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Silk Ribbon Embroidery

A sweet blog reader sent some goodies my way.  In one of the boxes were some skeins of silk ribbon for silk ribbon embroidery.  I snapped it up right away.  It’s been years and years since I touched the silk ribbon but from house to house the ribbon has moved with me.  Years ago, I got rib on my old cross stitch stuff, but this silk ribbon floss I’ve kept right here in this old sewing basket.

I ended up down a rabbit hole.  I checked to see if I still had my books on silk ribbon embroidery.

I did.  Here is one of them… Continue reading

Errand Day with Gannon

Last week on Wednesday Gannon and I had errand day.  My grandson Gannon started going to preschool this year. For him, it’s four full days a week.  Wednesday he’s off and can hang with me if Kalissa is working.  It’s great.  We both love it.  I thought I would take you along on our busy day of errands.

We started out hanging out at my house for a little bit until stores opened.  I was getting a little bit of pinning done for my American Patchwork and Quilting project.  Gannon loves when I do this.  He takes and “sorts” my pins in the pincushion.

He’s super careful and I sit right next to him so no worries…and yes, I check the floor completely just in case a pin falls and we don’t hear it.

Then it was time for me to load the van.  I had goodies to deliver to my friend Lana that puts together baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief.  Many thanks to those of you who have sent flannel, flannel sheets, diapers, hand towels, soap, and other needed items.  I am so thankful for all that has been sent.  My own church group started making layettes as well so I’m trying to help with some supplies for them as well.  Anything anyone wants to send is greatly appreciated.  HERE is my Amazon wish list if any of you want to send goodies.  Gently used items are welcome as well.

None of this would be possible without the amazing work of… Continue reading

The Newest Addition to the Family

On Wednesday the Friedman Family added to the Kramer family.  Kalissa, our daughter, and her husband Craig delivered a bouncing new little boy into the world.

I maybe shouldn’t say bouncing as he so far is the most chill little baby ever.  I got to go meet him on Thursday.

I was on Grandma duty and took care of Carver and Gannon, their other two boys while Kalissa and Craig bonded with their new little guy.

So what’s his name??…
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Going on a Walk

I really miss going on walks.  I used to walk 3-4 times a week with a friend of mine but she moved.  I haven’t found a new walking partner.  (If you live in the area and want to be my walking partner, contact me!!)

You all know how it goes.  If someone else keeps us accountable, we do it.  But, if left on our own, we find excuses and reasons not to walk.

My friend and I used to walk about 3 miles.  It wasn’t a fast walk as we took an hour to do it.  So now every time I think I’m going to get out and walk I tell myself, I don’t have an hour to walk so I don’t walk 30 minutes instead.  UGH.

I’m not wanting to walk for hard-core exercise.  I’m wanting to walk to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and for Rosie.  She loves her in-ground fencing but that doesn’t replace a walk.

So…I had a little talk with myself.  I don’t have to walk for any amount of time or any distance.  I just have to walk Rosie.  It doesn’t matter if it’s only around the block.  I have to walk 3-5 times a week.

On Sunday, I decided it was time.  Our daughter Kalissa called me and she asked what I was doing.  I happen to be putting on my shoes to walk so I told her that.  She said, “I want to go”.    AWESOME.  Then she said but you don’t want to walk with me as I’m at the waddling stage.  She kind of is…she’s due with baby three anytime now.

I told her nope.  I was just looking to get me and Rosie out of the house.  I’d be happy for some company.  So I walked the five blocks to their house.  Craig, Kalissa’s husband, and the boys came along too.

Gannon is just to the point that he can petal.  This didn’t come to him easily and he’s not super fast.  Worse is that he doesn’t steer the best.  He almost ran into a mailbox.  In an effort to get him to go faster, I told him Rosie was racing him.  He quickly picked up the pace so he could win.

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