Fall Garden Work

We had a freeze here so all of my pretty plants are gone.  It’s totally okay.  It comes to October and I’m tired of watering and maintaining them anyway so I let them go. Here in Iowa we have been so blessed with great weather.  There hasn’t been much rain and the temps have been …

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Garden Time

You might remember me saying that we had some weird weather in April.  It was cold and rainy.  We made it into May with lots of rain and some decent temperatures. I didn’t worry too much even though I always plant on Mother’s Day weekend and that date passed.  This last week the weather turned …

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The weather here in Iowa has not been conducive to farmers or gardeners or anyone who wants to be outside.  Typically by now I have some things planted.  Typically I’m chomping at the bit to want to buy plants, pots, potting soil and all things garden…but the weather has not been favorable at all.  It’s …

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Starting Elderberries

My son Buck can not only cook and care for the kiddos…but he is also a gardener.  Of all of the kids, he’s my best gardener.  Kayla loves to plant but doesn’t love the tending.  Karl aspires to be a gardener and just might this year.  Kelli and Kalissa have no interest. Buck was so …

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