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A New Quilt: Tops and Bottoms

I’m so excited!!  This morning we opened the new pattern download store here and already we’ve had a nice amount of sales.  Thanks so much to you all for supporting us.

I’m back this afternoon to showcase the other quilt that is in the store….Tops and Bottoms.  I have long loved this quilt. This was slated to be put in our book Country Girl Modern, but then we had to many projects for the amount of pages we could have in the book so this one got cut.  Now she’s out of storage and ready to inspire you!!

The fabrics in this are so soft and inviting.  The quilt is made from a Fig Tree fabric line for long ago.

This quilt all started after I was at an auction and bought a 1970’s quilt book that featured only quilt blocks.  I took it to bed night after night pouring over it and studying blocks.  Which blocks did I like?  Which blocks were new to me?

I don’t remember the exact name of the block but it was something “winged”.  I really liked it.

I sat down at the computer and started to play with a design.  I put the blocks all together and was sadly disappointed.  They really didn’t create much of an interesting design.  Then I played and played.  I replaced some of the winged blocks with chain blocks.

At first I just replaced the blocks and made the outer chain diamond.  Then I went in and made the inner diamond of chain blocks.  Oh my.  I loved it!

At the time, we were chasing a book deadline.  We thought about making it larger but really didn’t think that was the best idea.

We thought about stopping there and just making the throw sized but that was square and one time someone told me they didn’t like “square quilts”.  Well that got me thinking and came up with the idea to put a top and a bottom on the quilt….thus the red and neutral top and bottom borders…and thus the name, Tops and Bottoms.

In these next pictures, the color looks more red.  It’s not.  It was cloudy when we snapped the pictures and thus…this color shading.

We made this from a fabric line using all of the colors in it..thus the fun background colors.

I love the four blocks in the center all together giving almost the appearance of a star.

Here’s what I did for the quilting motif…. Continue reading

Quilt Finish: Big Star and Exciting News

Did you read the title of this post…One, I have a quilt finish and two, there is big news.  First the finished quilt…I am in love with this quilt.  It isn’t a hard one.  It’s made with big units so it comes together quickly.

Here it is…we’re calling it Big Star.

Do you see the four big stars…that’s partly how it got its name…also I’ve liked the song “Big Star” by Kenny Chesney.  There was a little girl I knew who about four when the song came out and she would belt that song out so loud.  It was precious.

Sadly the fabric line is older.  It’s Emmy Grace by Art Gallery Fabrics.  Have you ever sewn with their fabric.  It’s 100% cotton but has a wonderful sheen to it that makes it so soft.  Seriously, I wish all fabric companies made their fabric like this.

I love the fabric mix…There were 10 neutrals and 16 color prints in the line and this is how we mixed them all together.

I loved the whole design too.  It’s always curious to see if what I envision, actually turns out into how I dreamed it would be.

Here it is big and hanging off my porch…. Continue reading

A Quilt Finish: Scotty’s Mickey Mouse Crooked Courthouse Steps

YAHOO!!  I have a finished project.  This one was on my UFO list so I’m  happier than ever!!

I gave you this sneak peek on Monday….(yes, Carver did my hair)

…and here it is all ready for you to see.

This is going to be for my grandson Scotty.  He’s turning five at the end of the month and this will be part of his birthday present.  I started on this in December when Lora was still pregnant.  I had started this thinking they were having a boy but then switched gears to thinking they were having a girl and made this quilt.  (Read more about it HERE)

I liked this quilt so much that I ended up quick sending it out to be published with the hope it would be back in time for the new baby in case it was a girl.

Well the Mickey quilt just sat.  I had enough blocks done for a baby quilt and if they had a boy, I’d quick finish it.  Well they had a girl…Lilly, and I didn’t need the boy quilt….well that got me thinking.  Their family is all so crazy about Mickey Mouse…Scotty included…so I decided I’d finish up the quilt for Scotty and make it big…and that’s what I did.

Here it was on the frame…. Continue reading

Quilt Finish: Texas Braid

I finally finished my Texas Braid quilt.  I am so happy to have this one checked off the list of UFOs.

I think this has been one of the longer running UFOs that I’ve had.

It got stalled out as I was too chicken to do the feathers in needed in the quilting.  Then once I finally started, I wasn’t very good at keeping at it….as I always tell Carver, “It happens”. 
The  quilt is from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails.  I’ve wanted to make the quilt for FOREVER (well at least since I bought the book). 
One thing I’d like to point out is this… Continue reading