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Newest from the Kramer House

Kelli has announced all of the major events in her life with pumpkin carving….

First, it was her engagement.  Jason and Kelli were carving pumpkins and Jason slipped the ring into the pumpkin and proposed.

Then she was expecting Georgia….  They carved pumpkins again.  See the baby pumpkin inside the mommy pumpkin?

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Saturday with Karl

A quick announcement:
Quilted Twins had sold out of the kit for our quilt Azure Skies. They are back in stock but there is only a limited quantity. If you missed out the first time, order quickly while they still have some in stock. Here’s the link.

Azure Skies - Designed and Created by Jo Kramer and Kelli Hanken - Kaffe Quilt Fabric Kit
Now to today’s post:
Karl and I had the best day on Saturday…

Kalissa had worked the overnight Friday into Saturday and wouldn’t be home until 9ish on Saturday morning.  Craig had to be out to work by 7:30 am so they had about an hour and a half Saturday morning that needed an adult for the boys.  I volunteered to be the adult and through osmosis, Karl did too.

You might remember a year ago, Carver was having a little difficulty controlling himself.  He pushed easily and grabbed toys away from others while he was in my childcare and even as a three-year-old, regressed to biting.  Carver is and has always been great with adults…not as good with kids.  We didn’t know if it was because he was in childcare at my house and I was grandma so he was territorial over that or what, but it was a struggle.

Now he’s gone on to three-year-old preschool and is doing fabulous.  Kalissa debated over sending him or not due to COVID but in the end, decided to send him.  It’s a decision that at this time, we are not regretting at all.  Carver has blossomed.  He is doing so well.  If you would tell me he’s the same kid as the kid he was a year ago, I’d be sure you were lying.  He will still snitch a toy from Gannon from time to time and still can get a little rough with Gannon wrestling, but all of that is normal brother stuff.  I am so pleased with the change.  He really had me worried at this time last year.

Anyway, one of the things school does is give “Pride” tickets.  If a kid does a kindness act, they give them a ticket.  That ticket is put in a bucket and once a week a name is drawn and that kid gets a simple toy.

Carver was being so good at my house on Saturday morning while we waited for Kalissa to arrive that I said to Carver he was so helpful and if we were at school and had “Pride” tickets, I’d have given him one.

Well that’s when Karl jumped into Uncle Karl mode.  He ran and got some supplies and the next thing I knew, Karl was teaching Carver print making.

It was a 45 minute session and two of them had a blast.  You can see the stamp they made on the right and where they stamped both the paper and the board with the word PRIDE.

It was so fun watching the two of them.

From there we..
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Honoring the Firemen and a Family Day

August 31st was a big day for the Kramer house.  The local firemen were having a “Years of Service Recognition” and they invited our family to come.

They really hadn’t done this before so we didn’t know what was up.  Many of the firemen have many years of service.  I don’t remember how many years each of the men…Here’s the current chief Jamie with over 20 years of service.

Our past chief Dave with over 40.  WOW!

Then our family was called up to receive an award for Kramer’s years of service.  They also gave us a marker for his grave with the Maltese Cross.  It was really special to us all.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again….these guys have been awesome to our family from the first time we met them to today when Kramer is no longer on the department because he passed away.   Our family couldn’t be more thankful.

I didn’t get a picture of us all…I wished I would have.

After the ceremony, we came back to the house.  Kalissa and Craig stayed as many of the firemen were mingling.  We were invited to stay too but the little ones weren’t good at mingling.

Buck brought the generator to my house.  It’s the one he used during the storm. He gave Karl a lesson on how to use it.

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Dear Mom…

I saw this on Facebook the other day…

It’s prompted me to tell you a little story.

I don’t know if any of you were fans of the movie Little Rascals.  Growing up at our house, that was a VHS tape we had that had and our kids watched it repeatedly.  Me, I remember the classic Little Rascals.  I loved both the series that I watched and the movie of my kids’ times.

The scene where Alfalfa writes the letter to Darla was one of the kids’ favorite scenes.  If you don’t remember, here’s the link.

It’s the same scene that was quoted in the meme I saw on Facebook.  This scene always made me laugh but it became a huge family laugh after I was in Wal-Mart one day with Karl and Kalissa.

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