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What I’m Reading: Outsider

I have long been a fan of Linda Castillo.  She writes a great series of books featuring Kate Burkholder.  Kate is the police chief of a small town, Painters Mill, in Amish country in Ohio.  The catch is that Kate was once Amish herself.  She has a love interest, John Tomasetti who works for the Bureau of Criminal Investigation so one of them is always on a big case.

Whenever I know there is a new book in the series, I don’t hesitate to pre-order it and that’s exactly what I did when I heard her latest book, The Outsider was available for pre-order.

As always…I loved the book.  It’s not so much that they are written so well…or that the crimes that Kate and John solve are especially interesting…I just love Kate.  I do love that the books are in 1st person.  I do love that there is typically a twist somewhere.  I do love the down home feeling of picking up a book and already knowing the main characters…I guess that’s the charm of any series of books…right?

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What I’m Reading: The Day Lincoln Lost

I was excited when I saw this book.  I thought hmm, something historic, that’s perfect from me.  I love Lincoln so this would be right up my alley.
The book is The Day Lincoln Lost by Charles Rosenberg.

This book didn’t impress me.  I had listened to it to the point I was at the halfway mark.  I wasn’t excited about it.  I ended up sidetracked listening to podcasts but then realized the book was going to expire so I went back to the book thinking it had to get better….it really didn’t.

There really was no culmination in the book.

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What I’m Reading: The Pecan Man and The Truth About Grace

I was THRILLED.  One of my favorite all-time books is The Pecan Man by  Cassie Dandridge Selleck.  When I was on Hoopla I saw that there was a sequel.  WOW.  I didn’t know that so I immediately went to get the book but then decided to wait.  I was going to listen to The Pecan Man again.

Here is what Amazon says:
The Pecan Man is a work of Southern fiction whose first chapter was the First Place winner of the 2006 CNW/FFWA Florida State Writing Competition in the Unpublished Novel category. In the summer of 1976, recently widowed and childless, Ora Lee Beckworth hires a homeless old black man to mow her lawn. The neighborhood children call him the Pee-can Man; their mothers call them inside whenever he appears. When the police chief’s son is found stabbed to death near his camp, the man Ora knows as Eddie is arrested and charged with murder. Twenty-five years later, Ora sets out to tell the truth about the Pecan Man. In narrating her story, Ora discovers more truth about herself than she could ever have imagined. This novel has been described as To Kill a Mockingbird meets The Help.”

In the Amazon description, it says “To Kill a Mockingbird meets The Help”.   This is such an accurate description.  Being these are two of my favorite books, you can imagine why I love it so much.

Amazon readers gave the book 4.5 stars.  I think it’s more like a 4.9 book.  I really love it and always recommend it.  If you aren’t a big reader, this is also a good book for you as it’s not a really long book.

Happy news for anyone who has Audible.  It’s a free book there.  You can find it HERE.

Well..I listened to the book in one day.  Then I started the next book…
The Truth About Grace by Cassie Dandridge Selleck.  Admittedly, I was a little nervous about this book.  I so loved The Pecan Man.  I didn’t want this book to ruin that book.  So cautiously, I listened.

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What I’m Reading: Have You Seen Me?

I’m on a roll with LOTS of good books from Hoopla.  It seems I haven’t hit a bad one in quite some time.  My latest pick was Have You Seen Me? by Kate White.  I hope I didn’t jinx myself by saying how many good books I’ve listened to lately….

About this book, good.  I was liking it from the very beginning.  It caught my attention and my attention stayed.  I was a little surprised at the ending.  There really were no clues leading up to the twist at the end and sometimes I do like to have a bit of a clue…just so it keeps me guessing.  Overall, it was good though….

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