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Kramer Family Photo Bomb

I have a big montage of family photos and videos to share with you this morning.  I pulled these all from the family message group.  I love that everyone shares these with me.  This time I don’t have any from Buck and Karl…there’s plenty here to keep you entertained though.

Jasper has plenty of toys to play with but what would he rather do…help clean out the onion container…  Jasper is our daughter Kayla’s little guy.

(Some of these are videos so remember to press play)

Then after he made the mess, he got out his broom and tried to clean it all up.

Everything Jasper plays with is a “boat”.  This stool upside down is a boat.

He’s started to do creepy eyes all the time now too.

Kelli sent this video of the babies with Puppycat their beagle… Continue reading

Family Wedding

I told you all last week that we had a family wedding over the weekend.

I should probably explain what I mean as none of our, what you would classify as regular family, got married.  Our family is close friends with another family and their daughter got married.  They had six kids in their family.  Kramer and I had five.  We had three sets of kids in the same grades at school so we attended a lot of the same events.  Kramer and our boys went deer hunting with their family.  The kids all feel more like cousins rather than friends.

That means the whole Kramer crew (minus a couple) went to the wedding and we all had so much fun.  I’m going to photobomb you a bunch of pictures.  Jason, Kelli’s husband, and Craig, Kalissa’s husband, were both in the field harvesting so they came late…and they aren’t much for dancing.  For much of the day, it was five adults and eight kids.  It was crazy but much fun.

I have to warn you that we are a crazy bunch and just love dancing and playing with the kids.  Gannon wanted to be held most of the time when we were dancing.  He loved it but is really shy.  That’s Kelli holding him.  Kalissa and I were dancing with the twins.  I have Eli and she has Emmett.

Another of the same group of us…

I love that we all just pitch in a help a kid in need.  It doesn’t matter if it isn’t their kid.  Here is Georgie, Kelli’s girl, with Buck.

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Overnight with Georgie

Due to some sickness around here, I ended with Georgia for two overnights last week.  For those of you new here, Georgia is our 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter.   Our oldest Kelli is her mom.

I met Kelli at the doctor’s office to get here on Friday morning.  Georgie needed a flu shot and the boys had a six-month check-up.  Yes, Kelli’s twin boys are already 6 months old.

Eli has been having some problems with ear infections.  He got one well over a month ago and it hasn’t completely healed.  They put him on a third round of antibiotics and if it doesn’t get better this time, he’s on a fast track to getting tubes put in his ears.  I feel sorry for the guy.  The infection leaves him with a cough and that’s not good either.  Hopefully, this round will cover it.

Georgie and I stopped at the thrift store on the way home and I let her get this eagle finger puppet for 25 cents.  She was in love.  She has a thing about eagles.  There is a river in town a block from my house.  There are a lot of bald eagles that swim over looking for fish.  In general, we have a high population of eagles all around our area.  If one was trying to see one, I am sure you could see one weekly if not more.

While we were at the thrift store, I found some tractors.  These are all small ones that fit in a hand.  Gannon, my grandson that is Georgia’s age, adores these.  I had to laugh looking at the prices.  The John Deere ones were 75 cents each and the New Holland in blue was only 50 cents.  Even the people at the thrift store know to price John Deere higher.  In real life, John Deere tractors are higher priced.  HA!!

Gannon has taken to loving the New Holland one.  He takes it everywhere with him.  I wish I had money to buy him a whole fleet of little tractors this sized.  He’s so crazy about them.  Incidentally, the farm where Craig, Gannon’s dad works, has a couple of blue tractors.

Georgie wanted to do quilting…so she… Continue reading

Weekend at Karl’s

I told you back in April that Karl bought a house.  It looks pretty rough on the outside but inside it isn’t too bad.  There were really no houses available in our area.  Karl had looked at several.  This one was by far the best.  Structurally, it’s in good shape.  Cosmetically, not so much.  The proof is in these outside pictures.

Karl lives four houses from my house.  We can’t see each other’s houses as he lives on a different street and is around the corner.  See the evergreen on the left. My house is the 4th house down from there.

Someone at some point started some remodeling…then it stopped.  This is how the house looked when Karl bought it.

The plan was to get on the contractor’s list and get the house sided and new windows.

We got word from our contractor that he’d be coming in a couple of weeks so we jumped into action.  They say in life you either have time or money.  We don’t really have much of either but in this case, time won out and we decided to do what we could before the carpenters got here to save some money.  That meant… Continue reading