shave until the corn was out.

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