Happy Birthday Mom!

Hello!  It is Jo’s wonderful daughter (Kalissa) and right now my mom isn’t home. She probably won’t tell you this but tomorrow (December 14th) is her birthday. So…on Saturday morning, Dad took her shopping (which means quilt shops, Mom isn’t too big on the mall) and they just had a weekend together and should be …

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Easy Candy Making with Kids

Today, we had another no school day.  One of my old childcare families called and asked if the kids could come over and I immediately said YES!!  I miss the kiddos a lot but not enough to start childcare again. Marisa and I made some Christmas goodies….These are SUPER simple and something you can easily make …

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We Survived Confirmation

Over the weekend we celebrated Kalissa’s confirmation! The house was clean..enough… There was enough food.  Gracie, our dog, handled having company just fine, Kalissa didn’t trip in her high heals, and our kids actually got along pretty well…. The kids getting along is always the most challenging part.  Since the oldest three went off to college, having …

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