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Quilt Finish: Show Off

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I’ve been working my way through the flimsy, or finished quilt top, pile that is sitting by the long arm.  I’m determined not to quit.  The bad part though, The quilts at the bottom of the pile are bigger or harder.  That’s why they have been on the bottom of the pile.  When I started this all I could easily hammer a quilt top out.  Now it’s slower going.

The latest finish…this…

It’s Kelli’s quilt top.  It’s made using a free pattern from Quilted Twins called Show Off.  You can find the free pattern HERE.  The original was done using 100% cotton mens shirts in a variety of colors.  Kelli decided to only use blue shirts..but notice the blues go from VERY dark blue to light blues.  She used the extras for the piano key border.

Without me knowing that Kelli was making one of these quilts I had also cut out one of these quilts.  I did mine more like the original in color.  It’s in my UFO pile.  I’ll tackle it someday.

I loved that she mixed the colors to include so many different shades.
There is a great variety from large plaids to small checks to stripes.

The binding came from my 2″ shirt strip box.  It’s all scrappy.

This quilt is another great example of a quilt that is simple but pleasing.  All quilts really don’t have to be fancy and hard to make to look good.

Don’t you think?

I used a variegated thread the goes from light to dark blue.
You can see the quilting motif I used better in the picture below.

Doesn’t the sky look great with the quilt??
It was windy here so I snapped pictures in between wind gusts.
The backing came from Quilted Twins’ quilt shop.

When I saw it I just knew a quilt would come along that this would be perfect for.  This quilt definitely is.

Sad part, I didn’t have enough of it so I improvised.

I used up some fat quarters and scraps of blue solid fabrics that I had.  Use it up!!

Of course every quilt needs a Rosie picture.

Isn’t she the cutest???

All in all, a great quilt design from Becky…great color selection from Kelli and my choice of back and quilting was okay too…it made it all one great quilt.

If you’re looking for fabric from Quilted Twins, you can find that HERE.
If you’re looking for free patterns from Quilted Twins, find them HERE.

A Quilt Finish: Cheddar Bow Ties

In my war on truly catching up in the sewing room I’ve been tackling the pile of flimsy quilt tops.  On the pile was a quilt of Kelli’s, Cheddar Bow Ties.  This quilt has been a top for a long time.  Now it’s finished.

This started as Bonnie Hunter’s 2011 Leader and Ender Challenge.  More info on that HERE.

Kelli didn’t follow the suggestion and use one solid cheddar fabric.  She used many cheddar printed fabrics.  The quilt is comprised of Civil War prints.

I think the color selection makes the quilt look like it’s dancing.

I don’t ever think of a bow tie block as anything special at all but just look… Continue reading

Quilt Finish: Garage Sale Leftovers

Check out my finished quilt…Yes…it looks like this morning’s quilt but it’s not.  This is the leftovers quilt so the colors and pattern are similar.  I actually like this less organized version much better.

This morning I told you about one of the quilts I worked on last week.  It was a garage sale UFO that I bought for $10.  Tonight I’m telling you about the leftovers from that project that were bagged up and sold for $8.  It’s the package to the far right.

When I bought the package I really wasn’t sure what was in it.  I really didn’t know that this was the leftovers from the blocks in the package on the left.  All I knew was that it was fabric and the colors were okay and it was a great start for a quilt at only $8.

Here are the pieces.

This morning’s quilt were blocks…

These were the what was left over after the blocks were cut…The original owner told me she made graduation quilts and this was her go to pattern.  I later found out it is an Atkinson Designs pattern.  I don’t remember which one.  This morning’s quilt was in a 5 x 6 layout.  I wanted to make this one bigger in a 6 x 6 layout.  So this was my plan….

Trim the sewn together strips.

Add random pieces of fabric to the blocks to bring them up to the 15″ x 15″ size.

Trim if needed to a 15″ x 15″ block.

…and that’s what I did.  You can see that the block above has two leftover strips sewn together and then a yellow random piece sewn to it.

Most blocks have two of the original leftover pieces in them but not all…some just have one piece.  This is what the flimsy looked like.

I trimmed the blocks on Wednesday afternoon when my power was out.  I sewed the random pieces to them on Wednesday night after the power was on.  Thursday morning I trimmed the blocks and sewed them into a top.  At noon on Thursday I ironed the completed quilt top.  That afternoon I loaded it onto the frame and quilted it.

That evening I bound it and had a finished quilt.  In reality it was about 24 hours from start to finish…including a good night’s sleep.

When it was a flimsy, I wasn’t really impressed with it.  After quilting it…I really liked it!!  Take a look at the next pictures and let me know what you think…. Continue reading