A Happy Birthday at the Hankens

On Wednesday it was my daughter Kelli’s birthday.  Georgia, her daughter, was all convincing that a cake HAD to be made if it was her mommy’s birthday.  Kelli decided to “help” Georgia make a cake.

She turned to the Papa Moo book I made.  We make crazy cake here at our house and we always make it in a Bundt cake pan.

I printed out the recipe in the Papa Moo book I made for all of the grandkids.  You all can find the recipe HERE.

If you want to see the book I made for the grandkids, you can see it HERE.

Georgia was …

Grandma Day

I had my daughters Kalissa and Kelli’s kids on Saturday so it was a Grandma Day.  Here are a few clips from the day.

Georgia is going through a phase where she tries to pose for a photo thinking she is looking cute…but she really isn’t.  Here is one of those showing off her accomplishment.  She is playing with THIS TOY which is really popular at my house.  So popular that I have two so sharing doesn’t become an issue.

Here Georgie is with… …

The Little Doggie Dress

Look what I picked up for Georgia at the thrift store….I’m in love with the little scotty dogs.Georgia is such a dog lover.

She adores Rosie.  Some of the big kids are afraid and squeal over Rosie.  Not Georgia.  She is like a magnet to Rosie….

She totally loves Puppycat.  Kelli says that when Puppycat walks around the house, Georgia crawls around after her.  I’m so glad Puppycat is a gently soul.  She seems to love Georgia too.

So…the dress with dogs seemed so appropriate….more than that, I reminded me a dress I wore as a little girl.  It was my favorite dress.

Here’s a picture of me in the dress with my dog Nippy. …

Those Ears…and lady parts!

When Kelli and Georgia went to the doctor with me on Monday (Kalissa too), Georgia was not herself.  She cried in her carseat.  She fussed when normally she doesn’t at all.

Kelli said that overnight she was fussy too.  She had been the last couple nights.

All the way over to Lacrosse we all debated, “Did Georgia have ear infection again?”

Here’s the Georgia saga…it is a saga.  Just before Christmas she got a cough and runny nose.  It was about over and then she caught another bug.  By January 12 she was in the doctor and had a bad ear infection.  They gave her augmentin.

10 days later she was back in to see the doctor.  She had ear infection again.  (or still)  This time she was put on cefdinir.

She was on that for a week and was back to fussing again and not sleeping overnight.  Then they gave her rocephin injections.  That’s something that has gotten to be more common.  Kids get the injections three days in a row.  One shot is in each leg each of the days.  Shots are supposed to be timed so they are about 24 hours apart.

A week passed and she didn’t seem right so Kelli took her in again.  No ear infection.  We were all relieved thinking finally, she kicked in.  We spoke too soon as the next night the fussing increased and she didn’t sleep overnight.
That continued over the weekend and then yesterday while we took me to the doctor, she continued to let us know something wasn’t right.

So immediately after dropping Kelli off, she jumped in the car and took Georgia to the doctor.

Here they are waiting to see the doctor.
If you guessed that she had ear infection again, you’d be right!  She has a double ear infection again and it’s a “bad one”.  UGH.  Poor girl.

She being referred to the specialist.   It’s the same ear doctor Carver has.  The good news is that sometimes doctors make kids wait until they are one before they will put the tubes in, Georgia will be one on March 4th so her wait won’t be that long.

We did this with Kelli when she was little.  The first three years of her life were filled with doctor appointments for ear checks…and rechecks.

…that’s the ear part of the story…now onto the lady parts story… …

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