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Busy Weekend

I had a very busy weekend…well, really I had a busy Friday too.  Here are a few highlights.

I was up early on Friday scrambling to get some things done.  I knew the weekend was going to be busy and I wouldn’t have time to write blog posts.  I also knew I’d have lots to cook for so was scrambling on that end too all while Gannon was with me.

At around noon, Kalissa came and we went to school.  Carver got to run in his first Little Trojan Relays.  It’s a school track and field day.  It’s really simple and not intense.  Carver ran two races and did just fine in both.  You can see him in the far right lane running.  His good buddy, one of my former childcare kiddos ran too.

From there Kalissa dropped me off at my house and I loaded up boxes to take to the locker.  Buck had ordered a half of beef from the farm where Kramer worked.  I had to go to the locker and get the meat and put it in my freezer so Buck could pick it up from me on Sunday.

All of the meat wouldn’t fit in the freezer so I left part of it in my van and headed to his house.  I was going to have his kids for the weekend.  My job was to pick them up…take them back to my house and take care of them until Sunday when he came and picked them up.

Getting to his house was slow…  Between farm equipment and road construction, I think my trip was delayed by about 15 minutes.
I didn’t get home until 10:40 pm.  I was pooped by the time I got everyone tucked into bed.

Saturday morning, Kalissa and the boys came over for a big cousin’s day.  One of Kalissa’s favorite things to do is to fix the girls’ hair.  I just love the look on Lilly’s face.

Then it was Lucy’s turn to get her hair done.

The kids were so fun.  Lilly is still slow to talk but talks more and more all of the time.

She is shy at first but before long she’s bopping your nose and you’re best friends.

We had Kelli’s boys, Eli and Emmett too.

They both are doing well…and are super busy.

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Spencer to the Rescue

For those of you who are new here, back in 2013 my husband and I bought a foreclosure house.  In 2014 we started remodeling it, tearing off the kitchen and two bathrooms.  We added on a new kitchen, entryway, laundry, two bathrooms, and my sewing room along with a double car garage.  In the process of all of that, the entire house was rewired and replumbed.  Being all girl, I knew nothing about smoke detectors except that they needed to be wired in nowadays.  So we had wired in smoke detectors.  BUT…My husband, Kramer was a fireman and the wired in detectors weren’t enough for him.  He wanted more in the house…so, I have a house loaded with smoke detectors.

A while ago, I had a beeping smoke detector.  I could not figure out which one it was.  If I was in the living room, it sounded like it was one in the kitchen.  If I was in the kitchen, it sounded like it was the one in the living room.  The problem, it wouldn’t beep continually.  UGH.

This went on for about five days.  I’d hear it then not hear it.  So, to be careful, all of the batteries on the main floor smoke detectors were changed.  It didn’t make a difference.  AHH!!  I was sure I was going crazy.  I didn’t know what to do.

Then a few days later I was down in the basement and “BEEP”.  The bad battery was in the basement detector.  To be honest, I completely forgot there was a detector in the basement.  But what confused me was that this was a wired smoke detector…then I remembered that even those have batteries for backups.  So…Up the stairs, I went.  Got a battery and changed the battery.  It was good for about 24 hours and “BEEP”.  AHHH!

At least this time I knew where it was coming from.  Last time I changed the battery I took one that was in the drawer loose and not in the package.  So…I thought maybe someone accidentally put a dead battery in the drawer.  I got a battery out of the package went back to the basement and changed the battery.

It was good for about 24 hours and “BEEP”.  AHHH!  What the heck.  I was going crazy…just crazy.

As I said, I know nothing about wired-in smoke detectors.  So, I called Kayla’s husband Spencer.  He’s an electrician and I was sure he could help.

Spencer talked to me on the phone.  He told me I needed a model and make and he’d get a replacement detector and install it the next time he came.   Luckily they had plans to come in only a few days.

…and this is my new detector!  YAHOO!!  No more beeping.  I’m so happy and thankful.  I really went about a week sure I was crazy, first not being able to figure out which detector was bad and then trying to figure out how to replace first a battery and then the whole detector.

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Labor Exchange

The farmers aren’t in the field around here.  Even the farmers who are first to plant aren’t in the field.  It’s the talk of everyone.  Ground temperatures need to be around 50 degrees for corn to germinate.  The ground can’t warm when overnight temperatures are still dipping to below freezing and on top of that, we’ve been getting regular rain and the fields are simply too wet.

That left Craig, our daughter Kalissa’s husband, with some free time this past Sunday.  He offered to come over and help me do a few things.  So, he helped me hang this mirror.  Hanging a mirror is something I am able to do but this was an old mirror and those are often heavy so I decided as long as he was here, I’d get him to help me.

You might remember that I bought this mirror at the thrift store for $15.  Right above this dresser is where I thought I wanted it and I think it’s perfect.  It looks great with the headboard on this bed.

The dresser below the mirror was also a thrift store find from the same thrift store.  I bought that many years ago and Kramer, my husband, refinished it.  It was the first project he did.  I was so impressed.  I think I paid $40 for the dresser at the time.

The headboard and the wardrobe in this room were all auction finds.

I just LOVE old furniture.  We have a mix of walnut and oak wood but I don’t mind.  I love all of the pieces.

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