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Saturday Day, Sewing Day!

Kelli came home for a sewing day….or hang out day or whatever we made of it day.

Our first order of business was to trim up the quilt we are working on that Carla (of Longarm Quilting Inspirations) quilted for us.  Carla does great work and I love it!!

Above is our “keeping it real photo”.  While we were trying to trim, Carver was playing fetch with Puppycat, Kelli’s beagle.  They would run and tear across the quilt.  Kelli and I just trimmed away.

Here’s our smiling happy version.
After this we took more pictures of the quilt and got the measurements and info ready so we could submit the quilt for publication.  We never know if anyone will accept it…where or which of their publications they want it for or the price they are willing to pay.  It’s a crap shoot.  Some might make the cover some don’t and ones we think won’t make the cover do.  It’s an interesting process for sure.

Kelli did some extra work last week and submitted two other quilts so this week is a waiting game.  We have THREE quilts out for submission.  We might hear something from someone and we might not.

While Kelli was here I talked her into setting out our BOM quilt we are suppose to be working on.  We thought we were coming to the end but didn’t know…here’s how it looks.

Kelli has the center and I have the last two blocks to do before we get to the border.  I am starting to believe the end is in sight which is good as we both are running out of the little steam we had.

I’m hoping to get my blocks done this week and then onto the never ending border.

After that we switched gears and started working on this….Read More »Saturday Day, Sewing Day!

STOP the Presses: We have news!!!

I have news of the VERY happiest kind.  Well actually Kelli and I have news.  It’s Kelli’s news but I’m sharing it.

Kelli carved pumpkins a little early this year.  Pumpkin on the far left…Jason’s with a tractor.  Pumpkin on the far right…a paw print for their dog Puppycat.  The pumpkin in the middle.  Kelli’s.  Notice the baby pumpkin inside that says March 2019!!

Yes, you guessed it.  Kelli and Jason are expecting.  We are absolutely thrilled.  It took a few trips to the doctor, a few meds and lots of prayers but it happened and that’s all that matters.

If you’re a long time blog reader, then you might remember that our daughter Kalissa and her hubby Craig are expecting too.  If you really log the Kramer family happenings you’ll know that Kalissa is due in March too.  The girls are two expecting two weeks apart.  WOW…Hubby and I will go from three grand kids to FIVE.  WOW.

We’ve known for a bit but there were a few iffy moments for a bit so we decided to keep it hush-hush but it looks like a normal pregnancy now so they feel comfortable announcing the news.

Ultrasounds are scheduled for next month.  Kelli is not finding out if the sex of the baby.  Kalissa is.

Kalissa and Craig’s baby is scheduled to come here for childcare.  Kelli is working on finding someone.  She lives a half hour away from us so it’s a little hard.  I have offered to try to do one day a week and help with the transportation.  I have one family who doesn’t come on Fridays so I thought I would offer Fridays to her if that works.

Someone asked me what I was going to do as it seems I already have lots of kids at childcare.  It’s sad but true.  My grand kids come first.  If I have to let a family go to make room for a grandchild, then that’s what I’ll have to do.  One of the reasons I started doing childcare was to help with my grand kids and still earn some money.  So that’s the way it’s going to be.  I think everyone would do the same thing so will understand.  Right now it’s a bit away so I’m not juggling schedules yet.

Here is our family picture from last April at Lucy’s baptism….Read More »STOP the Presses: We have news!!!

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