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Kramer’s boss’ daughter came home to farm.  At first I was super surprised.  She didn’t have a farming bone in her body when she was in high school.  We didn’t ever see her at the farm.  So last fall when she decided to come home to farm, we were all surprised.

She’s done a great job and I think she’s just what the farm needed.  She’s wonderful with computers and has taken on many of the tasks that have slidden aside when things get busy.  She’s even working with the cattle and doing a great job.

She’s even got Kramer to work with the Ipad to report feed records.  Things definitely have a modern more efficient aspect since she’s come.

One of my favorite things is that she started a Facebook page.  You can find it HERE.

Here’s Hannah..home to farm.

She’s a great photographer and I love seeing the photos she posts.  I love living in town but part of me misses the farm too.  I felt more connected in a way by living there.  (For those of you who are newer, we used to live on the farm where Kramer works)

She even managed to snap a picture of Kramer.  This was before cancer.

He’s terrible at letting anyone take his picture.

I know many of you enjoyed the blog posts about the farm and miss them…so, if you want more, feel free to follow the Achen Farms Facebook page.  
While Kramer was recouping from surgery Hannah would add pictures of new calves that came in purposely so Kramer could see them.

He sure appreciated it.

Before the metastasized lung cancer to his bones,  Kramer had been out to work for a few hours on some of the days.  I, of course, worried about him a bit.  I was so happy to see this post come through of the Facebook page.  I could see he was okay and in his element.

I’m so happy for Hannah and the farm.  Like I said, she’s just what the farm needed…and from her posts, it seems like she needed the farm.  It’s a win-win for everyone!!

Kramer hasn’t been out to the farm since he broke his neck and the sad thing is….he won’t be able to work.  Seeing the Facebook posts from Hannah will mean more than ever.

Thank a Farmer

We had beautiful weather here in Iowa in November and December and even the first half of January and then WHAM!  In about 10 days time we went from grass on the ground and okay temps to SNOW on the ground with record setting low temperatures.  AH.  I’ve shoveled snow four times and now it’s piled high.

This was our weather for the week as of Sunday….a snowstorm coming in Sunday night and a deep freeze settling in for this week.

Monday afternoon we moved to this.  Wind Chill watches and warnings.  The wind chill or feels like temperature is likely to hit -60 degrees.  YES, MINUS SIXTY DEGREES.

Kelli’s birthday is January 25th and Kayla’s January 31st.  I don’t EVER remember a year that we didn’t have nasty weather over that time.  This year it’s true again.

Years ago when we were living on the farm and the kids all lived at home a feed rep came and talked to Hubby after a long cold spell.  It had been a week long spell and then the farm waterers were much harder to maintain.  The feed rep asked Hubby if he was able to feed all the cattle all the days being it was so cold.  Hubby laughed.  Of course he fed them.

At supper that night Hubby relayed the story to the kids.  One of them, I can’t remember which one it was, piped up and said, “If the cattle weren’t fed we sure wouldn’t be sitting here down to eat.”  The other kids piped in saying “Ya, Dad would have had us all out there with wheel barrows carting feed if the equipment didn’t work”.  They were so right.

That’s the truth of a good farmer.  When your animals need you, it doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside, from temperatures over 100 to temperatures below -50 degrees, the farmer is there.

I saw this on Facebook….

To any of you farmers out there dealing with the weather, losses, poor prices or the like.  Here’s a HUGE shout out to you and your family.  We know farming isn’t a one man show!!  Take care today and every day.  THANK YOU!!

Finishing Up Fieldwork

Over the weekend the last big push to finish up field work happened.  The combining was finished…the round bales have been made.  The tillage has not been finished.

Hubby took his turn in trying to get it finished up over the weekend.

All of the days, Hubby packs a lunch and is super faithful about it.  He doesn’t miss a day ever unless it was planned.  He’s a real creature of habit.  For some reason, on Saturday he forgot his sandwiches.  He makes them the night before and puts them in his lunch box in the morning.  For some reason, that morning he forgot.  He knew I was home and knew he’s be working until past dark so called and asked if I’d bring them to him.

The farm in only 3 miles from our house so it was no big deal.

Here he is coming to meet me.


As long as I was there, I thought I’d ride a couple rounds with him.  This is the view out the front window.  To the right is the unfinished field.  The field was originally a corn field.  The corn has been harvested and round bales have been made and cleared from the field.  To the right, he has already ran the sub soiler over that part of the field.


Out the back window, it looks like this. …

Family Tradition

The first Sunday in November…it’s a family tradition day.

It starts out with a visit to the Waucoma Craft show.  This year I was really happy to find they had a LuLaRoe consultant there.  I know what size I wear in leggings but didn’t know what size I wear in shirts.  I tried a few on and feel better about sizing should I decide to order something….and confession time…. I did buy a pair of leggings.

This is what I came for though….kolaches.  They are popular in our area.  They are a fruit filled roll.  There are many Czech people living in our area and they are a Czech tradition.  I love them….

Hubby loves them too.

I ended up delivering some of the kolaches to him in the field.  The days of being a “farm widow” are getting long…really long.  I miss having him around here.  I miss him so much.  Typically he isn’t home until 9:30 at night and then he showers and is off to bed.  He leaves again at about 5am.  I really only visit with him for 20 minutes or so.  It gets so old being “single”.  I shouldn’t complain as I know others of you are “single” too…

I did convince him to let me take a picture of him standing by the combine.  He’s awful about pictures but this time said yes.  It still amazes me how big combines are…see? …

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