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A Kramer Easter…

Kalissa wrote a nice blog post about our Easter celebrations.  She shared lots of great pictures.  I could rewrite it all but that seems silly.  Instead, I’m going to put a couple of pictures here.

This is all of us…Gannon who was on my lap was not happy.

This is me with the grandkids.  Can you believe 4 1/2 years and this happened?!?!  Those of you wondering if your kids are ever going to have kids, just think this could be you in 4 1/2 years!!  I know many people asked if our kids were going to have kids…they have, 7 (almost 9) fold.

Kayla’s husband Spencer asked if I was ready to have a grandma day with all of the kids so all of them could go out together.  I didn’t comment on that.  I have that many childcare kids from time to time…more even.  That isn’t a problem as they all know my routine and things are pretty structured.  It would be harder with this crew.

I sure do love them.  Minus Kramer not being there with us…and Kelli’s husband Jason, it was likely our best time together ever.  My kids did say that they missed visiting with each other as all of them were chasing kids so much that they couldn’t actually chat with each other.  I remember those days with my siblings.

This is likely one of my other favorite pictures of the day…

…and I loved this.  Push play and plug your ears for the Kramer grandkid rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star lead by Lucy.

I am going to send you over to Kalissa’s blog to read her wrap-up of the day.   HERE is the link.  Make sure to head over there if you want a cuteness overload of pictures.

I ended up staying overnight and taking care of Buck’s girls the next day.  Here are a few pictures from then… Continue reading

Saturday Meet Up

When I woke up on Saturday morning there was a message from Kalissa.  It said, “Let’s go shopping”.  It was sent at 5:28 am.  When I saw it, the time was closer to 6:50 am.  After a few back and forth discussions I decided I could go with.

I’m not much of a shopper and have been using Covid as an excuse for a year…but, I’ve had my shots, Kalissa has had her’s and we masked up so I didn’t really have an excuse, besides, it was time for me to go…I did need a few things.

She thought we’d go for a bit of clothes shopping.  It’s been over a year since we have done anything like that.  I was thinking about a pair of jeans…she was thinking about other clothes.  I’ve lost weight since Kramer died.  I’m about a size down in jeans but have been sinching my jeans up with my trusty Amazon belt with no buckle.

I thought it might be time to actually get a pair that fit.  So, off we went.  I took off with my new cross stitch bowl filled with floss that needed to be put on the bobbins.

I worked on that while Kalissa drove.  On the way, I asked Kalissa if it bothers her that I take stuff like that and do it.  She laughed and said, “Mom, I have lived with you my entire life.  I’m used to it!”.

As we were traveling Kayla called.  She asked what we were doing and I filled her in.  Then before long, we made plans to meet her and go out to eat.  I was slightly nervous about that but the restaurant only had a few people dining and we were far from anyone else.  See all the empty tables?

Kayla brought Jasper with her…here he is… Continue reading

A Busy Week with the Kramers

We’ve had a busy week around here.  You might remember that I had my grandkids over the weekend.  Monday rolled around and I was back to childcare…or so I thought.  My childcare kiddos were sick so the parents kept them home.  Gannon and Georgia were still here on Monday but no extra kids.

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday the kiddos were still sick so I sewed my days away all the while worrying about this guy.

Kayla’s boy Jasper landed himself back in the hospital.  He was having breathing issues.

This picture makes it look like he didn’t mind the whole ordeal.  That would be incorrect.  He was pretty miserable there.  Kayla happened to catch a happy picture.

On Friday we got this picture.  He was being discharged.  YAHOO!!

He stayed over three nights.  Kayla is taking it well…Spencer too but Kayla is a teacher.  This was finals week.  It was not a good week to miss school but what’s a mom to do?  Between Jasper getting tubes, his last hospital visit, and now this visit, she’s burned through all of her time off.

Being I was off from childcare I offered to go stay but she said if she went to work, she’d just be worried anyway.  I totally understand but I wish there was more I could do.

Thursday was Georgia’s birthday.  She’s TWO now.  We all had a video call to sing her Happy Birthday on Thursday.  She was crabby and wasn’t into it.

Kelli is having trouble sleeping already.  UGH.  I know typically those last few weeks are hard but Kelli is only at 29 weeks.  It’s too soon for her to not be sleeping.

Buck’s kids ended up with colds when they got home from the weekend here.  The kids are all feeling better but now Buck and Lora are both not feeling the best.  Buck sounded terrible Thursday night.

