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What I’m Reading: The Marriage Lie

I finished a book last month and liked it so much that I went on and checked to see if the author had more books available and happily she did.  I put The Marriage Lie on my hold list and if came available.  The author is Kimberly Belle and so far, I like her.

The Marriage Lie

THis book started out with a woman losing her husband in a plane crash.  It was a little hard for me to listen to as when I read a book, I always imagine myself as the main character and this was happening to me.  This book, I had to take a little break from and remind myself that no.  I am not Iris.  I am the reader.  Once that happened, things got a little better.

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What I’m Reading: The Moonshiner’s Daugher

I  had told you that I got super lucky.  I requested that my online library get three different books that weren’t in their collection and they ended up getting all three immediately.  It was a happy event for me.  I didn’t have to burn up Audible credits to be able to listen to them.  I was so hoping that I requested some good books.

My first book of the three is The Moonshiner’s Daughter by Donna Everhart.

The Moonshiner's Daughter by [Everhart, Donna]

My favorite thing ever is books told in first person and books that are coming of age stories.  This book has both so it had that going for it.  The book was set in the late 50s.  The story deals with bulimia and the angst of growing up without a mom and a dad that won’t talk about her death.

I liked the story but occasionally I would catch some “odd things” that weren’t thought through.  For example:  At one point, a ten-ish year old character of the book loses their arm.  A month later that character jumps into a pickup and drives it.  Well most people wouldn’t catch it but I grew up with my parents late 60’s pickup.  Back then, pickups were mostly stick shift.  It would be virtually impossible for a kid to drive a stick shift pickup with one arm.  There were a few other times that were similar….it’s almost like the author forgot what time her book was set in.  It wasn’t a big deal..just something to note.

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What I’m Reading: Distress Signals

When I was sick at the end of January I tried a “new to me” author.  I enjoyed that book so thought to see if the author, Catherine Ryan Howard, had any other books I might enjoy.  This one, Distress Signals, was available so I put it on my list via Hoopla.

Distress Signals by [Ryan Howard, Catherine]
I both love and hate reading books by the same author.  Part of me hopes for a similar experience to the one I had read before…part of me is expecting this one to not be as good.  This one was somewhere in between.

The story is told from three perspectives.  It takes a long time before the stories converge and honestly, they never completely converge.  The reader learns the whole story as they see each of the three perspectives…the characters never do.  That for me was a different take.

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What I’m Reading: All the Flowers in Paris

I was so excited when I went on my online library and saw that they had new books!!  Yahoo.  I immediately started filling my wait list and checked out a few.  I love when this happens.  It’s seriously like Christmas to me.  One of the books I was able to immediately check out was All the Flowers in Paris by Sarah Gio.  I was excited from the moment I saw the front cover.  It looked to be historical fiction in a time setting I enjoyed…and I was right.  But now, would I like the book??

I did.  The book is set in both present day and in Paris during the occupation in WWII.  I guessed the story early on and what might happen between the present day characters but didn’t guess the whole backstory during WWII.  I think the author did a great job connecting the two.

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