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What I’m Reading: The Lost Orphan

I found a book that looked interesting…The Lost Orphan by Stacey Halls.

I love historical fiction and honestly have a little trouble finding books that are good that all aren’t WWII related.  I think that the WWII era is the “in vogue” time period to write about now.  I know 25 years ago it was more of the pioneering and Civil War times that many historical fiction books were written about…now, it seems WWII.

This one wasn’t about WWII and was a treat to get to read about a different time.  This was London 1754.

The Lost Orphan: A Novel by [Stacey Halls]
I have to say I was a little disappointed not really believing the date of 1754 that the book was supposedly set in.  Really it read more like a  late 1800’s of early 1900 piece.  The book is really strong in the beginning and finished okay.  I was so excited to be reading it but then for some reason, I didn’t know it at the time, my enthusiasm for it waned.  All in all a good story and so wish more custody cases came to a happier ending as this did.

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What I’m Reading/Watching: Defending Jacob

Do you ever read a book and it sticks with you?  Back in 2012 I read a book Defending Jacob: A Novel by William Landy.

It was a really good book.  It’s a courtroom drama and I tend to like them…yep, there’s a twist at the end too.

Andy Barber and his wife Laurie are well respected people in their community.  Andy a District Attorney and Laurie a school teacher are blindsided when their son Jacob is charged with killing a school classmate.  As the trial goes on the book outlines the change in relationships with community members and within the family unit.

The story is told by Andy and through Andy’s eyes.  He wants to believe the best about it his son so sometimes the reader is forced to step back from Andy’s perspective and judge for themselves on how to interpret evidence.  I listened to this as an audiobook and very much enjoyed this.  Some reviewers on Amazon suggest that the book is a little slow as some of the courtroom testimony tells about things the reader already learns from earlier reading.  For me, that was not true and was part of character building….do we believe the testimony of the cop who was Andy’s best friend?  Do we believe the testimony of Jacob’s best friend?  Who is telling the truth…who is distorting it and is anyone lying?  How will these changes in testimony affect the ultimate verdict?  Will the truth ever be told?

The story brings out what they call a “murder gene”.  Are people capable of passing down a “murder gene” to their children through DNA? Certainly we can pass on high blood pressure, cholesterol issues and the like, why not a “murder gene”?  If this “murder gene” can be passed on, then how do you as a parent feel if you are the one who passed it down?  All of this is brought to the reader’s attention for consideration.

Anyway….I loved the book.  The book has over 9000 reviews on Amazon and it’s given 4.3 stars.

Well…I was extra excited when 8 years after reading the book Apple TV decided to do a series on the book.  Well I don’t have Apple TV and had no idea how it works.  But…I was interested enough in seeing this book in television series form to figure it out.

It turns out I can get Apple TV as a subscription channel with my Roku.  You can download the app HERE.  The good news is that I could watch the first two episodes free.  I thought that was awesome.  If I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to pay to subscribe.  But you can guess what happened.  I loved it.  I subscribed.  Apple TV is $4.99 a month.  I cancelled my Acorn TV for a month and will be using Apple TV for the month…then I’ll likely go back to Brit Box for a month.  I really like rotating the subscriptions around.  Then I’m only paying $4.99 for added viewing options.

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What I’m Reading: Of Windmills and War

I saw this book repeatedly over the last year as a book that was recommended for me.  I bypassed it and bypassed it.  I really don’t know why.  I think partly because I noticed it was a trilogy.  Sometimes I don’t like getting sucked into trilogies.  I feel like the first book is always awesome and the next books..are well, just sequels and not as awesome.  I finally gave  Of Windmills and War by Diane Moody a try.

Of Windmills and War (The War Trilogy - Book 1) by [Diane Moody]I ended up loving the book.  I had several blog readers who had recommended it to me and it was the perfect book to recommend.   A few of the things that happened were a little more coincidental they I thought would likely happen but hey, I’m willing to go with it.

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What I’m Reading: Nothing More Dangerous

I have read several books by Allen Eskens and to date, I have loved every single one of them….seriously, they are all on my favorites list and it’s made me put Eskens on my list of very favorite authors.  I saw that he had a book I hadn’t read and I wanted to remedy that immediately so I burned an Audible credit and bought Nothing More Dangerous.

Nothing More Dangerous

The book reminds me much of a 70’s version on To Kill a Mockingbird.  For me, that is HIGH praise as that’s one of my all time favorite books.  It’s a coming of age story only this time it’s a boy as the main character.  This boy has a mom…but a father that has passed away.  There’s a mystery, there is prejudice but most importantly, there are good people trying to do the right thing.  I loved the book.

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