Karl is finally pulling the last bits and pieces together to sign the final papers on his house.  This week was a lot of finishing up estimates, checking into changing electric and internet…all of the fun stuff.  We’re hoping next week will be time to sign closing paperwork.  WHEW…

I got lots done while I was off especially being Kalissa’s family was on vacation in Wisconsin Dells.  It’s easy for them to go being they’ve already had Covid.

Kalissa ended up coming home sick.  She’s had a cold for the last few weeks but hasn’t been able to completely kick it.  While they were gone, it really flared up again.  They left Tuesday morning and came home Thursday afternoon.  She had to work overnight Thursday night.  I went on a walk with her and the boys Thursday afternoon.  She was debating on calling in sick.  I told her to go early and see if she could be seen at Urgent Care.  She said no.  She went to work.

Friday morning I called her as she was driving home and asked how she was.  She said, “Terrible”.

I told her I was pretty sure she had a sinus infection and should go in.  She started in on not being able to go and she’d go to Urgent Care over the weekend if she needed to.  I said no she needed to call for an appointment.  I would drive her to it.  I worried about her driving.  She didn’t get out of work until half an hour late, then the 70-minute drive home all while not feeling good, and then drive the opposite direction to the doctor once she got home, all on top of just working a 12-hour shift.  I pushed her and she finally gave in to go to the doctor.

I ended up taking her…Guess what?? Continue reading

Busy-Busy Weekend

Oh, my word.  I had a busy weekend.  I knew I was going to have company at about last week at this time.  The plan changed a dozen times over and was changing minute by minute right up until 2:30 pm on Sunday…it’s all good but it was a bit of a whirlwind.

Early in the week Kayla contacted me and said that she was bringing Jasper and could I watch him on Saturday.  She’s taking more graduate classes and got a little behind when Jasper was in the hospital with pneumonia.  Spencer has been trying to pick up some of Kayla’s share with Jasper too but they are starting to do some work in their basement and he wanted to concentrate on that a little…so I was thrilled to get to spend time with Jasper AND help out.

Well, then Kelli was needed a sitter for Georgie as she was scheduled to work overnights all weekend.  I figured if I had Jasper, I might as well have Georgie too so I volunteered to take Georgia on Saturday.

Stop the presses, things changed yet again.  On Wednesday I called Buck and he was hoping I might be willing to take his kids over the weekend.  We didn’t know when and how but thought he’d bring them Friday night, stay over and then come get them Sunday night.  Oh wow…the house was starting to look like it was going to be FULL.

I talked to Kalissa and she didn’t work and was super excited for a cousin weekend.  Yep, that means all seven grandkids were coming.  YAHOO!!  I was so excited as I have yet to get a picture of all seven grandkids and Lilly, the youngest will be one at the end of March.  This is all due to covid, not a lack of wanting to be together.

Well, this weekend is the weekend between Gannon’s and Georgia’s birthday so the girls thought Kelli would get up at 4 pm, we’d had supper and cake and ice cream.

Thursday Kalissa was at my house and edited my floss tube video.  We were chatting and all excited about the weekend.  That afternoon Gannon woke up from his nap and was sick.  His nose was pouring boogies and he sounded croupy.  UGH.  Buck didn’t want his kids to get anything from Gannon as they have been healthy all winter so he wasn’t going to come.

I stepped in and said no.  Kalissa’s boys would be the ones that would have to stay home.  Gannon was the one that was sick.  I was bummed but…it was the right thing.

So…Things were hectic at Buck’s.  I told him I was going to come and get the kids.  I was only expecting the two after-school childcare girls so I took the day off and went to Buck’s and got the kids.  I stopped at Hobby along the way…and got there at 11ish.

Change of plans yet again.  They were expecting me on Saturday.  I had thought we were doing this on Friday.  It was a mix-up that we made work.  It actually worked out well.  I’ll tell you more about that in another blog post.

Anyway…I was trying to hurry and get home but Scotty was at school.  I waited for Scotty to get home and then we packed up all three kids and I headed back to my place.  I got out later than I expected so Kayla and Jasper were back to my place before I was so they went and saw Kalissa as Gannon seemed better.

We ended up getting take-out food for supper…and the fun with the kids began…

This is Lilly…Buck’s little girl with Uncle Karl.  She took to Karl right away.

Lilly is walking and gets around everywhere.  She has a sweet personality and hardly fussed at all the entire time she was here.

I took a few pictures of Lucy.  I’d catch her like this and the second she saw the camera…

…she was like this… Continue reading