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Quilt Finish: Texas Braid

I finally finished my Texas Braid quilt.  I am so happy to have this one checked off the list of UFOs.

I think this has been one of the longer running UFOs that I’ve had.

It got stalled out as I was too chicken to do the feathers in needed in the quilting.  Then once I finally started, I wasn’t very good at keeping at it….as I always tell Carver, “It happens”. 
The  quilt is from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails.  I’ve wanted to make the quilt for FOREVER (well at least since I bought the book). 
One thing I’d like to point out is this… Continue reading

A Quilt Finish: That Block of the Month

Well I have another quilt finish for you.  I’m not going to write about it much now as I have another quilt EXACTLY like it that I also need to finish.  It’s currently in the stack of “to be quilted” quilts.

Instead I thought I’d photo bomb you with a series of photos Kalissa took while I was showing the family my finished quilt.

I started out holding it up and Gannon quickly jumped on the quilt.

Then we took his bottle away…

Then we sat him down and tried to get a good picture…
That didn’t work…

and then it all got crazy with wild antics because then Georgia joined in too…see? Continue reading

A Quilt Finish: String Star

I finished another GIANT quilt.  Once quilts get to be 100 x 100, I call them giant and they are hard for me to work with.  My APQS quilting machine is only 10 feet.  I have long wished for a 12″ one but my space would be hard to manage so I’ve stuck with the 10″ and suffered if I have a quilt that is 100 x 100.

I saw this pattern in a Quilt It magazine.  Seriously though, if you’re an experienced quilter, you don’t need a pattern for this.

I used a scrappy border.  I’ve been really trying to use anything up that’s around here and using strips from my 2″ bucket was perfect.  Many of the strips were actually leftovers for the masks I made.

The backing was one I got when a fabric store went out of business.  It’s 108″ backing..What a treat though to not have to piece a backing!!

I love string quilts.  There are some many interesting things to look at including this…. Continue reading