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What I’m Reading: The Gold in These Hills

I was on the online library that I use.  It was the one that I put books on hold with and have to wait forever.  The book I put on the list was The Gold in These Hills by Joanne Bischof.

I’m going to admit it right here and now.  I selected the book simply because of the cover.  I love pioneer, old west style stories.  I don’t find them much anymore so I hoped this would be a treat.
Well, little did I know this was Christian Fiction.  Remember, I just read the book by the cover.  I used to read Christian Fiction a lot and for the most part, enjoyed it.  I am not a fan of the preachy versions though…or the kind that the author suddenly realizes that in order for the book to be classified as Christian Fiction, they need to insert some bible stuff.  If you’ve read Christian Fiction you likely have dealt with those styles of books.

This book had a real natural flow to the Christian Fiction aspect of the book.  I ended up really enjoying it.  Their faith was just part of their evolving life.  That style, I don’t mind at all.

The story was good.  It wasn’t completely predictable…all in all, I really enjoyed it.  The author even had me putting myself on the waitlist for a couple of other of her books.

Here is what Amazon had to say:
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What I’m Reading: We are all Shipwrecks

I have told you that I’ve been in a bit of a funk as far as reading goes.  I’ve tired of WWII books.  Mystery books haven’t been cutting it.  Everything I’ve read has seemed a little far-fetched.  I was looking for something different.  I stumbled upon this book, We are all Shipwrecks by Kelli Grey Carlisle.  It was a memoir.  I thought maybe a different genre of book might launch me out of my funk.

So what did I think?  I very much enjoyed it.  It’s really much of a coming-of-age story.  I had great sympathy for the author/main character.  She is an excellent author skipping from past to present and from being a young child to a tween.  The transitions are seamless and I loved that.

The story grabbed me from the beginning and I was very eager to listen.  The book was exactly what I needed to get me out of my funk.  My hope now is to find another equally as good book.

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Book Club: And So I Roam

You might remember back in August that I had a blog reader, Jill, write and say:

I always love your book reviews, and now it’s time for me to promote one I think you would enjoy, written by my daughter, no less! It’s about a young woman and her father leaving Philadelphia in the late 1890s to homestead in Western Canada, in what is now Alberta and British Columbia. (I live in Alberta, as does Kate, the author) . She writes with a dedication to describing the land and its strengths, and how the main character, Dahlia (Dolly) develops her own strengths and learns who she is and what she wants in life. Her historical references and descriptions make you feel like you are in that time and era. The love of place is evident throughout the book, and the story develops with respect and love for the land and its people. She was especially respectful of the Haida Gwaii on Vancouver Island, checking her details with the local tribal historian. It is an easy read, everyone in my book club (retired Librarians and Language Arts teachers) gave it rave reviews. It is available on Amazon, or as an e-book.
The book is: And So I Roam, by Kate Bothner. I could send you a copy if you don’t want to order it.
Thanks! Jill in Calgary/Phoenix

I checked and the book is available on Amazon.

You can find it HERE.

And then asked all of you if you would like to read along.  This is a big stretch for me as I never read actual books anymore.  Everything I take in is via audiobook form while I am going something else, sewing, walking, house cleaning, watering plants…most anything.  I really don’t read books anymore at all.  So, this was a BIG commitment for me.  I’m happy to say it went well.

The book came out in July of this year so there aren’t a lot of reviews.  The ones it does have are glowing.

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What I’m Reading: Until the Leaves Fall in Paris

I had a book on reserve with my online library.  It came…but life got in the way and I never got the book listened to.  It happens.  I had wanted to listen to the book so I went on Hoopla and they had the book so I downloaded it and listened to it right away.  So was the book worth checking out twice??

YES.  I enjoyed the book.  It totally kept my attention and had me happily listening along.  It takes place in France…it deals with the French Resistance in WWII.  Those are all topics I typically enjoy.

Here’s what Amazon has to say:
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